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  1. Hello everyone, I finally managed to pick up an Androbot Topo II robot last year, but I am lacking in the hardware/software areas to try and get this thing to work using an Apple IIe. If you are reading this post and happen to have a spare Toposoft diskette and Topo II IR transmitter with the adapter or happen to know someone who might, I would like to get in contact and discuss with you. The transmitter looks like the hexagon shaped device in the lower right of the picture attached, and the diskette loops like your standard floppy disk that would go into an Apple IIe computer. Thank you for your reading, and I hope to hear back!
  2. Hello everyone. I am interested in finding someone who has an Androbot Topo of any three models in their possession to sell. I have seen sales for them come and go on eBay for years now, and it is nearly impossible for me to make my move to buy one as soon as ones do pop up. I recently saw toporobotsale's post for an Androbot Topo III, but, alas, I have not seen them online for a few days nor have I received any replies from my messages regarding my interest in purchasing it. I would love to know if there is anyone out there who may want to give their Topo a new home. Please feel free to contact me or leave me a post response with details if that person may be you or someone you know of. Thank you!
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