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  1. Hi EddyFree, excellent thread. Ignore me if I'm wrong, but did you miss a nibble here? thank you
  2. That's why I'm garbage at these games-- I swear I tried everything. But I had only done PEEL APPLE and it suggested I shouldn't do that if I was going to eat it, so I ate it. Then I went and ate 10 more and as luck would have it no giant worms in any of them And yes in the US we have crotches... here a crutch is the thing you stick under your arm so you can get around with a broken foot. But I'm going to start using crutch your way.
  3. Hi Garry I am Seeker of Magic. I am Outside Cave. I'm carrying an apple, a dry branch, a sharp knife. I see an ugly troll scratching its crutch. I'm terrible at these games-- maybe a hint, do I have what I need and am I in the right place? Also is 'crutch' a misspelling or is that an Australia thing? thank you
  4. Excellent, I did not think of scaling that way carlsson. I did try to think of using ^ but I'm not so good at this. Anyway I like to see the better ideas.
  5. @carlsson RE: random number -2, -1, 1, 2 Expanding on @dmsc method for atari basic a=(rnd(0)<.5)*2-1:a=a+a*(rnd(0)<.5) is one more character than a=int(rnd(0)*4)*2-3:a=a-(a=3)+(a=-3) but i'm sure there is a better idea.
  6. You've given me a flashback to 1985 when I was playing the 2600 version on a 13" black and white television (doo doo dooo do doo doo doo [:doink doink doink:])... I don't know if it is any incentive but I will try it out on the a8 if you finish it
  7. This was my 3rd or 4th try, must have gotten lucky because i tried 20+ more times and can't beat it. 108356 Also accidentally made this roadsign, which sums up my experience trying to improve my score:
  8. I am pretty sure, this way madness lies
  9. 5790 Class 1 Air Cadet, maybe the manual is wrong Collided with another plane
  10. https://archive.org/details/EnterMagazineVarious/Enter Issue 11 (October 1984) https://web.archive.org/web/20180613001853/http://pcmuseum.ca/Brochures/ProgramPitfall.pdf and somebody typing it in https://retrogamingdev.com/typing-in-programming-pitfall-harry-for-c64/
  11. thanks @ilmeniti made it through the lesson, very interesting results... I learned a lot. Somehow I missed the handy links at the top of the page to the various steps of the code, and I am as bad at searching on github as i am on this forum. @sanny i should probably RTFM thanks
  12. I couldn't find 'benchmarks.h'. Is my implementation wrong? I'm getting 533 ticks instead of 528 at Step 01 of your guide, @ilmenit This is 'git clone' current version. i added to your example-- typedef unsigned int word; word ticks; void start_benchmark(void) { ticks = PEEKW(18); } void end_benchmark(void) { printf("Ticks used: %d\n", PEEKW(18) - ticks + PEEK(20)); } sorry if obvious or beginner error. edit: 'git clone' of cc65, not your repo... and should have said I also do "#include <peekpoke.h>".
  13. This is a good video showcasing some beautiful games I need to try out. I recognize a bunch of names in the credits... I don't participate on YouTube but still wanted to say "I'm a tough guy! :-)"
  14. First time playing Nibbler or HSC. -- Nibbler follows most corners automatically. This was confusing at first. -- Wave 6 reminded me of walking into a sliding door. It gets real fast all of a sudden. -- If you're going to die, it's best to wait until the board is almost clear, so you can rack up more sweet timer bonus points. -- ESCAPE pauses so you can have a think (or a drink). 55610, wave 11.
  15. now you watch these and soon show us a nice game
  16. Set up the H device and put a text file listing in the appropriate folder. Then you can ENTER "H6:MANDEL.LST" from basic for example.
  17. of course you guys are both right, i suspected it might be a PEBKAC thanks @vitoco for the pause tip... i even read the manual but it went over my head to use it for this. thanks @dmsc i will get the new beta
  18. @dmsc fastbasic is awesome, i wish they had it in 1984 for compute! magazine. my Automated Doily-Handkerchief Designer (adhd.xex) program runs about 5.5x faster. basic: 0 GRAPHICS 0:DATA 0,72,74,128,200,202,0,74,72,128,202,200,0,200,202,128,72,74,0,202,200,128,74,72 1 S=PEEK(88)+256*PEEK(89):DIM C(23):FOR X=0 TO 23:READ Y:C(X)=Y:NEXT X:POKE 752,1:POKE 710,0 2 ? CHR$(125):FOR Y=1 TO 12:FOR X=1 TO 20:F=INT(RND(0)*6):POKE S+500-X-40*Y,C(F):POKE S+499+X-40*Y,C(6+F) 3 POKE S+459+X+40*Y,C(12+F):POKE S+460-X+40*Y,C(18+F):NEXT X:NEXT Y:FOR Y=0 TO 9999:NEXT Y:GOTO 2 fastbasic: data c()b.=0,72,74,128,200,202, data b.=0,74,72,128,202,200, data b.=0,200,202,128,72,74, data b.=0,202,200,128,74,72 gr.0:p.752,1:p.710,0:s=dpeek(88):do ?chr$(125):f.y=40to480s.40:f.x=1to20 f=rand(6):p.500+s-x-y,c(f) p.499+s+x-y,c(f+6):p.459+s+x+y,c(f+12) p.460+s-x+y,c(f+18):n.x:n.y f.y=0to9999:n.y:l. But the xex from CTRL+W has an extra character at the top left... ...while within the IDE it is fine... Maybe it is my mistake? Or the emulator atari800? Thank you edit: this is 4.3 so could be fixed already, adhd.xex
  19. thank you


    this topic is awesome. en-passant in 4 bits: 3 bits set to the file on the advance of a pawn, and 4th bit set or cleared on whether the most recent move advanced a pawn two ranks?
  20. at least in Altirra Basic and AltirraOS (on atari800 emulator) we also need to: 35 FOR I=0 to 32:S(I)=0:NEXT I Neat! Something less sophisticated...
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