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  1. Something I'd really like to explore more of in the future should time ever allow me to. I feel like I've really missed out on this genre, as the only system I ever had a gun for was the NES. I did get to play some great arcade examples though. I'm glad to see there are options out there for revisiting these beyond what was re-released on the Wii. Great video, I had no idea there were so many cradles and guns released for the Wii; I should have looked harder. I have that Nerf cradle you showed, in addition to the zapper. I like both of them, for different games.
  2. Nice! I don't think I see anything on here that I would care about, except for Skyward Sword, if I ever get around to that. Until then I think these things are off the list for me
  3. Hello everyone. Me and a friend of mine are going to be getting into some co-op lightguns games on his Wii. He has the standard Wiimotes. I'm wondering, Is there really much of a difference in accuracy/response between these and the motion plus wiimotes? Like would you be able to tell instantly if someone swapped it on you?
  4. Hi John, enjoyed your videos. I was wondering though, how close would you say the paddles feel/respond as compared to the original Atari paddles?
  5. In my opinion it doesn't really need to be remade to look more 2600ish. It feels like a natural evolution of Pitfall that a sequel might have been like. I look forward to checking out Akeni
  6. I'm glad you posted about this again, I played this game years ago and was trying to find it again just a couple months ago. Why not keep both versions up? I quite enjoyed the original. I will have to give the new version a try. Glad to see you are still working on it! It is a worthy sequel to Pitfall in my opinion
  7. Pong was the example where I thought latency would be mostly likely to cause problems and you have an exact example of where it's been done before already nicely done
  8. Definitely a nope for me. There have been long gaps in my gaming history and my reflexes died somewhere along the way. I wish I could get them back.
  9. Some won't do that because they consider downloading games to be immoral (no reason to get into that debate here though), and probably more won't learn to use an emulator out of laziness or giving up too quickly. Some emulators are very user-friendly, but not all of them are. Truly it doesn't get much easier than archive.org, but it leaves some things to be desired, such as save states and probably controller support. I wonder how a game of pong would go
  10. All good stuff for those of us who prefer an older style of game Thanks for pointing out the new Afterburner and new TMNT game, I didn't know those existed. I'll have to try to run across those at some point. Alas the arcade situation in my town also sucks
  11. I wonder how streaming would work. It's seems like there would be horrible input lag, unless it would just be sending whole game and whichever emulator was needed before the game even launches on your device. Now that you mention GOG, it seems like it should be closer to the model of choice. I wonder why there isn't an equivalent to GOG for console games. DRM seems kind of pointless at this stage, considering everything is already available. Come to think of it, GOG has the Neo geo games, and the Turok games. Here's hoping they do more of that. My guess is it's an issue of how much it cost to license a game versus what they feel they can charge for it. But then again if it can work for a Neo Geo game, why not most other things.
  12. If they don't update it, it will mean the Switch will have more Atari games than the VCS is supposed to come with in the Vault
  13. No affiliation, sorry to have given that impression. I'm actually just fascinated by this whole retro-resurgence that seems to be happening right now. I'm wondering where it might go. Personally I would love to see something like this take off if it would give homebrewers a broader place to sell their games beyond physical cartridge releases. That would make them more accessible to me since I will likely never get to have one of each console and old computer. But I wonder if the market is there for that sort of thing, or just the games people remember(or maybe neither in this case). There's no indication that this site would plan to do something like that with homebrewers anyway, that's just where my thoughts went. In terms of availability, I'd imagine it can't compete with emulation at all. But not everyone is aware of emulation, or willing to mess with it. I agree about the website layout, pretty strange
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