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  1. I would like to order one whenever the next batch is ready, please. J.
  2. Would love to see an examples you might have, even if the code isn't completely clean.
  3. Ed Churnside wrote a great set of ML routines for the Atari to help with creating adventure games, published by Antic as "Dragon's Toolkit and Integrated Library (TAIL)" in the '80s. While the routines may be of no help on a non-Atari platform, the documentation includes a wealth of ideas on how to structure the programming mechanics to make things manageable. A few years ago, I cleaned up the text file and converted it to a PDF. Look at Part IV starting on page 87. The file is too large to upload here, but you can access it on my site.
  4. Lol. Yeah, everyone else had been selling these for $35, but I guess COVID has driven up demand.
  5. The entire point of user groups and forums like these are to ask questions and receive immediate answers. Ask away and ignore the "RTFM" people.
  6. Awesome. Thanks for your continued efforts, Jon. I think we need to gather all of this info into a sticky thread under a reference section for the future!
  7. Thanks, Bill. Tried this with memory error. Happened upon a post that indicated you must boot with the shift key depressed in order to free up enough RAM for UFLASH to load. Works now. J.
  8. Can't remember how to flash from SIO2SD to SIDE2 when no U1MB installed. Can someone point me to the step by step instructions? Thanks, J.
  9. Cleaned the potentiometer with Deoxit as suggested and the color seems to have stabilized. Thanks for the help.
  10. Replaced POKEY. No effect. So, I replaced the entire keyboard with a spare I had on hand, which solved the problem. Looks like the faulty keyboard has a replacement mylar. No obvious defects or signs of unusual wear and tear, so I have no clue what would have led to an immediate failure like that.
  11. Atari 800XL has been working fine. Suddenly, the keyboard is unresponsive, except that Reset, Option, Select, and Start all still function perfectly. Ideas on what to look for specifically? Thanks, J.
  12. Thanks for the tip. I will give it a try. J.
  13. Any tips on replacing the R38 NTSC color adjustment potentiometer in an 800XL? I have two spare motherboards, so I'm good on parts. Just wondering if there is anything I should look out for in the process. Should have mentioned: Video color cast is changing wildly. Replaced GTIA with no change. Barely touching R38 results in crazy color shifts, and it's impossible to find a place where you can set R38 and the color stays fast.
  14. Or it could be they don't feel like being labeled responsible when their subordinates screw the pooch.
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