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  1. Short answer: Yes.

    Long answer:

    From my point of view (someone who wasn't alive when arcades we're a thing), consoles, for the most part, we're made to replicate the arcade experience, with some little exclusive games here and there (we can see this mindset in early Pong Consoles). But for a while, only the gameplay could be successfully ported. So the arcades ruled until 1983 when they took a blow that permanently scarred them:


    The Famicom.


    The Famicom's original purpose was to have a system that could faithfully make 1:1 arcade ports (hell, originally Nintendo was going to use arcade PCB's so it would literally be a 1:1 replica). Older games looked nearly identical, and some even played better than the arcade version, and on top of that, you got original games that surpassed arcade games.


    The arcades had a small comeback with 16-bit games but were quickly defeated since 16-bit systems were being released in from the mid-80s-the-early-90s. 


    Arcades didn't get a "revival" until the fully 3D games were being made in the early 90s since a 16-bit system couldn't do 3D (without it looking bad), you'd have to go to the arcades to see the latest graphics (or get a NEO-GEO, but nobody had that kind of cash in the 90s!). But then the 32X, Saturn, and PS1 were released and for the most part, arcade games were perfectly ported to systems (either through emulation, or a recreating the game from the ground up). And the Dreamcast and PS2 just added cement to the grave of arcades, since now you could even faithfully port those HD games.


    Now, arcade games are just PC games in a nice cabinet, and can be perfectly ported to any system.


    (I probably just regurgitated what everyone else said, but I'm not gonna erase this).


  2. I have a platinum GameCube that's broken, and once I get it fixed, I'm gonna mod it. But, I don't know what a modded GameCube is capable of.


    Does anyone here have a modded Gamecube? If you do, what do you due with it?



    And before you ask, no, I'm not going to add an SD Card loader (unless I have no choice)


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  3. 2 minutes ago, Steven Pendleton said:

    Speaking of what counts and what doesn't, what exactly do you want to count as DLC? User-created maps, as pointed out above, are content that is downloaded. I'm pretty sure you meant stuff that was created by the original game's developer (and nobody else) and then offered separately, free or not, as a downloadable thingy, and definitely not on a physical disc that you could buy a copy of like an expansion pack or whatever. Just a guess, though.

    Yep, stuff officially made and then sold (or gave out if it was free) for download.

  4. 8 hours ago, godslabrat said:

    If we define DLC as an addition to an existing game, not a standalone game in and of itself, I'm not sure if the Sega Channel, Gameline, or BSX qualify.  Can anyone clarify?


    What about the Saturn?  Didn't that have some modem content?


    13 hours ago, Steven Pendleton said:

    I'm not very knowledgeable about the Satallaview, which is why I didn't mention it despite it coming to mind, but I'm pretty sure that Sega Channel didn't have actual DLC. I suppose the various BS games on the Satellaview might count, but I'm not entirely sure since I'm out of my element with Nintendo stuff.

    Satelleview was basically cable TV but playable, so there was no downloading (you could save a game on the card that came with it, but I think it only held one game) whatsoever.

  5. What are some examples of early DLC (I'm not talking about expansion packs, I'm talking about real downloadable content)?


    I know that Sonic adventure had a New Year's DLC, and that was in 1999. Star Wars Battlefront 2 had Xbox exclusive DLC in 2006, but by then, DLC was starting to be common place. Those are the earliest I can think of (on consoloe at least, I'm sure there was PC DLC in the late 80's and stuff). 


    Do you know of any?

  6. On 8/9/2020 at 7:27 AM, Keatah said:


    Two of the worst games of the worst era.

    I wouldn't say it's the worst era (I'd say that's nowadays) and I can't say that TMNT is bad (I've never played it), but holy shit Double Dragon Arcade is awful, it might be the worst game I've ever played. But hey, at least the music's great.

  7. I'm a big fan of the NES, GameCube, and Switch personally. Since I think they all brought something new to the table (except for the GameCube). The NES was one of the most graphically advanced systems at the time of it's original release, the Switch kind of reinvented handhelds (I mean the Super Gameboy came out 2 decades earlier, but the Switch has it's own line of games), and the GameCube is my first system, so it gets a special place in my heart.


    What's your favorite Nintendo system(s)? I'd like to know!

  8. Are you a repeat buyer from a certain eBay seller? Do they provide cheap, but quality products? Have you had little to no problem with said seller? Then give them a shoutout here!


    I'd like to recommend import seller zipangugame. Their prices are super affordable and they're my go-to place for Famicom games. Unfortunately, since the pandemic, they now just sell console lots.


    Who are some eBay sellers you would recommend?

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  9. 4 hours ago, Steven Pendleton said:

    How's the condition of your Saturn? Maybe it could be something to do with the laser. I've never had a laser go bad on any system, so I'm definitely not the guy to ask about this, but it's possible, I suppose.

    My Saturn's in good-really good condition. It's aged a little and has a hard time reading some scratched disks, but I'm more inclined to believe that it's more of the disk's fault than the Saturn's. 

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