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  1. https://atariage.com/forums/profile/38004-powersoft/
  2. Hi. I think that maybe some are not seeing things correct or maybe me. From the letter what I get is that Epyx called for a coder that was supposed doing the A8 version of the game but suddenly we no longer answered their calls so maybe whe had given up. When they wrote that they want to see something, even as a beta version so they can do the packadge with some screenshots show that was their own production not for Atari. From this is what I understand. So it's Epyx and would, for sure, come on diskette like Summer Games was only (not on tape). This is related to A8 long times tape loading for sure while all others had the game also in tape format. If Atari Corporation would later take the rights to released it on cart or not we will never know. Just my thinking... P.s.- Later on the day I remember, like a bit (probably not so sure as him though) that the computer store I usual go and sometimes was there also selling while owner and/or employer go out (taking some copies for me as a reward) that I saw a guy over a surf board similar to the surf one on California Games but at that time I didn't even know of it in any format. They had a ZX48K and an Atari800Xl, one next to the other with a tv for each. I think that this showing was on the Atari tv as I also remember it was coloured so no way it could be the Zx's blue water with just the guy and board in white. Probably I'm wrong as it a little bit more than 30years ago. How could a wip came here? Don't also know but on those days and for a long time there wasn't here right and laws for computer games and software so guys with money and/or parents that work foreigner (usually on the U.K.) get them as originals and seel copies to all stores but also some even sold the originals to one or two for people buying them earning some great money. At the end the guy behind the store went on bankruptcy when he had said to me he will offer me all that was inside (including also some duisc-drives and a couple of 800XL). I was a year trying to find him, discouver his house and mom's one, the ex-wife but not him. He was indeed in uncertain part because he was with police and courts trying to find him Seems he had other things, maybe that A8 store (indeed another one also) just to 'blind' other things...
  3. Sorry but there's a mistake because are less 1charline each as was intended on the two (27 had 26 and 28 had 27) so here's with (with what Altirra emulator shows) : 27charlines: MAPPY on A8 _2nd example _6floors on 27charlines.xex -> PAL: -> NTSC: 28charlines: MAPPY on A8 _2nd example _6floors on 28charlines.xex -> PAL: -> NTSC: Thanks again.
  4. Hi. Don'twent to gfxs, ways,... Just say what yout tvs, monitors,... show, please. I/We are interested in old ones without overscan and choose possibilities like todays modern ones so more is NTSC users because I think PAL will get this fine: -> 27charlines high: MAPPY on A8 _2nd example _6floors on 27charlines.xex Seeing this on Altirra; PAL: NTSC: -> 28charlines high: MAPPY on A8 _2nd example _6floors on 28charlines.xex PAL: NTSC: Just because we intended to have 6floors like is on the Arcade original version. Thanks.
  5. Have it somewhere my tries and thinkings are more or less similar to yours as I remember. Don't see it much difficult to do on A8 other than the bike and surfing with maybe some guy and surf board with some adptation... Have to find where have it or if not do something again... P.s.- Also Winter Games seems the same way as possible. One that I couldn't get because of the colour gfxs and sprites was, I remember it correctly, World Games but for sure if someone interested then we could get something (there's also by Gremlin Alternative World games with funny stuff that seemed to me even more harder).
  6. Sorry to say but never more could contact or get an answer from coder. Some thing more, not much, wre done... Maybe @Mclaneinc can help? Thanks.
  7. Does ours Misja/mission gets the image from them?
  8. I thought in that but really had a mistake on my colours distribution so here's them fixed: Also will look better large ships be in 4:2 then the enemys in 4:1 ratio while our ship and its shadow be in 2:1 ratio PMGs: And just a piece of it for you seeing better with need to 'zooming' it: I think it could look nice and would be a new 'way of'... Now @emkay there's only one thing there (just a pixel) that doesn't work with priority that is Prior_1 to be used... Guess what is it? Clues: Our ship is PMGs so goes over all gfxs whatever they are (there's only a PMG register PMG3 on gfxs) and also enemy ships are just PFs and soft sprite 'bitmap masking' over large ship gfxs so no problem and theirs shots are PMG2 so always over whatever. But that pixel can have a simple solution just enebling an A8 Hardware register . Where's the Wally?
  9. Here's level_1 in 4x1 that I think doesn't look all that bad (with an enemy at the left side): So black, white & grays more 2 on the enemy ship =6 Still 2 as PMG0&1 multicolour on our ship and one more left in GR.9...
  10. Now the maps (here's all, thanks for @shoestring that did and sent me them) in 2:2 Antic5 ratio: C64 has 2charlines 2:1 on top and same on the bottom just for the stars so that makes 1 on ecah for Antic5 that ok. But large ships has 17charlines in 2:1 ratio Antic4 so would be 8,5charlines in Antic5. Need to convert them to 18charlines so best is half top and half down adding:
  11. @TIX example of 3 enemy ships C64 2:1 ratio (on the left) converted to Antic5 2:2 ratio (at the middle) and GTIA mode 4:1 ratio (on the right):
  12. Idea is to put all in monograys together then extract all 3 interleaved charsets
  13. Let me first have all the levels map and see how many chars they have each... The reason for 3 Interleaved charsets is because of its use for soft sprites. I think we can have enemys in [3x3]chars including shifting = [9x17]pixels . Will keep you update.
