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  1. Help a guy finish his Atari Jaguar collection Only missing Aircars, Atari Karts, and Battlesphere to have a complete set of new, factory sealed games. I should have picked these up back in the day when I was scarfing up Jaguar stuff but they just got away from me and now I see that it might be a challenge. Thanks!
  2. Its game night every night at our house
  3. They are much more like typical arcade sticks. However, they are analogue and do have somewhat of a dead spot in the middle where they will drift in any particular direction when released. I only briefly used the actual console controller way back in the day so have no way to compare, but obviously this is much better. I will likely look at their calibration a little more closely as some games are great (Ms. Pacman) and some seem terrible (Frogger).
  4. I don't believe there was a multi game selection cart for it.
  5. It had the dummy cart but the label was really worn and faded. It came with a Galaxian cart that does not work--not sure if it was a demo cart or just a regular cart. It did not have any documentation but I did find the links and they were very helpful, particularly the field service manual. I see someone on ebay has the side display cabinet for sale. My kiosk had art on both sides so probably was never used in that manner.
  6. I know I'm a new member here, but many of you might know me from the NintendoAge forums, or even further back on Digital Press. I'm a long-time collector of arcade games, consoles and games, and have a special interest in store displays and kiosks. I bought a non-working 5200 kiosk last month and made a video detailing the process of restoring it to its old glory. I'd be glad if you took a look and would welcome any questions. And thanks for letting me be a part of your community.
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