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  1. Hello Hopefully someone more experienced can help me with my Atari 2600 problem: I fell in love with the Atari VCS last year when I got a Flashback 8 Gold HD. Finally I bought a real Atari VCS (Darth Vader, NTSC version) on eBay a couple of weeks ago. It was allready modded to A/V output by the previous owner. Unfortunately it shows some heavy jittering/shaking when using paddle games. First I carefully cleaned the Paddle pots but this didn't help (and it happens with other controllers as well). During cleaning I accidentally found out that jittering will stop as long as I touch the bare cable which is soldered to the circular resistor with my hands. Because there was a loose connection within the power supply I bought a new power adaptor but this did not affect this jittering problem. I am not a technician but I guess if something simple like touching an electrical contact can stop this jittering it might be fixable. I added a Youtube video which shows the problem and some pictures of the paddle and mainboard. On the paddle picture I point with a screwdriver to the sensitive/touchy contact. The red circle on the mainboard picture shows the corresponding electric solder bump on the board - touching this point with my hand will stop jittering as well. Because it is not that easy to get an NTSC Atari in Germany (without ordering from the USA) it would be great if I could repair this unit. I will be very grateful if someone could help me with some educated guesses or hints how to solve this problem Youtube link:
  2. Seems to be more a UK specific Problem. In Germany the FB 9 Gold and three of the blast products are available at LIDL online: FB9: https://bit.ly/2EVFnBb Legends FB Blast Space Invaders: https://bit.ly/2Aq8IRb FB Blast Asteroids: https://bit.ly/2CHgkAg Bandai/Namco FB Blast: https://bit.ly/2StA1B5 The FB9 is available from other resellers as well but the LIDL offer has the best price (way too expensive anyway)
  3. Did you already ask the guys from Best Electronics? http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/ Maybe they have some old replacement parts for this pong game in stock?
  4. Hi Bill Do you know if these new paddles will be available at retailers in Europe as well? Because if not AtGames might loose many EU customers in the future ... 99€ for a console (FB9 Gold) with many bad playable paddle games is way too expensive.
  5. Unfortunately not. Only the left button works as fire button, the right button doesn't do anything.
  6. Hi, I haven't tried this mod on my own so all I can do is trying to help you with what I have read about it (I'm very interested in this topic as well). It seems that there are two different versions of the Flashback 8 gold (and the Genesis HD as well). One version can be modified in the way you tried: create a "Games" folder with the bin roms and modify the "all-games.ini" Here's a nice guide for it: https://www.instructables.com/id/Adding-Games-to-Atgames-Genesis-Flashback-HD/ The other version uses .obb files for storage of the games. If you can find an "Android" folder on the device, after it was recognized by your PC as a MTP-device, you do have the obb version. AFAIK the other version won't have this folder. In this case you'll have to edit the .obb to add more games (Games folder on the SD won't work). Here's a great guide how to do this for the AtGames Genesis: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/266499-new-genesis-flashback/?p=3895318 Last but not least you can simply activate 20 more pre-installed games on some devices by removing the "#" signs from the entries in the all-games.ini file. Maybe these are the bonus games of the Flashback 8 Activision version. Hopefully that helps a bit. It would be great if someone who managed to do the hack could write a guide for it Good luck!
  7. Another option is using a Sega Master System Controller ... that works fine for me
  8. Hi, they simply changed the assignment of the buttons. Difficulty is now beeing set with the new Select Button (on the P1 Controller) while you can call up Galactic chart with the difficult buttons on the console (instead of the BW/Color switch in the past) I hope that helped
  9. Thank you fiddlepaddle and fluxit :-) That's exactly the way I expected it to work for Kaboom and Breakout. I just opened the paddles, compared both and it seems that there's a wire soldered at the wrong contact for the P1 paddle (and soldering quality is awful). Should be easy to repair. Thank you very much for this hint!
  10. Hi everyone I made my first experiences with Atari some weeks ago when I bought a Flashback 8 Gold HD. The games are great fun and I decided to buy a pair of used paddle controllers for games like Breakout and Kaboom. Now I noticed a strange behavior with these paddle and I would be very grateful if someone with more experience could tell me if these paddles are faulty or if everything is alright with them. This is what I am surprised about: -When playing games for one player (like Kaboom! and Breakout), I can use only one of the controllers. While turning the rotating knob on this controller clockwise the paddle/bat on the screen is moving to the left (and to the right when turning counterclockwise). -But when playing two player games with the second paddle everything feels much more natural because turning the rotating knob counterclockwise will move the paddle/bat on the screen left (and to the right when turning clockwise). So now I am wondering why I have to rotate the first paddle counterclockwise to move right and the other one clockwise for the same direction in games like Pong (Video Olympics) ... perhaps I just don't understand the logic behind it (this was the first time I used a paddle controller). But I am afraid the paddle for the first player might be wired in a wrong way ... I would be very glad if someone could help me out of my confusion :-) (Sorry for linguistic errors, I am writing this to you from Germany and English isn't my mother tongue)
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