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  1. i remember a few tricks... sorry not a game but an homage to a newish screensaver. pipes.atr
  2. Shirley, we shouldn't have gotten this far without mentioning MADS and also the sticky. And don't miss the awesome videos by @JAC! even if you aren't using Eclipse.
  3. Hi, I can't help with your tape issue other than to... agree that they can be real picky. But you might want to ask in the parent forum, a lot more people will see your post there.
  4. tried imogen, at first had a green world and couldn't get anywhere, then after reset got a purple world and i think i killed a baby... then i got a diamond and got the hell out of there. thank you for flop 64 everybody!
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Easy-Learn-Hard-Master-Atari/dp/B073Q7P21Q looks like it's included with amazon prime video (also on itunes, vimeo on demand, and something called jman.tv)
  6. typed it in, just like old times. turns out i'm a lot better at it now.
  7. "H6" basic listing and bootable atr. witching.atr WITCHING.BAS
  8. If you scale up the score, you could add variance to the fish weight without messing with the balance too much. For example instead of being 5, Fish1 could be 50+-random(8). Mostly for flavor but this would also introduce a little luck only as a tie breaker between equal runs.
  9. you might not mean 'par for the course', but either way I'm going to start using 'part of the curse' instead. I had never seen Druid, so that's two reasons I'm glad I clicked on this thread I guess.
  10. the simplest shuffle algorithm i know is to iterate over the list and swap with a random location. LIST 0 DIM X(22) 1 FOR I=1 TO 22:X(I)=I:NEXT I 2 FOR I=1 TO 22:N=INT(RND(0)*22)+1:B=X(N) (N)=X(I) (I)=B:NEXT I 3 FOR I=1 TO 22:? X(I);" ";:NEXT I READY RUN 17 20 14 22 7 15 13 12 11 16 6 10 4 3 18 9 8 19 21 2 1 5 READY For the first question, if you only have 22 names you can do it the same way; if there are more you'll have to iterate over already chosen names and reject duplicates. The mad faces are COLON X, hope it helps.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SnarfQuest
  12. Limited time offer: buy 5199 get 1 free.
  13. when the trigger is pressed branch to a loop that waits for it to be released, then jump to the second menu.
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