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  1. (It's currently 4:32 A.M. and im super tired, so I'm sorry for any inconsistencies in my post) I was looking at my storage just in case I needed to delete some stinkers in my collection, and to my surprise, I had 21.1 GB of free system storage and 12.9 GB of free space on my SD card (out of 32 GB). I'm kinda amazed at how small switch games are (I know there's some like L.A. Noire that are like 40GB. But in general they're pretty small). Now, im not a demanding player. I usually buy small classic games for it, but I do own a decent amount of games, about 33 games and they all hold on an SD card (I have some on the system storage, but I was able to fit them all on the SD card when I tested it). The largest game in my collection is Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition at only 6.2GB. The most detailed game in my collection, Mario Odyssey only takes up 386MB of space (most of the game's on the card though). Now, im sure if I add a few more first-party games to my library, my storage would be full, but with how I mostly use my system (hybrid classic game console and YouTube player), I should be fine for the next couple of years. What's the largest game you own for your switch? How much space do you have left on it? Are you going to upgrade your storage anytime soon?
  2. I want to tell the person it's fake, but either they already know, or won't listen. I'll just report it.
  3. I just learned pigeons produce milk. 

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    2. Magmavision2000


      @save2600 Pigeon milk factory. I'll call it "Avian Dairy™". I'll make millions selling it to hipsters!

    3. joeatari1


      I have nipples Focker, can you milk me?

    4. GoldLeader


      Just not much...I mean 12 pigeons later you're still thirsty...

  4. My most favorite genres are (in this order): -Fighting -Platforming -Arcade -Shmups My Least Favorite are: -JRPG -ARPG -TTS I'm impartial to: -RTS -Grand Strategy -FPS -Simulation What are your most and least favorite genres?
  5. I've created a lost gaming club. If you're into that stuff, then come on and join! https://atariage.com/forums/clubs/56-the-official-lost-gaming-club/




  6. When I'm reading the word, I say "Weeko", but when I say it out loud, I say "Wicko".
  7. No, it's not the name of a lost visual novel. I've actually started a lost gaming club: It's not 100% set up yet, but it's certainly usable. If you enjoy my entries, you'll enjoy this club!
  8. I'll keep this short since most of you probably know the difference, but I'm still gonna post this for noobies. Lost, by definition, Is: Unable to find one's way; not knowing one's whereabouts. I put the important part in bold. Undumped, by definition, is: A video game that has not been dumped and uploaded to the internet. Examples of lost games: Taiwan 2001 (spiritual successor to Hong Kong 97), Bouncer, Circus Charlie (Atari 2600), and Sonic the Hedgehog 1990 Tokyo Toy Show Prototype. Examples of undumped games: Mortal Kombat: Nitro Edition (Dev has the prototype cart, but hasn't dumped it as of 7/2/20), Western Gun, and Grand Champion. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  9. Welcome to the Lost Gaming Club! Before you start posting, it's highly recommended you read the rules: 1. No talks of politics or religion. This is still Atariage and their rules are still enforced. Discussions of these topics usually start flame wars (have you seen the COVID-19 threads?) 2. No witch-hunting, doxxing, or harassing of people who own undumped games. Yeah, people who refuse to dump games are jerks, but you have to respect their wishes, just look for another lead. You will be banned instantly if you break this rule. 3. Be civil. Don't call people names or make fun of their beliefs. Please be mature here. 4. Don't post things you vaguely remember in the Lost Gaming section. That's what the Tip Of My Tounge section is for. Breaking these rules will result in a warning (except for #2), breaking them again will result in a ban.
  10. I played through Double Dragon (Arcade) last night, and not only was it the worst game I've ever played, but it was also so difficult I wasn't even happy when I beat it, I was just angry. At least the music is good.
  11. I've played a lot of bad games, and for most, I can find something to enjoy. But with Double Dragon (Arcade), I can't find anything good to talk about besides the music (which you can listen to on YouTube so don't bother playing the game to listen to it). Let's start off with the visuals. Now, for 1987 the graphics aren't terrible, but why does everything look off? I look at an Abobo and it looks like oatmeal. Then you have the controls which are very slippery and delayed. I don't know if it was Arcade Archives or not, but it felt like I was controlling a lubed up broken DVD remote. I don't even want to talk about the hitboxes, oh God the hitboxes, you have to stand in the perfect spot to hit an enemy, but if you even touch the D-Pad, you quit fighting and start moving, and if you start moving, you're vulnerable to attacks, and if you get hit, you might as well put in another credit because it's an instant game over. I think half of my game overs we're due to my character being stuck because an enemy was pummeling me to death. And to top it off, the game is pitifully short. I was able to beat it in 45 minutes (and a lot of credit scummimg), even with all the crap that is put in my way. I never thought I'd say an NES port us better than an arcade port. How this got past the test market stage is beyond me. I'd rather watch the Double Dragon movie or play the Atari 2600 version of Double Dragon (okay, maybe not that) than play this flawed game. If the Eshop issued refunds, I'd be getting one right now. Don't waste your money, 0/10.
  12. Oklahoma is the Mongolia of the US.

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      I see that there already is a Genghis Grill in Oklahoma City. They market themselves as "much more than your ordinary Chinese Food or Mongolian BBQ restaurant", however that is good or bad.

    3. SlidellMan


      I thought that Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, the Dakotas, and Nevada were vying for that title.

    4. Magmavision2000


      @SlidellMan Wyoming is just a big volcano (or doesn't exist, there's no proof of it's existence), Colorado is just a big bong, Montana has a funny face, North Dakotans are Canadians that didn't get there in time South Dakotans are North Dakotans that didn't get there in time, and Nevada is a big casino with deserts surrounding it (also it's Na-Vah-Da, not Knee-Vaa-Da!). 



      This is all a joke btw

  13. With Super Punchout, and multiple Data East games (including Burgertime) on their way to the Eshop and PS store under the Arcade Archives brand, the possibilities are endless. If they could get ahold of the rights, Kung Fu Master and Great Swordsman would be excellent titles they could add to their catalog. Radar Scope would also be a good one to release since it stayed in the Arcades. What are some games you'd like to see on Arcade Archives?
  14. I wonder if Sonic CD will ever get the Sega Ages treatment. If it does, they better use the Christian Whitehead version. I was kind of angry they didn't use the CW version of Sonic 1 since that's like the best port out there.
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