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  1. I kind of want to do a Lost Gaming Vault entry on lost/cancelled Pong consoles. So far all I know about is Atari's Pong Doubles, Magnavox's Odyssey 5000, and A Tank console from Atari (I think it was talked about here, but I'm too lazy to look right now). Are there any more I can add to the list?

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Atari_Bill said:

    I’ve been focusing on Sears titles lately and CIB titles that sold for maybe 20-30 bucks a year ago, I’ve seen selling for 150-200 at times. 

    Ah, I was just looking at Atari lots. I don't keep track of Sears stuff since I avoid it like the plague (timely pun intended).

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  3. Oh boy, the update's here!!!


    DKC makes this update worth it, if they just put DKC on the SNES app, I'd be fine. Of course, everyone knows about DKC and knows it's good, so I won't talk about it.


    Natsume Championship Wrestling is pretty good as well, the controls are a little clunky, but you can work around that. Overall I'd say the SNES update is great. Now we need Earthbound and Actrasier and maybe people like me will shut up!


    The Immortal is an ok game, it has a little bit of an EU smell, but the music is great and I can definitely see myself playing it more in the future. 


    As for the Japanese updates, the Famicom app got VICE: Project Doom, which is already on the NES app so I won't say anything about it, as for Shin Megami Tensei, it has a lot of Japanese text, and I don't know enough to play it so you'll have to find out if its good or not yourself.


    Overall, this update as a whole is pretty good. 

    If Nintendo does more updates like this, then I'll stop complaining.

  4. 35 minutes ago, EddyFree said:


    I'd image/archive it and keep it stored in my private collection. Never know when someone may "reach out" on a forum like this asking if anyone happened to have their long lost "poems", etc....





    Who knows, you may have the long lost writings of a famous author. Archive it, but keep it private.

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  5. According to the list on Pong Story, the last Pong Consoles were released in 1983, but there could always be some obscure console released by some obscure company later than that. 


    I find it kind of funny that the same when the Famicom released, which was at the time one of the most advanced systems ever, there was also clones of an 11 year old game coming out.

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  6. 17 hours ago, Magmavision2000 said:

    I decided to go to two thrift stores for the first time in months and besides unreasonably priced items ($200 5-year-old flatscreens and $30 VCRs), I did find a cool 25" Quasar TV from 1989 for $10. It's not in the house yet, but I'll post a picture when it is.

    After some sweat, and a little bit of blood, here it is:20200710_180512.thumb.jpg.8fc9e50a3b4338cc31137ee3e2f0f83a.jpg

    That's the 3rd CRT in my room. and the 6th one (I think) in my house (they were under a dollar, how could I pass that up?). This is also my first Quasar.

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  7. They finally listened! A good update!


    Us folks in the land of the setting sun are getting:


    SNES: DONKEY KONG COUNTRY!!!, and Natsume Championship Wrestling


    NES: The Immortal


    The boys in Japan are getting:


    SFC: Super Donkey Kong, and Shin Megami Tensei


    FC: VICE: Project Doom


    This is the most promising update in a while, my only gripe is that they're only trickling out NES and FC games, hopefully next update they give us a bit more. I'm definitely looking forward to this update!



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  8. I played the first Bubsy game on an emulator not too long ago and I didn't enjoy it. The graphics were very nice, the music was okay, but the gameplay was just bad in my opinion. It was floaty and I didn't feel like I was doing anything. Granted, I only played through level 1 and that's it, so I'll need to play it more to get a better opinion on it, but man, that was an awful first impression.



    UPDATE: played through a little bit again, still bad.

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  9. (It's currently 4:32 A.M. and im super tired, so I'm sorry for any inconsistencies in my post)


    I was looking at my storage just in case I needed to delete some stinkers in my collection, and to my surprise, I had 21.1 GB of free system storage and 12.9 GB of free space on my SD card (out of 32 GB).


    I'm kinda amazed at how small switch games are (I know there's some like L.A. Noire that are like 40GB. But in general they're pretty small). Now, im not a demanding player. I usually buy small classic games for it, but I do own a decent amount of games, about 33 games and they all hold on an SD card (I have some on the system storage, but I was able to fit them all on the SD card when I tested it). 


    The largest game in my collection is Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition at only 6.2GB. The most detailed game in my collection, Mario Odyssey only takes up 386MB of space (most of the game's on the card though). Now, im sure if I add a few more first-party games to my library, my storage would be full, but with how I mostly use my system (hybrid classic game console and YouTube player), I should be fine for the next couple of years.


    What's the largest game you own for your switch? How much space do you have left on it? Are you going to upgrade your storage anytime soon?

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