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  1. After Zoyous made a post about controllers that shock people, I decided to post this. In 2001, 3rd party controller company Mad Catz announced a controller codenamed Bioforce that would administer a painful shock that would cause muscle spasms if the player we're to get hit or lose the game. They quietly canceled the controller, probably because nobody is going to buy a controller that will Electrocute you. Would it be a shocking success or would it be a shorted failure?
  2. To be honest I understand why people like raspberry pi and emulation, it frees up space and saves money. That's good and all, but it loses something that can't be emulated (at least for now), atmosphere. If you're like me and were born a decade or two after these systems came out, you want to experience the system just like your mother and father experienced them. Even though I can have every game I ever wanted for free, I lose the atmosphere of picking out the game on my shelf, plugging in the game, getting a blinking light, having to clean the game and then getting the game to work after 5 minutes of tinkering with the game. That may sound tedious and boring to you but to me that's apart of the experience. Even though there's nothing wrong with emulating, it's like streaming movies, I can have all the movies I want for under $50, I lose the feeling of pushing in the VHS tape or trying not to scratch that giant laserdisc. It's just not the same. Anyways, did you buy a premade box for your raspberry pi or did you 3D print one?
  3. Welcome to AtariAge! I would suggest putting this post in the wanted section in the marketplace section on the forum, it would have more traffic there than here. Good luck on finding The Flightstick and 3DO!
  4. Just ate goat meat for the first time. Pretty good.

    1. Magmavision2000
    2. carlsson


      Sad story I heard a couple of years ago, when the demand for goat cheese was spiking: Farmers would breed goats, but remove the offspring directly after birth since the milk was the desired commodity. The request for goat meat was so low that the killed baby goats had to be burned or buried as a whole, not even sold off as dog food.

    3. save2600


      Goat meat isn't exactly common around here (never saw it actually) but I have had goat cheese.




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  5. Where I live (the southwest) $20 would barely get you 3 common Wii games let alone a 600XL.
  6. If I'm playing Pong in the 2010s then I'm sure at least one guy was playing Pong in the 80s
  7. According to google there is no set release date but it's expected but not confirmed to be announced at Minecon on 9/28/19. I hope this helps.
  8. Any fans of Gamecenter CX on AtariAge?

    1. dj_convoy


      I'm just recommending how to get episodes in a silly way, due to the semi-illegal nature of grabbing torrents. I certainly have no problem downloading stuff like this we don't really have access to.

    2. Magmavision2000


      @dj_convoy Well that joke went over my head. 😁

    3. Magmavision2000


      Since some people haven't seen the show, I decided to make a sample pack with four episodes. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8n1wq1tu0xdx4vg/AABtDXlM_lWqoaeYLqLug9q5a?dl=0 I STRONGLY recommend supporting the creators of the show and buying their DVDs.

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  9. I don't think anything would be different that much, it probably would be considered an "overpriced toy" that no one would buy or it would be somewhat successful with games like "TV Tennis", " Space Crusader" and "Santa vs the Soviets" being popular games. I don't think technology would advance that much quicker though, we would probably get Atari 5200 graphics in the 70s and that would be it.
  10. I gotta go with the title screen, because I would rather have something like Ninja Gaiden or Megaman 2's opening screen and have a crappy end screen like this:Plus it gives people a reason to play the game because it's more of a "you gotta see this to believe this" type of thing.
  11. Yes and no. If a programmer makes a game like Dragster, where the outcome is more or less the same every time you play, then yes. But in the game is like Berserk or Pac-Man where the game is different no matter how you play (with some exceptions), then no.
  12. *face palms* I swear there was a form copyright that expires after 75 years (maybe I'm thinking about after the death of the author).
  13. Looks like I did. It's seems to be it's 75 for trademarks and 95 for copyrights before 1978. I guess were not Popeye for smash ultimate. 😕
  14. I thought Popeye was in the public domain since It's over 75 years old.
  15. I want to start getting into the Programming community but I have some questions. Like "What programming language should I Look into?" and "are there any programs that make development on projects easier (e.g. BatariBASIC)?". I have little to no programming knowledge (the most I've done is write a very basic calculator in " BASIC256"), so beginning to learn any programming language will be difficult. Do you guys and gals on AtariAge have any tips?
  16. When I made the thread I was talking about accuracy (e.g. space invaders SNES), pushing console limits (e.g. battlezone 2600) or just a fun conversion (e.g. Williams arcade greatest hits).
  17. Donkey Kong Jr. (NES) Super Mario Bros (NES) Doom 1993 (PS4)
  18. Almost every pong console ever I don't know if this counts, (because Magnavox actually sued Atari for copyright infringement) but it's a little surprising that Atari or Magnavox never tried to sue any of the pong console manufacturers (besides that one occasion), I guess no lawsuits ever occurred because the object of hitting a square against two (sometimes four) sticks is pretty generic.
  19. Is actually that bad? If that's the case, I'll sell expensive items on the marketplace and sell the cheap stuff on ebay (I don't think people would try to chargeback cheap stuff as it's probably not worth getting caught)
  20. That sounds like a good idea, I might try that with some items.
  21. I have another question. Do mixed lots sell well on ebay or no?
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