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  1. I offer you my most sincere condolences. I can't express how shocked I am by this news.
  2. yes intybasic. The best problems is that command scroll is a 4 way and i need 8 way scroll.
  3. @arcade124 yes i'm sure. round small stars complete different's enemy rotation and many other things like double shot.
  4. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281425-pit-engine/ That's it, I've optimized some things, new sprites, a sensible soundtrack, and I've done my best to make it look like the original game for what it can do with intellivision. From this game to today I have also released stick and I am developing Ghostbuster. I am a quick programmer and I really like developing in intybasic. The reason that's this game was similar to deep zone now is just because it resembles the parent Gyruss for what concerns me ends here.
  5. This is the rewritten version of which I published the engine in the development sections. The publication here of the rom depends on how I have already said by the readmission of DinoY. Since there are not enough videos from which it is easy to see that they are different games and my admission is not enough for you, the gpl source of the engine is not enough and you do not just rewrite the cartridges that you can verify, I do not know what to say . I'm writing ghostbuster (in fact we are in beta test almost ready) and as expected I'm about to launch the next project that I hope to publish freeware for Christmas. Of the new project I will only announce the name and I tell you that I have not yet considered the feasibility: it is Quo vadis ...... as soon as I get something visable I publish the video
  6. Here is the video of the current state of development. There are still some problems with the capture that solve in the next 15 days. The game is however complete with all the parts and considering the requests received. I'm always dissatisfied with my work and I always see room for improvement, but I think it's a good job
  7. thank you all for your interest and suggestions. I must say that unfortunately intellivision is not the c64 and it is really difficult to improve the game. On the c64 I had not played much, I preferred games more technically driven as quedex citadel armalyte and I always had the impression that this was a game not completed in all the parts provided. Returning to inty right now we are testing, I could not put the trampling of the buildings and the final level is not as I would like it. Even the initial part is really small but the memory is over and starts to give problems every time I add something. next week I will publish a new video of the current state.
  8. I do not think I need it. I think instead of needing to learn because as you know it's never enough. After this game a freeware and release of an open source game will follow
  9. @ DZ-Jay. There are no sound effects and the temple of zuul was missing (now there is). Are expected. I agree with the fact that more can be done. @JohnPCAE are in fact taken some licenses because of the hardware limits. the video does not do justice anyway @Intimake I have not done much about intellivoice yet. I could try
  10. I apologize if I was a little absent at the forum as you know I prefer to write the code. the video below is our last effort. We are at 90% of the development and then there will be a period of testing. You can find more information on the inty-home page of facebook. I'm waiting for comments
  11. Here is the freeware ROM. Can be used with both the emulator and LTO stick.rom
  12. little freeware game in 3 days development. the sound effects will certainly be changed and maybe even some additional features stick.mpg
  13. I'm asking myself too. Artrag say that this software is based on your bad faith. The engine is published. The incident for me is closed. The Rom will publish it to DinoY when it is to be readmitted. As for me, I'm already preparing the the next game.
  14. DZ-Jay the code is completely different and you know it very well The published engine proves this.
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