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  1. Definately a very reliable fellow. I've had some dealings with him on 3DO games and some other odds and ends. He's very honest and I hope this all works out for him. Hopefully, if the business is sold, the new owner will maintain the same level of enthusiasm for the classic gaming community.
  2. You really should contact them. They do not list everything they sell on their website and have a massive catalog of items for sale not listed on the site. I would be surprised if Best couldn't get you those dome contacts as they manufacture a brand new designed dome for their replacement boards as well.
  3. This won't do you any good, but I got my Neo Geo AES about 7 years ago at the flea market for $20. It came with the console, 2 original arcade controllers and 4 boxed games including a memory card. Of course, since then I've never seen another, even a game, but... Considering it used to sell new in the box for 700 or so dollars or more... Who knows, you may run into one at a flea market for much cheaper than 250.
  4. I'm not sure it'd be what you're looking for, but the ColecoVision does have the Super Action controller. It's prolly the closest to an arcade stick for the CV you'll get without making one. Also, a company names Mas Systems makes or used to make arcade controllers with adapters for all sorts of systems from the SNES/Genesis/3DO days up till at least somewhat recently. You might want to look into an adapter for an existing arcade style stick he owns. I have seen any number of adapters for everything. Usually it'll be "use your SNES controller on your whatever" or "use you PS1/PS2 controllers on your whatever" I have never done this, but if you can't find, lets say a PS2 to Atari adapter, you might want to try finding say a PS2 to *name of whatever system* and then chain a "whatever system you find to CV/Atari/etc". It may work, it may not. For example, I know I can buy a Smart Joy Frag for the PS2 which lets me use a keyboard and mouse on my PS2 in games and then buy a PS2 to PS3 adapter, chain all that together and now my keyboard and mouse work on the PS3 through the 2 adapters. That's a very modern example, but the only one I have any experience with. The 3DO has a number of arcade style sticks, the original Neo Geo AES came with huge arcade style sticks. Arcade style sticks from 3rd part manufacturers were available for most popular systems from at least the NES days till now. Best Electronics carries a Sega to Atari adapter cable which could open lots of possibilities plus they have a Jaguar to "older Atari systems" adapter cable.
  5. I dunno what the inside of a PSP looks like, but I have an LCD cd player that had those dust specs so I pulled it apart and with a can of compressed air and a bit of work, I cleaned all the dust off and resealed it. Works just fine still, but as I said, I dunno anything about taking apart a PSP. Could be a different deal.
  6. Seems more likely that in typing it up, he typed Air Raid instead of Raiders as the game Air Raiders is in one of the pictures and not listed in the list, so it was most likely a mistype.
  7. Every one of my controllers works perfectly, although before I opened them up and cleaned the contacts they were flaky at best. It's quite simple to open the case, use an eraser on the contacts, ALL the contacts where the buttons hit and close em up. I did this to about 9 or 10 controllers, pretty much in about 45 minutes to an hour. However, I did just order a full set of gold replacement parts for 1 controller from Best to completely rebuild one and see how it works out.
  8. Hmmm, 17 could be it I suppose. I just need to keep an eye on auctions and such to see if any others are listed. I actually have a spare Shockwave, although I'm saving it to trade for any of the pages I'm missing. I know I need John Madden and Burning Soldier, maybe something else for the binder, not sure. Way of the Warrior possibly. I'm a bit surprised to not see Captain Quasar in the folder though. That was supposed to be the Mario for the 3DO when it was originally released so it's a bit surprising they didn't send out a demo sheet if there are indeed only 17. There are probably thousands of these folders out there seeing as how there were, at a minimum 10-15 stores that officially sold 3DO stuff in my area at the time, more if I added 5-10 more minutes to the driving time. Who knows how many more were in storage ready to be sent to new dealers.
