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  1. My mother had to go to an arthritis doctor near the state capital and we went to a Salvation Army afterwards.


    Man, it was dry. All they had was a crummy (it literally had crust in the crevices) OG Xbox (console only, untested) for $19.99. It was insultingly high for something like that. I'd pay no more than $10 for something in that condition.

  2. It's been all over the internet, so I might as well put it here as well so the uninformed know.


    There was a huge Nintendo leak where a lot of stuff has been revealed. The things revealed were:


    Prototype versions of Super Mario Kart and Yoshi's Island (the latter dubbed Super Mario 5)


    A completely unknown game called Super Donkey


    Source code for F-Zero, Link to the Past, Mario RPG, Mario All-Stars, Links Awakening DX, Star Fox 2, Wild Trax, and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl


    Assets for an early version of Pilotwings called Dragonfly


    Source code for an early version of Mario 64


    Uncompressed voice clips from Star Fox 64, F-Zero X, and Mario 64


    And some more stuff I'm probably forgetting about.


    This leak was fascinating and it's interesting to see it develop. I'm personally interested in Super Donkey and the source code for Mario 64.


    And before anyone asks, no, I don't have any of the ROMs. You can search for them at your own risk. 


    Is there anything else I missed on the list?



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  3. This is the oldest question in the book, but I think it should be posted again since tastes change.


    My top 10 (in no particular order) are:




    Street Fighter II' Champion Edition


    Mario Odyssey


    Blazing Star


    Yie Ar Kung Fu


    Super Mario Bros.


    Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes of Liberty City (The Ballad of Gay Tony in particular for it's extra content)


    Fighting Vipers


    Mario Kart DS


    Tube Panic


    Of course, as I said in the beginning, this is subject to change. But these games are the ones that I believe are timeless and have infinite replayability.

  4. If this was Japan VS. U.S., then Japan would win. But this is VS. the world, so I goota chose option 2. 


    Let's think about this, the world has under it's belt:


    Doom 1 and 2




    Ms. Pac-man (was created by an american company)


    Grand Theft Auto series










    Prince of Persia




    and much more



    Japan does make really great games, but in comparison to the world, their catalog is very lacking.

  5. So this all started when I was doing research for an entry for my blog, I somehow found myself on a German forum thread (Thank God for Google Translate or else I wouldn't have been able to read it) documenting Pong consoles, when I found this post:


    Now, I know this isn't an uncommon thing, Epoch actually imported like 10,000 Heavy Sixers and sold them in Japan in 1977, but we're talking about Nintendo, arguably one of the most popular and successful gaming companies of all time.                                                                                                                                                                      So like any normal person, I made a status update asking if anyone knew about it. AA user Bluejay replied saying he did a little research and did find some articles stating that this happened, but I still didn't know anything about the light gun. So I went deep into google (about 3-4 pages) and found an article that mentioned it:http://odysim.blogspot.com/2015/09/nintendo-and-magnavox.html?m=1


    In the article, it says Magnavox was looking for a toy manufacturer to make the plastic for their light gun. Somehow, they got ahold of Nintendo (probably at a toy fair) and they agreed to make the plastic. Now Nintendo was pretty clever, instead of making a brand new mold, they used an existing mold for one of their toy guns made by the late Gunpei Yokoi. This is why if you open up an Odyssey light gun, there's a bunch empty space near the stock (that was the battery compartment for the Nintendo toy gun). 


    To my knowledge, no examples of Japanese Magnavox Odyssey are known to exist (There is however, a flyer that is shown in the article), but I hope to be mistaken.

  6. 44 minutes ago, Steven Pendleton said:

    What do you do with 100% region-free consoles? What about oddities like the Mega Drive and Genesis where only some games are region-locked and others not? What about the 32X, as well?

    If a region free console has little to no difference between a foreign one and a home plate one (Example: Gameboy), then I just use a regular console. If it's partially region free, I'd just get the foreign console so I don't have to worry about getting a region-locked game.

  7. 1 hour ago, atarilovesyou said:

    Why do people seem so upset that this game went for so much money? If you're not a collector, you'll never understand. If you're gamer, congrats: your hobby just gained a lot of prestige for a classic game. If you don't agree with the value of this, there's over 100k reasons that starkly disagree with your opinion. 

    I'm personally not upset, but I'm a little perturbed since it's gonna be harder to find reasonably priced games (I don't mean dirt cheap either) since your average Joe is gonna see a copy of SMB sold for over 100K and not know the reason why (granted, not a lot of people did this when that other copy sold for 100K, but remember the "NES-001" situation"). I'm not upset about it selling for that much since I know why it's selling for 114K, I'm just not looking forward to the influx of people who are gonna try to sell their torn copy of Mario/Duck Hunt thinking it's the holy grail.

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  8. So here's the problem, I own a small collection of NES games from when I had one, but I kind of want to replace them with Famicom games. At the same time, I also want to get another NES and resume collecting for that.


    What should I do? Replace my NES games with Famicom games or wait and look for an NES?


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