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  1. The rules are simple.


    1. Same rules as basic Atariage. 

    2. Keep things civil! Trash talking and name-calling will not be tolerated.

    3. Keep things on topic. Please try to talk about Arcade Archives and ACA NEO-GEO only, going off-topic a little bit isn't bad, but when it overrides a thread, that's when it gets bad.

    4. Have fun! If there's anything (or anyone) that sucks the fun out of this club, PM me and I'll take a look.


    By joining this club, you accept our club policies.


    Breaking any of these rules will lead to either a warning or a ban (depending on the severity)



  2. My favorite is the first one, but I think 3 has the most replayability. I don't really like 2/USA because it's too different, I don't like the throwing mechanic, and it just feels repetitive after a while. 2 JP is like running, it's not fun, but you keep trying because it's rewarding when you progress a little more than you previously did. World feels like a both upgraded and downgraded version of 3.

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