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  1. Here's one more for the list: #98208J, a factory-reconditioned Atari unit from pretty late in the run, apparently.
  2. Hilarious! I love the Soviet military equipment on the Combat cartridge.
  3. Wrong Larry...I've never been a cable guy, but...this thing would be right at home in that Larry's tool shed, wouldn't it? Right next to his souped-up riding mower, and Budweiser keg-erator, and who knows what else.
  4. For anyone out there who, like me, has been hand-filing DB9 cables to get them to fit into the Vectrex ports, here's a solution that really works. This is a cheap Harbor Freight power belt sander (3X21). The added fixture is easy to make out of junk angle iron and flat steel stock. The two angled slots in the guide plate provide the 45 degree cuts, and the straight slot is for flattening the curved edge on the style of cable end that has a teardrop shape. I prefer the ones that are already flat, but sometimes there's good deals on the teardrops. The nuts and fully-threaded carriage bolts allow the guide plate to be adjusted and locked into place easily for the correct length of the cut and to compensate for belt wear. Use a fine-grit belt, with light, easy passes, and it won't gum up with molten plastic. The slots in the guide plates are just wide enough for that narrow trapezoid-shaped tip to fit into, so as long as the shoulder below the tip is held flat and firm against the guide plate, you'll get clean, precise cuts every time, in a lot less time. My hat goes off to those who already have their own semi-automated alternative to filing cables by hand. I wish I'd thought of this about 300 cables ago. Larry
  5. I'd have had a blast at that store, bouncing between the arcade and electronics section. If the restaurant had hot dogs, I'd have been in heaven.
  6. Beautiful work! And tough-looking! I dare say it would've stood up to hordes of 10-year-olds pounding on it all day in Kmart and Sears many moons ago.
  7. This is purely to satisfy curiosity. Anyone in the know about the 2600's that got sent back on warranty returns? Was there some kind of "one size fits all" procedure where every unit got the same selection of parts replaced, or a more case-by-case diagnosis and repair, or some combination of both? (Excepting those units with obvious physical damage.) As well as these were selling back in the day, there had to be some kind of streamlined process, or else a huge team of skilled technicians standing by. And one would Larry
  8. The MiniVex TwinStick...it does have two thumbsticks, but might only qualify as semi-ergonomic. (The extra buttons are for 7800 compatibility.)
  9. Thanks for the info. The serial # is 98208 J, which would put it pretty late in the run. With that in mind, maybe the accessories in the box are "correct" after all, even the non-01 labeled Combat in the gatefold box. For $40, I have no complaints at all. On the same subject, does anyone know what was actually done to returned warranty units during the reconditioning process...some type of standard overhaul, or an individual case-by-case troubleshooting and repair?
  10. So a few years back, I happened on a near-complete and boxed Heavy Sixer for $40 in a pawn shop. Needless to say, I jumped on it. Still has the Sunnyvale sticker on the bottom as well as a "FACTORY RECONDITIONED" sticker. Something I've not been able to find out, though, is what accessories and other items were routinely replaced as part of the factory reconditioning process. The paddles in the box are of the later variety, with the crossed tennis rackets. Didn't the original Heavy Sixer paddles have just an Atari logo on them? Also, there was indeed a gatefold boxed "Combat" cart in the package, with the red lower-case text only label, but it does NOT say "01" on the label, which also doesn't seem right. Were these items in question replaced by the original owner, or as part of the reconditioning procedure? Or are they correct for late-run Heavy Sixers?
  11. Here's a chuckle...on numerous trips to the stores, when I wanted to play/watch at the Atari display, and my folks wanted to look around other areas of the store, my dad would say (very sternly) "OK, you stay RIGHT HERE and don't run off." I was the most obedient kid in the world on those occasions. No arm-twisting required.
  12. Another flashback...the Sav-On Drugs in my area had an Atari kiosk. On one visit, Adventure was the cartridge on display, and my experience was like others mentioned here. Didn't understand it, didn't like it. Thought it was ugly. Indeed that sentiment would do a 180 eventually. On another visit, a much bigger, older kid was playing Dragonfire, and due to his age and size I assumed I would only be watching this amazing and colorful new game. But no! He not only happily turned over the controls, but gave me some playing tips as well. That didn't happen too often.
  13. Hi again...I have thoroughly enjoyed every single story posted here. Laugh at me if you want to, but I revisit this post often just to re-read the stories and phrases like "Those were great times." They really brought back the memories of trips to the store where Atari was on display, and even the anticipation of those trips. Realized today that my ONLY experiences with some more obscure games, and a few complete systems, were in the stores. Might be scraping the bottom of the barrel here (pardon the cliche) but has anyone else out there got a story to share about squeezing in some games of Haunted House or Breakout at the Atari kiosk in Sears while your parents looked at toaster ovens and vacuum cleaners? Many thanks. Larry
  14. Had a spare copy of Cosmic Avenger with a really bad label. It fits now, but was a cumbersome and stinky process. Lots of Dremel-ing required. Admittedly my specimen is ugly but perfectly functional. Sure do love the 192-IN-1 cart...great value, lotta bang for the buck as others have said. Was a real joy to play Boulderdash again, as well as some other hard-to-find titles.
  15. Glad for the happy ending! Especially if you were up all night trying to fix it, which would be the case if the times on your postings are correct. Not poking fun at you, at all. Been in that boat myself, more than once.
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