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  1. I honestly think it could've been a success over here. It had an extra sound channel, you could save games without having battery backup, and not only the disks were affordable, but you could also rewrite them. To be honest, besides them not wanting to take any chances (which is understandable, considering how Nintendo wasn't as big as it is now), I don't know why they didn't release it overseas.


    Is there something I'm not understanding here?

  2. So, after quickly playing through a little bit of each game, I made a little review.


    The game in general


    The good: 3 great classics, High res textures, widescreen for Sunshine and Galaxy, 60 fps for Galaxy, full soundtracks for each game.


    The bad: Limited release, shoddy controls, emulated (small nitpick), Shindou version of SM64, no scans of manuals, ads, or detailed box-art.


    Mario 64


    The good: Textures look beautiful, has rumble support, is graphically accurate.


    The bad: Shindou version, has "SNES" style button mapping, slight delay, stuck with old camera style.


    Mario Sunshine


    The good: Widescreen, high res textures, controls are great (besides the camera).


    The bad: Shine, the camera isn't inverted.


    Mario Galaxy


    The good: Everything seems great to me.


    The bad: Motion controls (nothing wrong with them, I just don't like motion controls.


    Verdict: This collection has three really great games, but Nintendo really threw this together very quickly and it shows. They could've put way more effort into it and make it feel like an all-stars collection instead of a cheap compilation of games, but alas, greed took over this project (and that's assuming it wasn't there to begin with). Despite those harsh words, I'd still recommend it, just go in with low expectations. 6.8/10.

    Those Wal-Mart stickers do look good though.


    To add to that, if you're buying this just to Mario 64, just buy a 3DS and put the 3DS port on there.

  3. Four more games have been announced for SFC Online. Those games are:


    Super Donkey Kong 2


    Super Tennis


    Fire Emblem (I don't know which one, the date was 1993)


    Wild Guns


    The Famicom and overseas announcements haven't been uploaded yet, but I will post an update when they are.



    UPDATE: The overseas one has been released, we'll be getting:


    Donkey Kong Country 2


    Mario's Super Picross


    The Peace Keepers


    S.C.A.T. (the only game the NES is getting)


    These will be released on September 23rd.


  4. 43 minutes ago, Steven Pendleton said:

    I saw that too.


    I know it's stupid, but I was kind of expecting ports (at least for Mario 64, I think Sunshine and Galaxy would take up too much space). It seems like every 2 days, I get more and more disappointed in this collection.

  5. I want to get into Gameboy collecting as I've never really appreciated the system and I'd like to change that. But I do have some questions about it.


    How expensive is it nowadays? (I remember seeing Gameboy Pockets for $20 on eBay last year, but I'm sure that's changed)


    What are the first games I should get? (Kind of a stupid question, but I'm still asking since I don't wanna be stuck with 3 bad games for a couple of months)


    Should I also consider GBC games? (There seems to be a divide on how the GBC should be categorized. Some say it is it's own system, while others say it should be considered an "enhanced" Gameboy)


    How should I store them? (This one kind of speaks for itself)




  6. It may just be bad luck unfortunately.


    Most of my CRTs are in good condition, my main Trinitron is doing great, although it's starting to get some "screen warping" (definitely wrong term), but it's manageable. My most recent CRT (1987 Quasar) is doing great. The remote works perfectly, the picture is crisp, the audio, despite being mono is crystal clear, it's probably my best TV so far.


    Where are you getting them? Are you buying them at thrift stores/eBay, or are you getting them from people who are giving them away? 


    If it's the former, test it or have the seller test it for you. If the picture looks bad or has defects or the seller refuses to test it, then it will most likely die on you in the near future. If it's the latter, I'd wouldn't risk it. Nothing sucks more than getting something that heavy home and then realizing that it doesn't work. 


    But remember, at the end of the day it's still luck based on these things. You don't know how much use the TV had or what environment it was in.

  7. 18 minutes ago, Asaki said:

    The textures are not high-res, they're the same as the original.

    The textures for 64 are high-res though. In one of the Twitter posts I'm gonna link, you can see that the Bob-omb Battlefield portrait is not compressed (although that doesn't necessarily prove it's not emulated):




  8. 3 hours ago, Asaki said:

    Looks like I'm not the only person who thinks this might be an English Shindou version. I was thinking maybe, since in the video, Mario says "Bye bye." instead of "So long-a Bowser."


    Apparently the color of the "TM" symbol hints at it, too.

    I've seen some Gameplay footage of 64, and the copyright date said "@1996, 1997 Nintendo". So it's definitely not the original version.

    Now is it the Shindou version? I don't know, probably. But since you see new button prompts and the textures are high-res, I'm going to suggest that maybe they made an actual port instead of just throwing a ROMs and emulators on a card.

  9. 8 hours ago, Atariboy said:

    I don't like supporting this, but just preordered. Seeing these three look beautiful on a modern HD display is too tempting, so I'll sadly support Nintendo playing the Disney game of locking away their classics in the vault.


    I'm especially a sucker since I just preordered and don't even own a Switch.

    Did you pre-order it from Walmart? Because if you did, you'll get the Walmart Exclusive Sticker Set.

  10. 13 minutes ago, CaptainCanadian said:

    I had someone on the forum offer me 35 bucks in an envelope for an Atari 2600. Fair enough but... mailed in an envelope?!? Is this normal for the USA?


    Maybe in the 80s, but in 2020, no. I wouldn't accept the offer, especially if they are in the U.S.

  11. The Game and Watch looked cool, but it seems impractical nowadays since you have your phone, and your Switch (if you got one). If it was 2005, then it would be useful and I'd want one.


    I'm personally hyped for Super Mario Bros. 35 and it pisses me off that it'll only work for 6 months. Maybe it will get enough praise and Nintendo will make it a permanent game like Tetris 99.



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