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  1. I am interested in pixel art and I am investigating different tools to produce it. Unfortunately I do not own a tablet. I discovered Atari programs using a tablet can be operated with a mouse in Altirra*. I have, however, a problem. I was testing with the Atari Artist ROM archived at atarimania (http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-atariartist_s13326.html) When capturing the mouse for Tablet emulation, it displays the high-res cursor displaced down and left from the XY position of the stylus. How do I fix this? ========= *I followed the following procedure: 1. Input > Input Mappings... 2. Click Add... call it "Mouse -> Atari Tablet" or similar 3. Highlight your new mapping, Click Edit... 4. Add Controller... , choose Tablet (Atari touch tablet), OK 5. Axis 1 -> Edit... , Source : Mouse Pos X (pad) 6. Axis 2 -> Edit... , Source : Mouse Pos Y (pad) 7. The Stylus button was a button on the pen. It draws when the stylus is DOWN, and toggles the tool screen when stylus is UP. I mapped the buttons on the pen & tablet as follows: Stylus button -> Mouse LMB Left tablet button -> Mouse X1B Right tablet button -> Mouse X2B Raise stylus -> Mouse RMB Press MMB to un-capture mouse from the emulation window.
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