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  1. Whoever mentioned Yellow Magic Orchestra in the "music that could be in a video game" thread, thank you. I've been a huge fan since then.

    1. tschak909


      Yup, a good third of their first album is video game music. :)

  2. Okay, how about a fresh start? I downloaded the 1.4 ROM, and put it on my Modded 3DS, and got 107,900! The 3DS D-pad isn't as good as the Famicom one, but I can get used to it:
  3. I see what you mean now. I tried it on mine, and I was able to pull it off, but I also was (kind of) able to do it on the 1.4 ROM (It worked, but you had to constantly try it over and over again, since the opponent backs away every now and then). Either way my score is now forfeit. I wonder if the Famicom online ROM is 1.4?
  4. Hey, can you post a video demonstrating the stun-lock? I need to make sure that my cartridge version doesn't do this.
  5. There's an increasing number of users who are using the "Buy, Sell, Trade" section of the forum for wanted posts, despite there being not only a subforum right under the buy, sell, trade subforum, but also a pinned post saying NOT to post wanted posts in the buy, sell, trade subforum.  Don't do this please.

    1. bluejay



      I don't know; people must be pretty blind these days.

    2. Keatah


      Wanting something is usually the first step in Buy, Sell, or Trade. Makes total sense and it isn't going to change.

  6. I'm more of a fan of the simple Pulse Line labels, but Black Box labels are also very neat. For reference: Pulse line Black Box (1000th post btw)
  7. It's all about timing. If you jump kick from a slight distance, you'll be able to hit the opponent almost every time.
  8. 171,700 I think I hit my personal kill screen for this game. The stick guy (can't remember his name) is just too fast for me, and can throw attacks quicker than me.
  9. 122,500 Not my best score, but still a great start. This & it's arcade counterpart (which is vastly different) are my favorite fighting games from the 80s. Tip(s): Sweep kicks and jump kicks are worth 300 points. If you win a match without getting hit, you'll get an additional 5000 points.
  10. I can't really comment on bad game design in games since when I mess up, it's 99% of the time my fault. Bu I partially agree about the blue shell. The problem with it for me is that sometimes when I get hit by it, I'm in 2nd place (It was activated while I was in 1st, but started to chase me when I was in 2nd instead of going after the other person), this pisses me off to a great extent since this should've been fixed when they first introduced the blue shell!
  11. I can't sleep, might as well play Famicom until I get tired.

  12. I'm indifferent to them, I find it really cool that a tarp was supporting the 2600 10 years after it came out, and some of the games are great (Jr. Pac-Man is one game that comes to mind), but there are others that feel like they were only made for a quick buck (Double Dragon). Half of the devs seemed like they cared, and tried to make the best games they could for the 2600, but others felt like they were only doing it so they could add one extra port to the pile or they were making 2600 games due to a contract.
  13. I'm happy that Telnet still exists on Windows platforms. I like to see old, obsolete technology still being supported.

    1. doctorclu


      Yep, still a whole world out there to see.   https://www.telnetbbsguide.com/

    2. thanatos


      I use it at work all the time, but not for actual sessions.  Quick and easy way to tell if a port is open/reachable on a remote machine!

  14. Unreasonably high price and no feedback? I smell a scam.
  15. Koopa or Bowser: Which sounds cooler?


    1. joeatari1


      New screen name?  Bowser for sure!

    2. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Koopa is cooler

    3. doctorclu


      Like Koopa.

  16. But why though? Like jhd said, you're not going anywhere (which is the only reason you're flying, unless you work for an airline). I could see this being cool if you could fly over 1970s New York, or as you said, travel the solar system, but all you're doing is flying over present-day earth in an AR setting. The pandemic's lowering IQ's as much as it's lowering lifespans
  17. If you didn't relax your muscles when you got the shot, it will hurt for a couple of days, it's not an emergency unless it's excruciating or it persists for more than a week tops. It happened to me when I got my flu shot last year.
  18. I personally like Virtua Fighter 2 Genesis. Whoever worked on it did a great job making a 3D game 2D. As for home conversions gone wrong... It's kind of hard for me to pick. Burgertime on the 2600 is pretty bad, but it's still (somewhat) playable. Yie Ar Kung Fu om the Famicom looks nothing like the arcade version, but plays great. Maybe the Famicom version of Tetris? Off-topic, but a home conversion that went perfectly is Double Dragon on the NES. Temco took a horrible, nearly unplayable arcade game and turned it into a great NES game.
  19. I decided to sell most of my NES collection, reasonable offers welcome!  https://atariage.com/forums/topic/310315-fs-my-nes-collection/




    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      What about low-ball offers? 

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