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  1. ...wait, really? Holy cow, I need to see if that works.
  2. Recently I bought an Odyssey 2000, and it did not come with any hookup box to connect it to a tv. Since those coaxial adapters are out of the question, are there any alternatives? I've heard of the "paper clip trick", but I'm looking for a much simpler solution.
  3. So my disk drive all the sudden stopped working today in the middle of testing some disks. I recently loaded up Ghostbusters - forgetting to input the program to prevent the clacking noise that occurs while loading; it slipped my mind - and the game loaded fine. I tried another game, only to get the drive to make the clacking noise twice followed by a disc read error. It now won't read any disks. Any way to fix this manually without having to use special software?
  4. Does anyone have the passcode for Back to the Future 2 on C64? Originally I had a copy that didn't require it, but the disk itself didn't work. I bought another, but in order to load it, it asks me for a passcode. I do not have the instruction manual, and I can't find a manual scan online. Can anyone help?
  5. LIST 20 brings up 20 in its entirety, so it doesn't appear to be broken. I'm not sure what you mean by setting the drive to 8 though.
  6. I'm not exactly sure how the program works, to be honest. The magazine isn't of much help either; this was a small section of an article about copy protection. I just find it weird that I know I used this exact program earlier this year but had no issues with it then.
  7. So I found a small program to write in Basic to help minimize that loud grating noise you sometimes get with C64 disks (Ghostbusters is a good example; in my case, it happens twice when it's starting to load, and then a third time right before it finishes loading and brings up the title screen). I found a fix in an old magazine that helps with this issue, and I have tried it out on some disks in the past. But recently I dusted off my C64 for the first time in months, and for the life of me I cannot get this program to work. I'm not sure what exactly I'm overlooking or what I'm screwing up; it's driving me crazy, especially because this has worked for me before in the past. Line 20 looks fine to me...any suggestions on what might be going on?
  8. By 'the other side', do you mean behind? My current setup has everything side-by-side, the monitor on the left, then the Commodore, then the disk drive, with several inches between each. I don't think spacing or position is an issue, since all the other disks I have work fine. I wonder if it could just be bad disks, but I'm not sure how to test that out.
  9. Interesting! I didn't know that. I did read somewhere about CRTs and how they mess with disks, so I do make an effort to keep a good distance between the monitor and drive - about the width and a half of the Commodore itself.
  10. So I cracked the drive open and...well, it's pretty filthy on the back end. But the read/write head, however, is perfectly fine. I cleaned it off anyway, but I still have the same issues with Wolfenstein and Back to the Future 2. I'm wondering if there's anything else I can do to see if it's a bad disk issue besides sending the disks out to someone with a drive. I should note that I did not clean off the board, I'm going to have someone else do that and test the traces and whatnot, so I won't be using the drive again until I get that taken care of. I also forgot to mention that when I purchased this Commodore and everything else, it did NOT have a head protector card in it, and went along with me for an hour drive. At the time I had no idea that they needed it, so I'm wondering if maybe the head got knocked around too much.
  11. That's reassuring; every time I hear that noise I wonder if the drive is going bad. It probably shouldn't be doing that with Wolfenstein, which is why I keep getting errors. I'll be dismantling by 1541 today, but there's a surprising lack of tutorials on youtube for the specific model I have. Mine had that knob you turn downwards to keep the disk in place. It seems like everyone else has the other model with the spring-loaded door.
  12. I hope it's as simple as that, I'll update once I get to it.
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