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  1. Never knew I could be that convincing... I wasn't kidding about being a redneck, however. In the photo is my "Fairweather Drying Rack" and the drying room for freshly coated MiniVex cases. Keeping tumbleweeds out of the drying room is a real challenge. Larry
  2. Update: last day for sales will be Monday, July 22! Larry
  3. WAY COOL, thanks for the info. Now it's here on AtariAge for all to see. I can't tell you just how difficult it was to find the tiny amount of info that I did, and what I presented above was pretty much the extent of it. Even Atari Mania, which has quite a few variants listed, didn't have much of anything on these at the time I was looking. Probably fair to say then, that Ocean City is also in PAL format. Larry
  4. Up for auction on eBay are two weird cartridge variants I ran into a while back, never having seen either before...at least, they're weird in the U.S. but maybe not overseas. First up is "Ocean City" by Funvision. I don't know the region format of this cart, because even after cleaning the game won't come up but a second, long enough to glimpse a screen like Atlantis. Tried it on two TV's, one of which does display PAL, and got the same result on both. The picture label matches that of a game called Inca Gold by Zellers, which is strange because they had their own Atlantis hack "Ocean City Defender", and it had yet a different picture on the cart. Second up is "Quick Step" by Imagic. Not an uncommon game by any means, but the cartridge sure is...in an Activision-style case with an orange label. This one IS working, and turned out to be PAL format. Only learned today (slap) that most modern TV's can display PAL. Never knew that before. By the way, the dates in the photos are incorrect. My camera eats batteries and I'm tired of the setting the date. If you're interested in either of these, please visit my eBay page: [ebayseller]classicgamesandcarsfan[/ebayseller] Larry
  5. Hi again, fellow Vectrex-aholics. I know there are already some good rapid-fire add-ons for the Vectrex, but I thought I'd take a stab at one. This Universal Four-Channel Rapid Fire Module (that's a mouthful) hooks up inline with any Vectrex controller. The four locking buttons on the unit let you assign rapid fire to any or all of the buttons on your favorite controller, and the rotary pot and pulsing LED on the back of the unit let you adjust the firing rate to your liking. Very simple and easy to use. Thanks to all for your support. Larry
  6. Addendum: someone please let me know if eBay link does not work. It was acting strangely. Larry
  7. Hi folks, sorry if the title sounds like a loud TV commercial for a used car dealership. Going to be relocating soon, and anything I don't have to pack up means one less headache. (Will probably run out of aspirin regardless.) Thus if you've been considering a MiniVex controller for Vectrex or Atari, they'll be available for the next few weeks, last week of July at the latest, and that will be it for a while. I do expect to be back up and running sometime in the mid-to-late fall, but there's just too many variables to say exactly when. Please visit my eBay seller's page; all serious offers will be considered. https://www.ebay.com/sch/classicgamesandcarsfan/m.html?_trksid=p3692 To all who have been supportive in one way or another...thank you. Larry
  8. Here are the photos again, somehow they got lost during the recent renovation:
  9. Howdy folks! Check out the newest and BEST YET, the MiniVex Redneck Edition Limited Release controller for Vectrex! Comes in the sturdy steel case you've come to expect, and this batch was made from a 1974 Ford LTD Country Squire Station Wagon hood, so you know it's tough. Joystick features the latest in anti-slip technology, revered by the world's best screwdriver manufacturers, and guaranteed not to get away from you during that critical last Minestorm level. No room to label the buttons on this one, so they're handily color-coded with a detachable reference card to tell you which one is which. And, you ask, does this MiniVex come with the rapid-fire feature that most other models do? Of course it does! Shots will fly just as FAST as you can turn the hand crank on the side of the case! Not only does this eliminate the need for a separate adjustment knob, but you can BURN CALORIES while playing video games! But that's not all! The first ten orders come with a special bonus, a FREE MiniVex camo hat, GUARANTEED to be a conversation starter at your next classic gaming or outdoor sports convention! GET YOURS WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! DISCLAIMERS: - Warranty not honored if beer, soda pop, transmission fluid or other liquids spilled inside unit. - No offense intended to any rednecks, anywhere, as I myself am at least partially a redneck.
  10. I'd like to see this!
  11. Hi again, Vectrex-aholics. Just wanted to share a brief glimpse of two new MiniVex creations. In the first photo is the Mini-Twist, a pint sized spinner controller that includes all four button functions (numbered 1-4, left to right) and a rocker switch on the back to scroll through on-screen menus. Like the other MiniVex spinner units, the spinner doubles as an extra fire button. In the second photo is the Driving Package...a spinner controller that includes a detachable foot pedal. You can use it like any other spinner controller, but for an added fun element you can plug the foot pedal into the back and select any button 1-4 with the rotary dial. Using it with driving games is NOT required of course, but it was indeed made with that possibility in mind. This one is also menu compatible with a rocker switch for scrolling through menus, and the spinner doubling as an extra fire button. Wish any more info? Please contact me or post here. Larry
  12. So a MiniVex made it to the Vintage Computer Festival? Awesome! Larry
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