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  1. So here's the Thing. I had a 3DO. I got it for $400 used and thought that was a great deal in 1994. I say this, If you played it before you played another 32/64 bit console at the time, it was an awesome system but once Saturn, Playstation, N64 hit the market, it was clear that the 3DO wasn't going to keep up. I imagine most gamers got a 3DO or played a 3DO in retrospect, which makes it look like a weaker console. I think in the case of James, the majority of his viewers either never played a 3DO and/or only got to play it way later. It was one of those things that if you were lucky or could afford one, it was great AT THE TIME!. Myself, I loved FMV. I still play today with offerings from Wales Interactive.
  2. The worst part of all this is that it's infecting non-profit auctions like Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Now games that you'd get at their thrift shops for $2-$5 is now going for hundreds and sometimes, thousands of dollars. That's how you know when stupidity has gone too far.
  3. So I have to ask, is the VCS worth it? It seems to me that with the games along with other services and things you can do with it, the VCS maybe a better buy than the Amico. Both are overpriced in my opinion, but if I were to run into both consoles down the road and they'd happen to be the same price, I think I might choose the VCS, or at least strongly consider it. What do you guys say? I just wish Atari SA and/or Intellivision would get with the older 3rd party publishers like Activision, Sega, Namco, Taito and WB Games (Williams/Midway) and get some of their old libraries available. I would love to see a Defender and Zaxxon Recharged and play the originals on these things.
  4. I don't believe the Atari VCS or Atari SA wanted to compete with anybody. I think it was a cost and development benefit on Atari SA to just do a mini PC in an updated Atari VCS shell. They made it just powerful enough to be able to run some games from other streaming services and easy enough for the home brew community to take advantage of. If they included a DVD drive, then people would've demanded physical releases and Atari SA wants no part of that.
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