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  1. 3 hours ago, JesperGravgaard said:

    The choice to use screencodes as default charset encoding was made to align with the other platforms supported by the compiler (such as C64) and because the current KickC atari 8bit library focuses on the chipset of the atari and does not have any ROM wrappers.


    If you prefer ATASCII as the default charset you can achieve this pretty easily. Simply change the "encoding" setting in the /target/atarixl.tgt file in your KickC installation, or create a new platform target by making a copy of the tgt-file and changing the settings in that copy. After this you can compile to the platform you have configured using the -t xxx commandline option or the #pragma target(xxx) where xxx is the name of your tgt-file. 

    Makes sense, thanks!

  2. About 150-200 disks. Weight likely around 8-9 pounds ( 4 kilos-ish ). No list, no pictures. Looking to send them to a good home with minimum work on my part. From quick visual inspection, some good stuff in there, also some usual standard setup disks for various systems and some cracks and home made stuff. First to PM and follow through gets it for shipping. Also some games and manuals, which I can exclude for weight if desired. The manuals will add weight, they are mostly just the game manuals so pretty thin but still.

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  3.  Hi Folks -

    I have about 150 or so old assorted 8-bit disks. Not going to make a list, but if anyone wants them PM me with address.


    *Note - I'm in the U.S. I'm just asking shipping, otherwise they are free. Not tested.

  4. I agree with Irgendwer. The level of nitpicking from people not directly contributing is surprising to me on the board, and I've seen it in many efforts, including my own a while back. I have to say, it did contribute to my eventual dropping of the project, although it wasn't the primary reason. Just focus on what you think is best, rensoup. They have the option to not play the game if they don't like it, or to write their own. I advise against flicker as well, though since you did ask for opinions.

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  5. I was kind of joking, and referring to his statement that there's not going to be an Atari renaissance. That's true enough, but doing stuff like this is fun and who knows, it could keep going for quite a while. My grandson is kind of into it - he says that the graphics are weird but the games are fun. I am giving him a 130xe for his 10th birthday and teaching him to program in BASIC as kind of an introduction to computers. It's perfect for that...its kind of like giving your kid a lawnmower or a volkswagon beetle or something to learn engine repair on- it's simple enough that it's easy to learn but complex enough that you can really do some cool stuff. I think the community here is great and there have been some really amazingly good stuff done. It's definitely not pointless, but it is true that it's going to remain kind of a niche thing. And now, back to the thread topic...



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  6. 16 hours ago, Alfred said:

    Come on. Let me know when some 20-something Google Go guys start contributing 6502 binaries. Open Source is not a magic wand for a 40 year old platform, used almost exclusively by guys over 50. I bet in 50 years, there won’t be a single Atari 8-bit website left, we’ll all be dead by then. The hardware will all be in a landfill except for maybe a museum. Let’s not kid ourselves that there’s going to be some renaissance for the Atari.

    Stop making sense, Alfred. People hate that. I know how Thom feels, though, having tried a similar thing myself. It is frustrating.

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  7. On 5/9/2020 at 8:59 PM, Alfred said:

    Probably because in the cross-assembler world, it is trivial to assemble/compile 6502 code because the resulting object file in no way is of such a size as to not be able to be handled by a PC program. So why use a linker when you can just generate the full binary in a pass ? Instead of linking, you just include whatever files you need.


    I'd also imagine linkers are less popular, because they are harder to write. Resolving relocatable virtual operands isn't trivial.


    Well, having a linker like CL65 adds a kind of abstraction that gives you a lot more control over what's actually happening. You can separate the concerns of the source code itself from the concerns around segments and what's where and what type it is. Is it necessary? No. Is it handy? Yes.

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  8. On 4/22/2020 at 11:10 PM, bluejay said:

    I think a lot of people also gave up on using computers thanks to the ZX81 and TS1000, but I hardly think anyone went, "Shit, I can't figure out how to use a pencil to write 'Hello' on a piece of Post It!"

    The Post It has a far better input interface than the TS1000 that won't drive you mad every 3 seconds.

    Well, I never got that sense of amazing possibility from a post-it note that I did from my Sinclair. Anything seemed possible with the little computer, on the post it note I could...uh,  write some stuff...like a grocery list or something. With the ZX I could explore vast reaches of space-time using only my brain and that horrible f'ing keyboard. A reasonable price to pay.

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