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  1. If sheer speed is necessary, best to consider CC65 C as a very advanced macro assembler
  2. Hehe, posting a technical question on this board is like waving a raw T-bone in front of a pack of hungry wolves. Smart ones.
  3. I think he means things like size, date, etc. He might also mean permissions, but of course most 8bits are anarchy in that department. It's an interestig question though - do any 8bits have anything like file ownership and individual r/w permissions? Going OT because I can and the OP has already said he has quite enough info/ Yep, true, and that's actually part of the base C library on any box, which is why I lumped it all in together.
  4. Well, you could use the usual C suspects such as fopen, fread, fscanf, etc.. Or you could go down 1 layer to the CIO routines, which involves filling out a memory structure and calling a few OS routines. See De Re Atari and/or Mapping the Atari for more info. https://www.atariarchives.org/dere/chapt08.php#H8_6 https://www.atariarchives.org/mapping/memorymap.php
  5. Yes, the derail has absquatulated, if you'll pardon the anthropomorphization.
  6. Hmm, well, I'll have them 'speak' to your neighbor too. Anybody in flip flops, I'll say, and their little dog too. Then they will look at me in silence, and it'll feel awkward, and I'll pause a moment and then loudly say "FRIP FROPS", and they will nod excitedly amongst themselves. Then they'll trot off somewhere...burger king first most likely, then kill everyone in flip flops for a forty block radius. All that aside, sorry you're going through this kind of irritation, and I hope it passes quickly. Be well.
  7. Ok, Jon, that's it. We're sending ninjas. When you least expect it. The good news is, they'll probably whack those Rottweilers on the way in. The bad news is, well, they are ninjas. Mean ones, with pointy bits.
  8. /popcorn Emkay made his very own rant thread!
  9. There is no such thing as time just beads of now, like dew on a spiderweb shining in the morning sun GET TO WORK JON THIS HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH
  10. All in all, I'd recommend MadPascal for this. Not that the other solutions are incapable, far from it, but MP is really powerful, fast, high level, and single executable. Fastbasic sounds good too, but I've no experience with it.
  11. Additional info - with a CTE63 installed, the CT63 seems to operate normally. When I jumper it for 030 mode, then the results are the same as above. Could this possibly be a battery issue?
  12. I have been working on re-assembling a Falcon recently. It worked at one point, but later when I went back to do some more it now seems to have trouble generating a video signal. Here's a picture of what I get. It has nothing in it but a known working 14MB Wizztronics board and the power supply. That's it. Keyboard, internal floppy and hd all disconnected. Any ideas? Tried a few different monitors, som esaid "out of range", some showed this same pic. For all I know, the VGA adapter plug has gone bad but I doubt it.
  13. there's a lot of variables here, of course, and also depending on use case. I think in general the PBI is the way to go for fastest potential throughput.
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