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  1. This looks very nice. Can't wait to more. Keep up the good work.
  2. @ CMart Probably not ....isn't it part of the rules/contest? Well that's how I took it. At least they didn't have to click thru pages of the pics like we did just to get into judging this. I'm numb to anything now. Nothing will shock or surprise me.
  3. Yeah I'm getting sick of the random email once or twice a month of some unknown persons from some websites asking if I have this or that..mostly A4000 stuff or boards. Honestly I don't have a clue of what I have name wise anymore except toasters and a Picasso II. I know the 4000 was running a few years ago before move. Had everything running good. new cd installed and was screwing around with deluxe paint 3/4 trying to get some old animations over to video. Booted up stardust..gods..agony..and shadow of beast to just hear music. Was happy..Then packed all up and into the void. As the years pass the less I remember about systems anymore. I just stare at them plug in a few cords till I pass out. What a life. I need to get some arcade stuff built so I can enjoy myself on some fast and dirty gaming. Well that's the plan. Hit me up if you don't hear from me in a month or two..
  4. No but I have to get up a list or pics of all my stuff games,hardware and whatever. I have to clean out all my Amiga stuff asap. I know I will never have time in this life to touch them. And I know you are the person I always said would get Dibbs on it.
  5. Congratulations! Now I'm hungry and want bacon...really I do. I seriously can't stop thinking about it. Hmmm is that why this game is so popular? Does it spew straps of bacon out from cart when you beat a level. If so I would like two carts please. Hmm now I want to play burgertime..combo cart..bacon burger
  6. nonner242


    I might go of I can make a trade worthwhile. I really should of got a table.
  7. That's the stuff..lol Didn't know Alien front was that hard to find. Maybe my Collection is way better than I thought..lol DONT matter, not planning on keeping my Engage stuff anymore since I DONT use any of them as my actual phone anymore. Damn my family from making the switch to a cell company that won't support my simm.
  8. Finally someone mentioned the dual card reader! But nobody has the official speaker add on? Or the red stereo engage speakers! Hmmm. DONT know what's rarer out of those 3. I've only seen the card reader like twice for sale. And well never can recall the speaker other than when I got mine.
  9. Gold cdr...problem solved! they will out live you. All my old music master s from 1997-2000 are on gold cdrs..all are fine. Not as acceptale to temp and humidity like silver. government uses gold too.
  10. Hopefully not another defender/protector. I agree new would be great, but I'm not putting money done on seeing anything than short arcade type titles coming out. No RPGs..C&C..FPS..no wipeouts XL. And yes it needs something..we got shit to fighters or beat em ups. Not to mention everything else we got shitted on..lol Cannon Fodder 2. Hell I DONT care. Not like I get to play squat anymore. Can't wait for this cart!
  11. Yeah I'm not talking Super Street Fighter Ultra Matrix Reloaded EX 2! something like a port with updated grafx, like IK+....a final fight type deal...river city ransom. If not Ill be super happy with a Gradius shooter..lol Or even easier a Tempest 3K. OK..OK...Elevator Action. If ya never saw the Saturn version..its cool http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1YGhYW83n30 I kid...I know how much time it takes for home brews...ppl have real life to deal with. Except the ppl a NGDev!
  12. DONT bash Blastroids! It was amazing at the time . It was like asteroids meets Sinistron. And the rock grfx are still great. Back to Rebootoids...LOVE the web code thingy. THANK YOU! I'm glad you thought of adding it. Another game to look forward to. And I still have to pick up the Time pilotish game damn it. Now when are you guys going to do a fighter? I've been begging for one for the Jag for years. There really is nothing good punch and kick wise on the system at all.
  13. Lol..you got me totally wrong. I'm not begging. But proving a point. I find this amusing at this point. So all being said and done and apologized too and what not. Release the game. As promised. All is good everyone will be happy and forget the nutty way it got here. Unless its a lot less amazig than promoted. You guys DONT release it...well then we know how that's going to go. And if you guy get all like this in the A8 section. Please grow a super thick skin for the Jaguar section. Seriously ignore ppl..or ..hmm just do what I do as I get online I chant "The net can't hurt me, its not really there."
  14. Damn this is getting too complicated. Kiss and make up already. So we can get the goods. If that dont work at least you tried. And they cried wolf... and then that would be that...next one.
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