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  1. I don't think you'd HAVE to do all the config stuff. You could just lay out a larger space and do your addressing inside of that, I think. Anyway even if you made the segments you'd still waste some memory because it couldn't pack around them all most likely anyway.
  2. I took the guts out and put a very small windows SBC in there with a SIO2PC adapter and used it as a file store with Atarimax's sio2pc stuff. Worked great.
  3. I have a couple originals, but I've not tested them beyond powering them and seeing the red light come one. What procedures could I use to test them?
  4. Hi, this looks great. That choice for the default encoding seems odd; I would expect that atascii would be default and screencode would be pragma. Why was that decision made?
  5. Has he released the source code? If the community had that, interested folks could probably team up and make a follow on. Or, better yet, if he wants to be involved still he could guide development. Looks like there is a disassembly project at : https://github.com/jduerstock/ardungeon
  6. Dang it, I knew I was forgetting something Omaha, Ne, 68133
  7. About 150-200 disks. Weight likely around 8-9 pounds ( 4 kilos-ish ). No list, no pictures. Looking to send them to a good home with minimum work on my part. From quick visual inspection, some good stuff in there, also some usual standard setup disks for various systems and some cracks and home made stuff. First to PM and follow through gets it for shipping. Also some games and manuals, which I can exclude for weight if desired. The manuals will add weight, they are mostly just the game manuals so pretty thin but still.
  8. Hi Folks - I have about 150 or so old assorted 8-bit disks. Not going to make a list, but if anyone wants them PM me with address. *Note - I'm in the U.S. I'm just asking shipping, otherwise they are free. Not tested.
  9. I agree with Irgendwer. The level of nitpicking from people not directly contributing is surprising to me on the board, and I've seen it in many efforts, including my own a while back. I have to say, it did contribute to my eventual dropping of the project, although it wasn't the primary reason. Just focus on what you think is best, rensoup. They have the option to not play the game if they don't like it, or to write their own. I advise against flicker as well, though since you did ask for opinions.
  10. Not letting perfection be the enemy of good is probably a thing here. Getting the game itself working is probably paramount, and non-amazing opening screens can be fixed later if desired.
  11. Did you try the forms that draco suggested before or after your original attempt? If you tried them after the original attempt, then as draco says it was already munged at that point so errors would not be surprising. If you tried them before what you originally posted then, also, it was already munged but means that your original attempts did not cause the problem.
  12. yeah, I had 3.10, which crashed. 3.20 works great, thanks. Looks like a really great game.
  13. Way late to the party, so forgive me...but the latest download from the first post crashes in Altirra with an illegal instruction. I have Altirra set for a stock 130xe, PAL.
  14. Lol, that's putting it mildly. You guys collectively know more about the computers than the original devs did.
  15. I was kind of joking, and referring to his statement that there's not going to be an Atari renaissance. That's true enough, but doing stuff like this is fun and who knows, it could keep going for quite a while. My grandson is kind of into it - he says that the graphics are weird but the games are fun. I am giving him a 130xe for his 10th birthday and teaching him to program in BASIC as kind of an introduction to computers. It's perfect for that...its kind of like giving your kid a lawnmower or a volkswagon beetle or something to learn engine repair on- it's simple enough that it's easy to learn but complex enough that you can really do some cool stuff. I think the community here is great and there have been some really amazingly good stuff done. It's definitely not pointless, but it is true that it's going to remain kind of a niche thing. And now, back to the thread topic...
  16. Stop making sense, Alfred. People hate that. I know how Thom feels, though, having tried a similar thing myself. It is frustrating.
  17. Well, having a linker like CL65 adds a kind of abstraction that gives you a lot more control over what's actually happening. You can separate the concerns of the source code itself from the concerns around segments and what's where and what type it is. Is it necessary? No. Is it handy? Yes.
  18. Well, I never got that sense of amazing possibility from a post-it note that I did from my Sinclair. Anything seemed possible with the little computer, on the post it note I could...uh, write some stuff...like a grocery list or something. With the ZX I could explore vast reaches of space-time using only my brain and that horrible f'ing keyboard. A reasonable price to pay.
  19. Why does it matter whether it uses for next loops? Just wondering. If what you really mean is 'it needs to be faster' there's probably more than that which could be done.
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