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  1. Who posted this and where? I just wanted to answer and help because if I'm not mistaken it was by @Creature XL that seems is out of here for some time May 31st last year and I hope he's fine (or @Eagle maybe not). Wasn't it? It was the screen divided in 2 where one is using, I think said by him a hardware horizontal scrolling while the other is 'above this and scrolls in software. It was a nice effect and I think it was using Bitmap mode GR.15. Maybe if the two have a black 'over' division it could be using Char mode GR.12 or GR.13 because it'll prevent a PF2/PF3 clash, wouldn't it? 👍
  2. Just posted at AtariOnline.pl: http://translate.google.com/translate?client=tmpg&hl=pl&u=http%3A//atarionline.pl/v01/index.php%3Fct%3Dnowinki%26ucat%3D1%26subaction%3Dshowfull%26id%3D1578586217&langpair=pl|en really nice. 😚
  3. Who, Atari? Don't know who is, can you show?
  4. So I'm used from Mariuszw,... conversions/ports that normally guys pixels (white) are bit_1 (ours PF1) and black/darker/sky colours are bit_0 (ours PF2) so just seeing that tiles of map1 in about 1hour I turned them all to black&white (PF2&PF1): That's because I just replaced ZX's .png using same name Tiled just automatically produced it for A8: mapa_nivel01d.tmx The exactly objects, information, enemys,... on the .tmx(for also later turn into black&white) are there also. If you can use Tiled and port Z80 code directly (@Mariuszw, @Tezz, @shanti77 if have time can be a great help if you aren't used to) and we have already level1. In a couple of days I can do all the levels so after what it'll take more time is to PMGs colour each screen (like, for example, we did at Highway Encounter, Skool Daze,...) if there's enough Memory for it... 😀 P.s.- No scrolling and screen per screen like ZX and Bitmap mode GR.8 so no worries for the number of chars. 👍
  5. @explorer how can I remove these colourings, anotations, etç... and just show the map as real looking screens that is using the tiles just like they are? P.s.- I'm used to create the chars/tiles using A8's G2F then with the .png I just simply build the map and coders so the rest: Why I'm asking is that I just wanna try to turn and post how it'll look in 2colours for a later possible or not see if the PMGs colourings could look anything good screen per screen...
  6. But it is not from the Atari of computers, but the arcades Atari Games company after the split, isn't it?
  7. I'm familiar with Tiled because I did some A8 stuff for coders using it but wanna need to download the .tmx(s)...
  8. Yes, and how I can I download the .tmx of the levels? P.s.- I already opened an account but entering there is only th ecode listen and no download button...
  9. It was just because the certain person and the way he reacted to this today after all these pages and posts and that I always posted here, never been out or trying to not be seen. It was just this and with him. 👍
  10. One of the many examples in the games and projects where I'm in, this one before a weekend:
  11. No it isn't just go and see the posts @Popmilo did and wich days were and hours. I don't have net at my room because computer is broken and at night, weekends and holidays like was yesterday, Christmas,... I can't answer with the phone that's the reason. Today and tomorrow I have because I'm on a public institute untill 5p.m. that's why. I never been out of here as you go to my personal pages and see my posts like I also did a week or two ago the Laser Squad screen as you can see on top of this post photo: José Pereira 862 Replied: December 10, 2019 I think I made the best I can and don't see anyway better: I also posted about my current work on a Wonderboy level and stuff for it 2days before New Years day: Or even there at Ianna's topic: Your only answering this because you and me had some problems years ago and that hadn't nothing to do with money just a different opinion and what I did seems now whatever was the best because the person sadly never came on here after that (just hope that whatever happened to him he's ok), that's why you just answered without even going to see if I were here before or not, that's why and with Fred_M I resolve my problems soon not with you.) I thought you simply had put me on ignore though I didn't put you nor anyone here before. Please don't put flames into a conversation where you have nothing to do with it. Thanks and have a nice day.
