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  1. I'm probably sounding really stupid right now, but how do you exactly hook up a 2600 (or really any rf only system for that matter) to PAL and NTSCJ televisions? Is it the same procedure as hooking up a Japanese rf system to an American television?
  2. I've cleaned my ninja gaiden 1 cart several times with 99% IPA. I haven't opened it up though so it might be a trace issue.
  3. I don't think i would be able to get a refund since i bought the key on ebay. Plus I bought it for $1.19 so it's not like I wasted $60.
  4. Update: After one year of absence on my goal to collect all Atari pong systems, I finally bought a c-140! I'm also currently eyeballing an auction for C-100 that's has five days left and no bids. So far I have one of the nine Atari pong type systems.
  5. On my computer it appears that that the game is not installed. Looks like I'll either need to upgrade or "legally buy the game from the official website", I think I'll do the former.
  6. I bought a game from steam (via steam key) and I tried to play it through the steam app and all I got was the steamui.dll error and it seems i can't play the game through the steam website. Is there another way of playing steam games or am i screwed? My OS is windows xp if you're wondering.
  7. I'm probably the 1000th person to say this but, us this full size by arcade1up standards (about 4 feet tall) or 1980s arcade standards
  8. I'm probably going to do that. I already told myself if next gen is all digital or (god forbid) streaming only I'm going to only buy Nintendo products, and after they switch to all digital or streaming only i'm just going to buy games 20XX backwards.
  9. Being someone who likes video games and wants to play them 10-30+ years down the line, stuff like streaming only game systems and all digital systems kind of make me worry about how we'll preserve and play these modern games in the future. Is it going to be next to impossible to play today's games tomorrow through emulation or by using the native console, or have people already found loopholes and such to preserve such stuff? (Sorry if it sounds like I repeated my first paragraph, I'm very tired at the time of writing this post)
  10. A quick message from Dr. Mantis Tobaggan M.D.


    Happy 4th of July my Dudes & Dudettes - Dr. Mantis Tobaggan M.D.

    Copy of usa-american-flag-gif-3.gif

    1. atari2600land


      The U.S. flag now has 50 stars on it, not 48. ;)

    2. Magmavision2000


      LMAO I just noticed that. 

  11. I'm not up with the times, so can someone explain this thread's fascination with tacos for me?
  12. Update: So one of my games stopped working on the system after 1 day so this system now gets a 7.5/10.
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