  14. Today with another version of him and with ours two talking from yesterday now there's the proof that is nothing related to Windows versions installed but is that I was and still am now on a public place so the computer(s) have some things blocked and most .exe(s) needs Administrator priviledge that, of course, I and all others users don't have. It just erase only the .exe program inside the folder after extracting all the files. No problem, I already sent @popmilo this 1st level map and will post me and/or here the number of chars per charset.
  15. Don't worry and don't waste time because Uridium because I remember it was on the CharPad program examples with all chars, tiles and levels map so give me 1 or 2 days then we'll talk. On there they say is tiles [1x1]chars size and is 17chars tasll but from the game playing area it misses 2 at the top more 2 at the bottom that makes the 21charlines. Download it at: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=176475 but here's by now that 1st level with real playing area 21charlines: -> CharPad file (.ctm to there using Open Project): Uridium L01 _21charlines.ctm And the map (the 5ht colour seeing on some squares will be ours PF2 so PF3 is black (like C64 chars colour) and will colour them later...): P.s.- Program to get is just number of chars per wanted number of Interleaved Charsets and is from @popmilo... I'm with a problem using here Windows10 where previously was 7 so have to wait for his answer or I'll say you right now how many chars this level have for the 3charsets.
  16. Got it!... The game is arranged in [3x3]chars tiles size as you can see from this picture whare I added those square this size gfxs and you'll see that they 'check' with mostly of the others gfxs: This way I think we can go for 3 Interleaved charsets. But then all enemys should be turned into no more then [3x3]chars size including shifting to follow this rule... I have a program to calculate the number per each and if is possible or not but really need th in ose maps real sizwe .png. Or can you get from the C64 code each/all the tiles in [3x3]chars size? Have the maps then I could get the tiles just by using C64s Charmap program, I think...
  17. I got the maps for all levels but is in .jpg lots of pixels mess To see what could or not be done with the Interleaved charsets method I really need this in real colours/pixels .png. Do you have it? P.s.- By the way do you already got how C64s version arrange the chars in tiles? Is it tiles of what size, [2x2]chars,...? This maybe usefull for the Interleaved charsets...
  18. C64 have things like this (using theirs 8 hardware sprites): -> 1 + 1: Our ship + its shadow; -> 5 + 1: 5 enemys + 1 can shot each time; Our ship shots are just chars (seems moving, like in Turrican, but not are chars placed in char boundaries)... Doing this on A8 would be following my previously posted: -> Convert our ship to 10pixels wide (also, of course, the shadow, so it'll be: PM0&PM1 Multicolour 3colours + PM3 for its shadow; -> PM2 for one enemy per time shooting; (PM2 goes up in priority over PM3 and the shot colour is bright over dark shadow of PM3 in a way that'll not give an Oring for Multicolour) So is how it'll look: That solve the problem for the beginning and you can have then things scrolling. You may need somehing like in ours Wonderboy using Interleaved charsets to achieve the 256chars of C64 charsets. Then the light and dark colours would change level to level and do enemys as soft sprites. If 5 C64 size not enough cpu then just reduce them to [3x3]chars size including shifting.
  19. I'm not into Uridium because I always thought gfxs could be much better as the ships. Though on A8 we would need to have our ship as PMGs and its shots but also the shadow under it then all enemy ships must be soft sprites because there's no other way around I see (ok, Mirax Force has all as PMGs but are only 2 per line or it'll flicker if you had more). Then all enemys should be soft sprites. C64 as 3common colours: white, light gray and gray (these two can then change to light blue/blue or light green/green,... on other levels) so also enemy ships keep white but will change these 2. Here's a quick example: Like C64 is black and that blue as PF2 & PF3 and on all levels what changes is the blue to any wanted colour but always keep the black. Our ship may need to be resized as here we aren't with any PMG for the shadow. Gray border as BAK then PF0 & PF1 as white and light gray. Reducing our ship may cause also to reduce to 8/9pixels enemys ships so less cpu (they can be in [3x3]chars size each including theirs shifting/for movements). Top status can be even in hi-res like you did as in these modes we can have a separate border colour. As for the charset you can go for Interleaved charsets like I posted here and @popmilo some times and we're using on ours Wonderboy work. Don't see anything other possible.
  20. Yeah!... @popmilo been busy with his ABBUC entry and @Yaron Nir with his life so may now things will and can continue. On my part I finished the font for these screens but maybe still a long way untill they're incorporated as @popmilo will first add the vertical scrolling so that levels with it will be like Arcade (and present Ice level(s) has it so you'll see it soon...) more placing all items and soft sprite enemys animations with their movements. But if this are in the end the choosen font and the looking we decide here's all these screens:
  21. And also will have boy implemeted when is burned (@tix design with my PMgs colorings):
  22. Here's some of them: Will have some little changes but still more or less around this...
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