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  1. Do you ever do any other mods in addition to the NESRGB? Been after a toploader with a certain palette set and an LED power-on light.
  2. List (Google Docs Spreadsheet) There's lists for other systems in there as well, but currently just after the ones in the title. Paypal only. Be sure to include pics of your offers. I need front, top, and back label shots.
  3. Currently after an RGB-Modded NES-101 Toploader of reputable quality. Here's what's needed: NESRGB Mod w/ 3-palette switch. Palettes: RGBSource's set that uses NESCAP, HYBRID, and FCEUX (Improved) SNES styled AV multi-out port to use my HD Retrovision cables on. Either this or component out via the optional addon board. Whichever provides the best quality component output to my JVC CRT. Any other necessary component replacements (capacitors, resisters, voltage regulator, etc.). Power-on LED light. Optional: Support for expansion audio from Famicom games or Everdrive. I'm also after an RGB + Deblur modded N64. Can be either Grape Purple (NA) or Midnight Blue (JP), just as long as it can play NA region games. Including a good condition OEM controller of the same color would be a plus. Be sure to include photos of your previous work for reference.
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