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  1. *edit* The amount of RAM data required to represent a 2600 screen has got to be pretty small....maybe 1k or so? Not really sure. So maybe rather than grabbing the screen off the TV with a digitizer, you could have a hardware device that can snap the screen memory off of a running game every vblank. If its around 1k that would fit into one packet and would be very easy to send to the client and have him update his screen. As long as you kept the screen refresh stream going in one direction and the client joystick data in the other you'd be set. You'd still be laggy sometimes but you can't get away from that in net games.
  2. Well, you don't so much need to connect the two 2600's across the 'net, you just need to connect a joystick and screen deltas. So set up a client 2600 to just read the joystick and send it to the 'server' 2600 ( the one actually running the game ). That would be easy in comparison to the screen deltas. You'd have to have some kind of external hardware piece that could snap the screen at every vblank or something and compress and send the screen data. Video capture or maybe some kind of conferencing tool. The client 2600 would receive and display the screen updates, and send the joystick data, and thats it. The server machine would be the only one actually running the game, and so that eliminates the sync problems to some extent. Still, the client machine would probably look and feel laggy if there were significant latency.
  3. By 'ring buffer' do you mean a way to cycle through the sprites and only display them when you can? Ie., if 8 sprites on one pass you show 1-4 and on the next 5-8.
  4. Well...I guess I am wrong in my opinion. Although I was thinking of a *lot* of sprites, ie., 30 or so on one screen. I still think that would be pretty hard to do. And before you ask me wth anyone would need that many sprite for a game, there's plenty of examples from the gaming world.
  5. Thanks, I did. The question remains about the trigger button, though.
  6. I don't think you can do software sprites of any significance on a8 and still have any processor left over. The dang thing is just too slow.
  7. I didn't like it. It looked pretty, but it was the EXACT same game play as doom II...and doom I....I kept yawning.
  8. I am seeking information about how to program the atari 130xe joystick ports for input as well as output. I gather you set a bit in PACTL and then set or clear bits in PORTA...I hope I got that right. Anyways, is it possible to read/write the trigger the same way? Any info appreciated, thanks.
  9. What about the 5th bit...ie, the button. Can you read/write on that pin as well?
  10. I did...it wants to know where A La Card is...that is, it seems to be a shell for A La Card...of course, my German is not all that great so maybe I misread it.
  11. Hi folks...I have a shiny new falcon but GFA won't run correctly. A La Card is not regisratable any more as far as I can tell...are there any other patches or versions or a freeware version of A La Card available to allow me to use GFA on my falc?
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