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  1. To people who enjoy my Lost Gaming Vault series on my blog, I'm currently writing up a new one! It won't be much, but I think it will be interesting if you like Mario World. I think it should be finished tomorrow or worst-case scenario, the day after that. Stay tuned! 

  2. Do you think there will ever be a successor to the Internet? 

    1. Keatah


      Internet 2.0 is like some fat-head's business plan thing. Essentially useless.

    2. carlsson


      Yeah, like who would ever have use of 100 Gbps and alike?

    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      The Neural Net. 

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  3. I'm so hipster, I was a hipster before being a hipster was cool. 

  4. I'm currently watching someone play Animal Crossing and I have to ask, why do people find this game "fun" and "relaxing"? All you seem to do is run errands for people and clean up your island. Maybe I'm not understanding something since I don't play the game.

    1. bluejay


      Well, it's like SimCity, isn't it? Except you're a villager living in the city(or town, in this case) instead of the god creating it. 

    2. Keatah


      It's a chore watching it. Let alone playing it!

    3. Wyluli Wolf

      Wyluli Wolf

      I think this was the last Sim style game I tried playing.  I then decided Sim games are crap and I prefer sticking to RPG's...lol.

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  5. I just found out that the tallest Teletubby Is 10 feet tall and the shortest one is 6'5".








    Now that you have this knowledge, I suggest you arm yourselves as you now know too much.




    1. retrorussell


      Teach those guys basketball!

  6. Meatloaf Update: as of writing this there is a little under a pound of leftover meatloaf traveling through my body. If I was old enough to drink, I would definitely have super gout.

  7. Every time I start to miss the Wii era, I watch the Wii Music reveal and realize not everything old is good.

  8. Would you say 1 real-life year is the equivalent of 10 internet years?

    1. Keatah


      No. But sitting your fat-ass on the internet for 1 year takes 10 years off your life.


    2. GoldLeader


      Now I can't speak to the vast experience of human endeavors upon such undertakings,...But...It seems to me,...Many a time I've sat down, "Real Quick" to do something that should take "about 10 minutes" on the internet...And I look up 2 hours and 45 minutes later and proclaim excitedly, "oh Fricassee! ^#*[email protected]%*&#%  Brazzerr brashennnne &^^$&%I mIFIRBg ^&T&#^$ Gasherr mazzinn MmmmFurgbotootenbeastinhumberfotabrowdersnazuengunberhauteuanfugdineassenjukingsmackkcciinngggg!!!*^@$%$&@[email protected]^&U^!!

  9. I just put 2lbs worth of meatloaf in the pressure cooker. Looking forward to all the left overs.

  10. Genetics and irresponsibility is a terrible mixture if you have poor dental health.

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Teeth are overrated. Would you like to take a sip of my fried chicken smoothie?

    2. ProperRogue
  11. Over 1 million infected and 100k deaths... And to think I thought this was "just a bad flu" only a couple of months ago.

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Just remember that if a guy sneezes right before a piano falls on his head, it probably counts as one of those deaths. :D Health and Safety might be confusing topics in 2020.

    2. ProperRogue


      But if we all wear our masks as we're told, and practice good social engineering skills, errrr I mean social distancing... this will all go away real soon, ya think? 🙄 It's not like 'divide & conquer' has worked in the past, right?

    3. Zoyous


      I haven't heard any scientists say that those safety practices will make it go away soon. It'll make it so there's room in the hospitals for the people who refuse to practice them and run out of luck.

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  12. ASMR: Kermit the Frog Attempts to Buy Eggs During The L.A. Riots

  13. You know, the Discord isn't half bad! it's like the forums, if it were a council meeting.

  14. I got online to play some BO1 Zombies and I forgot how sensitive people are on there, they get hit once and they drop out (there usually the host, so they ruin the fun for everybody else).

  15. What cigarette does your doctor recommend? 

    1. atari2600land


      Call for Phillip Morris!

    2. Tickled_Pink


      They might actually start prescribing them. Doctors have been baffled by the fact that fewer smokers than expected are dying of Covid. In France, 25% of the population smoke but only 5% of those who've died from Covid have been smokers. It's a pattern that's been noticed in other countries. So, a cigarette a day keeps the doctor away. It's the new carbolic smokeball ... except that it seems to work.

    3. GoldLeader


      The candy ones.

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  16. Staying at home more often has negatively taken a toll on my gaming time. I now just lay in my bed and watch YouTube (while occasionally playing Vice City on my PC), I just can't get myself to do anything.

  17. Italian-American man has mental episode while playing a game about a primate confined in a ball in space. More at 6.

    1. ZippyRedPlumber


      Are we talking about Vinny? XD

    2. Wally1


      check out italian spiderman



  18. You know Chubby Checker? I'm Obese Othello.

  19. YouTube, how is Cotton Hill explaining how he lost his shins in the war a kids video?

    1. GoldenWheels


      I killed fitty men!

    2. ZippyRedPlumber


      Goddangit, YouTube. those gibletheads ain't right I tell ya what.

  20. I was watching someone do a review for the Atari Flashback Classics on the Switch, and of his complaints was  "You have to read the manuals to know what to do". 

    1. BydoEmpire


      lol, wow how awful.. having to read, or just experiment and try things out.

    2. Lauren Tyler

      Lauren Tyler

      That's some kind of irony considering how complex video games are today.  Besides, reading the manual gives you some interesting insights into the stories for some games.

  21. It's official. I have 1,000 hours on YouTube for the Nintendo Switch. I'm both severely disappointed in myself and feel accomplished.

    1. MrMaddog


      You'd think I'd get a ton of achievements from all those hours of watching YouTub on my Xbox One but nooo....doesn't work right.



  22. Atariage Public Domain Movie Night is starting in 24 minutes! Link to the discord is here:https://discord.com/channels/710188381887397982/710188382549966961 invite code is: zwNsPGW


    1. joeatari1


      Ugh.  Can't figure out discord.  What do I search for?  Do I need to have a friend?  Where do I put the access code (don't go there)?

    2. joeatari1


      Figured it out.😔

    3. joeatari1


      Sorry, I hung in there as long as I could.  That second movie was just awful!  Italian Star Wars my ass!  At least I know how to use discord now.

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  23. Anyone else feel like the eshop is just a slightly higher quality version of Google Play (slight exaggeration)?

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