  12. Where are the Tiled .tmx and .png of the tiles? Can't find them at GitHub.
  13. Just a level finished map and items of it as a end of the year gift 😀: This is how a screen will look (enemys to follow...): level example.xex 👍
  14. Found the map just need someone to cut me screen per screen 256x pixels ZX version: Probably not all exactly but if Memory permits something sure would come in... So that's it and now I have to agree with Emkay that is GR.8 Bitmap mode hi-res 256pixels/32Bytes wide Narrow screen mode and just get game working in black&white with the most Memory you can get free than give others to put there the best way PMGs for colourings. 👍
  15. Humm... Is there anywhere a map with all the screens? It maybe all not difficult like Sabouteur, Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy 2019,... though not exactly but I certainly would go for hi-res. Just think that first of all you take ZX version that all guys (hero and enemys) are white so other colour is black and you have your problem solved. Don't worry has first you have it all black&white because then and after there maybe a solution using A8 PMGs to colour it. I don't know of Mariuszw lately but I, him and maybe Tezz can give you the colourings help you need. Just convert, port whatever you wanna do in black&white hi-res that for sure on A8 will need to be better a Bitmap mode GR.8 320x then for sure colours will come... I'm sure 😉. 👍
  16. Yeah. It seems exactly the same as us were doing just with different gfxs... but is your usual enterings...
  17. Now that I'm seeing this adaptation from BBC computer that I'm start to like more this irregular rocks walls than the ones we had on our version. I hope that @TIX doesn't destroy them and improve other things... 👍
  18. How will you get Prince and enemys? On ours team we have on all levels white one of the PFs then from Ste86 frames I could get things using Prior like: -> Prince: PF0_white for clothes, and sword then PM0/PM1 for is skin that Oring PF0 gives his light brown/yellow hair; -> Enemy: PF0_white for the tunic and sword, PM0 and PM1 for the trousers and shoes while Oring PF2 will get its skin; If in levels you have carefully choose of the PF2 colour oring it can gives always a brown colour F for the skin the enemy's.
  19. Humm... I'm the only one or perhaps not that thinks if a coder wants can be easilly ported to A8 in a Frogger way. Different hardware scrolling zones on enemys and platforms PFs with DLIs for change their colours acrooss the screen while the guy will be made of the 4 A8's PMGs. Only cannot have is GAME OVER while the crabs are under and bear at the top 3colours but there's also 2 at the ground but we could also have it 48Bytes wide mode that, of course, the C64 can't have 😀... But don't know if is really a game we need... 👍
  20. Maybe you're out of EU so it may goes to the not disponible money but I should had received a message for going there and make it available. Did you tried anyother time?
  21. Hi. Thanks. I'm still here but nothing special to post but while this I'm working with some pals on a game gfxs, logics,... Strange that I didn't see it but if you still want to my PayPal e-mail is still the same and account opened: [email protected] Thanks.
  22. Having 2guys PMGs multicolour per line than other stuff moving around like it happens on certain screens as soft sprites (so have BAK_black, PF0_red and PF1_yellow common on all in-game scanlines): (Total colours on-screen by now are 29) The guys can have many colours across their bodies using DLIs (like are common on Activision old titles and in Callisto shoot'em'up game)... 👍
  23. Hi. Sprites looking for those different possibilities later on... but for today here's the Loading screen in usual Bitmap mode and no DLIs but some more luminances using the PMGs (in a similar to what I already did and you can see on the A8 version of Skool Daze). -> so PFs only: -> and PMGs only: And we get this: I'm here using blue colour_7 because is the one I like more (on skool Daze I choose a brown because it had more to do with the furniture and wood grounds old school idea me/we usually have) but there's a nice effect that could be done that is like many games did on the past is having a blinking effect while loading (just changing PF2 and PF3 more the 4Players though on the past were only the PFs on letters, that change). This way it'll look like this (here not with the side borders just because on G2F and in 32Bytes wide mode we can't have them and didn't though at first to put screen is 40Bytes to at least have some part of them but you get the idea): Sadly no one here contacted me untill now 😥. 😁 👍
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