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  1. I'm gonna say it, I hate Super Mario Kart. The handling is outrageous, the hit detection is awful, and it's just a chore to play. Whoever gave it a 9/10 on IGN needs to be interrogated by the U.N. it's a 4/10 at best. I know most people say Super Circuit is the worst one, but it at least has Wario.

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    2. Steven Pendleton

      Steven Pendleton

      @bluejay Yay, someone who is equally as lazy as me! I'm not alone here anymore~

    3. bluejay


      But seriously, I'll have to melt the tabs off with the soldering iron because they are literally ON the insides of the case.

    4. Lord Innit

      Lord Innit

      SFC games won't directly work in a PAL SNES. Or vice versa.  Need to do a region mod or get a universal adapter. Plat SFC games through PAL will also mean the game will run 17% slower and have black borders at the top and bottom of the screen. 

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