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  1. I already know the answer, but how do you guys feel about Mario 3D Allstars being a limited release?

    1. Razzie.P


      It serves little more than a huge favor to the scalpers of the world.

  2. Man, I love the Sega Saturn! It's a shame that it wasn't super successful internationally.

  3. The textures for 64 are high-res though. In one of the Twitter posts I'm gonna link, you can see that the Bob-omb Battlefield portrait is not compressed (although that doesn't necessarily prove it's not emulated):
  4. I've seen some Gameplay footage of 64, and the copyright date said "@1996, 1997 Nintendo". So it's definitely not the original version. Now is it the Shindou version? I don't know, probably. But since you see new button prompts and the textures are high-res, I'm going to suggest that maybe they made an actual port instead of just throwing a ROMs and emulators on a card.
  5. Just found out John Witherspoon had a cooking channel on YouTube. It seems like something he and his family did together.

  6. It's freezing near the Oklahoma-Kansas border, it's hard to believe that it was in the 80s a couple of days ago.

    1. jd_1138
    2. Max_Chatsworth


      I'm in Kansas(KC area) as well. Sunday night we were having dinner with my parents and couldn't eat on the patio because it was too hot(94) at 7:45 at night. Then woke up Monday and had to dig out my winter/fall running tops for my morning bike ride and it's still in the low 50's here. 

  7. Am I the only one that doesn't mind Jar-Jar? He's just C3P-O without R2D2.

    1. Magmavision2000


      You guys act defensive because you know it's true.



      Jar-Jar is, and always will be equal to C3P-O


    2. GoldLeader


      Now,...Who would you rather be stuck in a room with?   3PO, Quiet Mode!   

    3. doctorclu


      I actually liked JarJar and just thought they needed to meld the characters together more.   While he was wasted in the prequels, the Clone Wars series with their amazing writing did some cool things with the character.

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  8. That definitely sounds like the type of person who's telling the truth...
  9. What's the name of the society Fred Flintstone's apart of?

    1. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Oh yeah, that was the city or something. It's been too long.. :))

    2. GoldLeader


      Was there a Grand Poobah?   I bet I'm thinking of Happy Days.

    3. King_Salamon


      Yup... there was a Grand Poobah.  Ahh those were the days!  lol

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  10. There are already people with no life selling their pre-orders at jacked up prices. How do you report a search term?
  11. If you were to have a disappointing present gifted to you, would you rather get it on your birthday, or during Christmas?

    1. Jinroh


      My birthday and Christmas are 3 days apart, so it is irrelevant I suppose. x3

    2. GoldLeader


      Wouldn't matter.  I don't dwell on the negative.

  12. Did you pre-order it from Walmart? Because if you did, you'll get the Walmart Exclusive Sticker Set.
  13. I just finished eating some late-night scum-fries (or Blimy-chips if you're from the U.K.), and besides tasting like charcoal, they weren't that bad.

  14. Maybe in the 80s, but in 2020, no. I wouldn't accept the offer, especially if they are in the U.S.
  15. As the title says, I'm giving away a spare copy of Mario 3 for the Famicom. The game has been tested and is confirmed to work! First come first serve, just DM me your info, and I'll ship it out! I can only ship to the contiguous U.S.
  16. Why doesn't Microsoft Flight Simulator simulate plane crashes?

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    2. Keatah


      Choice material! ..Grand Theft Aero..

    3. simbalion


      I really never knew that about Flight Simulator. Oh well, if I want to crash a plane I can fire up some GTA San Andreas, steal a plane and wreck it! :)

    4. GoldLeader


      Oh,  I never got far in that one.  Didn't realize you actually could steal a plane...

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  17. Shipping supplies have arrived, so I can now start shipping 2 at a time again! Also bump.
  18. I pre-ordered Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Now I gotta wait until the 18th...
  19. The Game and Watch looked cool, but it seems impractical nowadays since you have your phone, and your Switch (if you got one). If it was 2005, then it would be useful and I'd want one. I'm personally hyped for Super Mario Bros. 35 and it pisses me off that it'll only work for 6 months. Maybe it will get enough praise and Nintendo will make it a permanent game like Tetris 99.
  20. I secured my copy from Walmart, so they now have it. Not sure about Amazon though. I wonder if this is a straight-up port, or if it's just emulation. The reason I mention this is because, in the trailer, Mario 64 shows the + button on the face screen.
  21. I know, that's my only problem with it. Nintendo seems to be anti-scalper, yet they always do stuff that causes scalping.
  22. Anyone notice that the eshop looks different?

    1. bluejay


      Has it changed?

      I haven't touched my switch in months.

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