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  1. Beef Jerky is one of the few types of food where the store bought stuff is better than homemade.

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    2. Magmavision2000


      I gotta respectfully disagree with you guys. Every type of homemade beef jerky I've had tasted awful. 

    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      I'd say you need new suppliers of jerky, tenderized and properly dehydrated jerky can fall apart in your mouth, any jerky left out in the air or a paper sack may dry out hard as a rock over time. Oil can be added to take the place of water in home made jerky for those who no longer have teeth ;) there are just so many ways to make jerky and so many recipes.  Chances are your store bought jerky was a home made recipe at one time, might have some garbage in it to make you want more (MSG) or some moisture added back in, almost all store bought jerky is of lower quality these days... right down to the cut of meat used.

    4. thanatos


      There are at least two local jerky makers I know of that has fantastic stuff.  I would technically call it homemade because it is only sold in person in small batches.  Sort of like the old pickled egg jar at a bar.

      So I would have to disagree.

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