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  1. I said that "All-in-one Atari Solution". I think I must do it for 8 bit, too. But give me time to do it. It would be nice to start 8 bit emulator for Atari 800 directly on the Rastari.
  2. Hi, again. I used HDMI to VGA Adapter. I bought it from aliexpress.com You may watch my video on youtube for C64 to connect VGA monitor. https://tr.aliexpress.com/item/HDMI-Male-to-VGA-Female-Video-Adapter-Cord-Converter-Cable-1080P-Chipset-For-PC/32738599166.html
  3. Yes, You are right for TT and Falcon. Please read for more info => http://iran.clubmgenretraites.paris/Logiciels/Emul/16-32Bits/Atari/Mac/doc/compatibility.html
  4. Rastari V1.0.0 is released. Rastari allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi into a Atari Computer (ST, STe, Falcon, TT). More Info: https://sites.google.com/view/rastari
  5. No RetroPi. I have coded myself it that machine selection app. It compiled by C language. It uses SDL Library. It is my design. Rastari is based Raspbian. But it boots fast. Hmmm good idea. It will be soon. You are right! Sorry, I need to be more careful.
  6. Rastari is coming soon... https://github.com/emartisoft/Rastari
  7. Hi, I wanna use Atari ST/TT/Falcon song files like background music (converted mp3 or wav) in my application. May I use them? May be problem for license? Is this possible that free for personel use? Your advice link? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have got 1040stfm. How much voltages (and amperes) power socket pins for power unit where plugged on the motherboard?
  9. I am not sure but following picture may be my solution. Is this true?
  10. Hi, I am using 1040STFM. I wanna add second floppy device (Gotek). But I do not found connection wiring schema from ST to FloppyDevice. It has internal floppy device (A). My Gotek device (with FlashFloppy) is ready.
  11. Thank you @ParanoidLittleMan. It works now. I programmed EPROMs with checked Skip 0xFF. I tried again but not checked it then Atari ST talked to me. I can take photo for you
  12. I decided to change tos rom on atari 1040stfm from german to UK for version 1.04. MainBoard has 2 ROM and 1MB jumper. I remove U68 and change jumper 1MB to 256K. And I programmed 27c256 ( 6 EPROMS) and setup it. I am using Atari TOS ROM splitter by PP to split img files. Only floppy, Atari ST loaded game. But for empty floppy diskettes, It displays the following picture. 4 bombs! And then system freeze. What does it mean? What did I make a mistake? Thank you.
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