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  1. Sorry about that, next time I will have a note pad ready, so I am able to provide more information to help out. I have provided in responses in red that i can remember.
  2. Ah, that is the missing component, Tab/Shift-tab. Thank you very much. I will google for the manual. I tried plugging in paddles on the front of the r77, it sorta noticed them but would not move back and forth, but the fire button on player one worked I dont know if it is able too. I do not have a 2600daptor to check through USB, also I haven't tested the paddles to see if they are working fine on my 2600. I was playing Ms. Pacman and it crashed when I died. I had to turn off the whole system. I hope this helps....
  3. I just tried it. Great Job. Seems to work fine. Hooked up a Keyboard works fine. How do you change the display from the scan line look to non-scanline? How do you access the options and settings with a keyboard on the R77? Enquiring minds would like to know. Thank you, John
  4. I see a few people saying they should do this and that, so why don't they do it themselves? I think the r77 is a great device for what it is, made better with the community build. It is not perfect, but no mid to low price range device is. Does anyone know if there is a HDMI mod for the original system that could be done? that would allow for full compatibility. Edit: Just googled saw some types and ways to get something like that to work.
  5. if we don't have a trackball will a joystick work in its place?
  6. Zaltran

    RetroN 77

    oh well thank you then....
  7. Zaltran

    RetroN 77

    Do you have more pictures of the inside? I wouldn't mind seeing them..... oh never mind found Stephen Anthony's breakdown on github
  8. Zaltran

    RetroN 77

    Well actually is does do what was it was intended to do, play cartridges. Not all cartridges are compatible, but with any moderately priced system, you will have that. Most all of the clone systems out there are not 100% compatible with all the cartridges. Hopefully Hyperkin will improve the OS on the system, but that does take time. Thankfully the community build was made available by some enthusiasts that love the product and the idea behind it.
  9. The homebrew roms included with the image are in the Games folder. They are accessed by the R77 when you turn it on without a cart.
  10. Zaltran

    RetroN 77

    Will you put a link to the topic here, I am searching for it and don't see a reference to it
  11. Zaltran

    RetroN 77

    Where is the download for this image, I would like to try it out........
  12. Zaltran

    RetroN 77

    Yes but sounds like he has never done it before and if he can't flash the card with the new image he might just not be able to flash it with the old, so why take a chance if you don't have to.
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