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  1. They have a similar 9 pin connector as far as I can tell... Does anyone have any experience trying this out? -s
  2. Happy to finally have my Atari 7800 hooked up to the internet! 🤣

    1. vnrCEO



  3. PlusCart!!!


  4. Got my keyboard controllers today!


    1. vnrCEO


      apologies for the messy photo, still organizing a ton of stuff plus y'know lots of projects happening at the same time; expect better photos soon!

  5. Just ordered one of these! I love the concept, the aesthetic decisions of the cart design, & the website interface!! Very much looking forward to this magical cartridge!!!
  6. when is anticipated for the next batch of these?
  7. The dude who runs the local video game store told me that I am the only person who has an Atari 7800. 

    1. Karl G

      Karl G

      It must be worth a lot, then! ;-)

    2. vnrCEO


      haha, maybe he thought I meant an Atari 2700? LOLZ...


      to clarify: he meant that no one in the area has an Atari 7800, so therefore he doesn't bother putting the 7800 games he has in his storage unit because he doesn't think they will sell... And that I am the only one who MAY buy them, haha; anyway just thought it was a funny thing to post, glad I'm not the only one who thought it was funny!

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