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  1. Had a spare copy of Cosmic Avenger with a really bad label. It fits now, but was a cumbersome and stinky process. Lots of Dremel-ing required. Admittedly my specimen is ugly but perfectly functional. Sure do love the 192-IN-1 cart...great value, lotta bang for the buck as others have said. Was a real joy to play Boulderdash again, as well as some other hard-to-find titles.
  2. Glad for the happy ending! Especially if you were up all night trying to fix it, which would be the case if the times on your postings are correct. Not poking fun at you, at all. Been in that boat myself, more than once.
  3. What's the trading symbol for Atari stock, and on which exchange is it found?
  4. "Service Merchandise Guy" jogged my memory. I believe his cousin must've worked at a store I visited as a kid. The store's Atari display had a sign on it: "NO ONE UNDER 18 MAY PLAY WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION." Since playing was out of the question I started checking out all the cool cartridges in stock. I picked up a Frogger box to see the game description and pictures on the back, and SMG's cousin stomped over, RIPPED the box from my hands and SNARLED "Don't touch anything else!" I found my folks elsewhere in the store and convinced them to come over to the Electronics department, where they watched me play for a good 15 minutes, while the rotten clerk stood by fuming and speechless. Hee hee.
  5. My family didn't have an Atari until well into the crash, when they were on clearance tables with double-digit price tags. Before that, my time on the VCS / 2600 was mainly on the displays in the stores. There wasn't a Sears, Kmart, or Woolworth's within walking or biking distance for me--let alone any arcades--so I had to wait until the folks went to the store. And then, it was game on! Maybe. If there was a pile of bikes by the store entrance, then the store display was usually mobbed with kids all waiting for their short turns to play whatever cartridge was being featured. If there were any 13-15 year olds in the crowd, forget it. They'd hog the controls until the store closed, while the pre-teens like myself looked on helplessly. Any polite requests to play were met with stony silence. Sometimes we'd resort to watching the unplayable demonstration cartridge repeat itself over and over on the nearby Intellivision display. Another obstacle was grouchy sales clerks, usually old ladies with curly hair, horn-rimmed bifocals and perma-frowns. Couldn't get within ten feet of the display without being halted by a snappy "Don't touch that!" But other times it was wide open, and I got to spend some quality time with Asteroids, Berzerk, Pitfall, and Seaquest. Some of my best Atari play sessions were at the Air Force BX...there weren't usually many other kids there, my folks would shop for hours, and the sales clerks were young and friendly. Sometimes they'd even play a game or two with me. Got any memories like these? Please share! Larry
  6. BEAUTIFUL WORK. The Japanese version should be collectible already.
  7. If you type "new minivex twin stick" in the search bar on this site, you can see my post from last year with pictures and description of my dual stick controller, compatible with both the 2600 and 7800. I only made a few of these, to test the waters, and there just wasn't enough interest to justify a whole batch. Kept the prototype for myself and it does come in very handy for Raiders and Stargate. Might give you some ideas for building your own. I'd put a link here to that post if I knew how, but I'm computer illiterate. Larry
  8. I need me some retro socks like those! Very appropriate for playing old school games! Larry
  9. There's a "secret" fifth selection on the dial that's not labeled...one click past number 4...try that one Larry
  10. Never knew I could be that convincing... I wasn't kidding about being a redneck, however. In the photo is my "Fairweather Drying Rack" and the drying room for freshly coated MiniVex cases. Keeping tumbleweeds out of the drying room is a real challenge. Larry
  11. WAY COOL, thanks for the info. Now it's here on AtariAge for all to see. I can't tell you just how difficult it was to find the tiny amount of info that I did, and what I presented above was pretty much the extent of it. Even Atari Mania, which has quite a few variants listed, didn't have much of anything on these at the time I was looking. Probably fair to say then, that Ocean City is also in PAL format. Larry
  12. Up for auction on eBay are two weird cartridge variants I ran into a while back, never having seen either before...at least, they're weird in the U.S. but maybe not overseas. First up is "Ocean City" by Funvision. I don't know the region format of this cart, because even after cleaning the game won't come up but a second, long enough to glimpse a screen like Atlantis. Tried it on two TV's, one of which does display PAL, and got the same result on both. The picture label matches that of a game called Inca Gold by Zellers, which is strange because they had their own Atlantis hack "Ocean City Defender", and it had yet a different picture on the cart. Second up is "Quick Step" by Imagic. Not an uncommon game by any means, but the cartridge sure is...in an Activision-style case with an orange label. This one IS working, and turned out to be PAL format. Only learned today (slap) that most modern TV's can display PAL. Never knew that before. By the way, the dates in the photos are incorrect. My camera eats batteries and I'm tired of the setting the date. If you're interested in either of these, please visit my eBay page: [ebayseller]classicgamesandcarsfan[/ebayseller] Larry
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