  9. Does anyone know how many titles are in the 3DO Demo Disc Program binder? I've counted 17 demo discs that I've been able to locate. That is, the demo disc/information sheet combo that go in the binder, not just any ole demo disc. Gridders FIFA Soccer Total Eclipse Station Invasion John Madden Football Escape From Monster Manor Soccer Kid Guardian War Burning Soldier Road Rash Super Wing Commander Jurassic Park Storage Manager Way of the Warrior Shock Wave Star Control II Twisted: The Game Show I would guess that there are more. If you have or know of others, please list them.
  10. I just wanted to inform folks that I did indeed receive the promised refund, but not the new copy of Haunted Adventure as stated. As I have the refund and don't ever expect to receive this game after almost a year of waiting, I am writing it off. I've been in contact with HA's creator and hope to purchase a copy, in some form, directly from him in the future.
  11. Well, I appreciate it getting taken care of. At least you understand where I'm coming from and why I'm upset. It's not a personal thing. One thing I will say, you really need to communicate with your customers better. I understand things get busy and this job may have been tougher, but when noone gets any information for weeks or months at a time it gets frustrating. I don't know issues that other people have had, other than what I've seen on the boards, but I know the HA information has been sparse and not very good with what was out there. Most likely, if from the beginning, you had stated that each game took "x" amount of time and steadily shipped them with steady updates of the progress like "#30 has been shipped, we're halfway done" etc. Even if it took a very long time, at least people would have seen you were moving games along and people were receiving them at a steady rate. I don't mind waiting a long time myself, but when I have no clue what's going on and I see no information and other games being released before I receive mine, it wears on the patience. The whole refund thing would have been unecessary if I knew say, there were 5 people in line ahead of me to get their game and then I'd be getting mine. Custom jobs shouldn't be that big of a problem if it's set up correctly with getting the information out there. As I said before, I appreciate it getting taken care of. The effort I had to go through to get it and get information should be a good indication of any problems in your system you need to work on for the future. I'm going to wait and keep my eye on things to see if stuff smooths out enough for me to make future purchases from you though. I'll post again when my copy arrives too.
  12. Well, since I'm getting absolutely nowhere in the Haunted Adventure thread, I'll post here. I'd like to know where my Haunted Adventure SE and the promised refund are? I paid for this back in about April. I waited and waited. Finally I was told it was delayed in shipping due to school finals or something. I waited and waited. I asked again and got nothing. I waited. I asked again and received an email apologizing for the delays and promising to not only send me(and others) the game, but also a full refund had been worked out and would also be included due to the serious problems getting this game out. I waited and waited. I asked again in the forums and received a PM stating that they'd go over the orders and get back to me. I waited again. Weeks pass and I ask again in the forums. Even the game creator doesn't seem to be able to get me any answers and this isn't even his fault. I've received replies from just about everyone at one point or another in the HA thread and virtually nothing from packrat. This whole thing has been an absolute fiasco. The communication is virtually nonexistant. Wolfenstein has been shipped with even a second run coming while HA orders have been rotting for well over half a year. The lack of professionalism is shocking. Just so it's clear, this has NOTHING to do with HA's creator. He's been extremely curteous and as informative as he is able. Really, at this point I don't forsee my game ever arriving. I'd be completely shocked if I wasn't handed more smoke and mirrors and waited another month for nothing. I've been patient and understanding. I didn't even get upset until about 2 months ago and still didn't do more than ask. I'm tired of waiting and either being lied to or ignored. I want my game and the refund promised, not more stories. Also, this has completely killed my desire to buy Wolfenstein. I had a copy on reserve since the beginning and I absolutely refuse to throw good money after bad.
  13. Bah, what do I have to do to get this game? Do I need to make offerings to Ares, Aphrodite or Zeus? This is ridiculous. Seriously now. I mean they replied to the Wolfenstein thread about MORE of those ready to go and the game I paid for like back in April or something is STILL AWOL. Heck, I don't want answers anymore, I want my game and the promised refund. Answers haven't gotten me ANYTHING but months of wait time. I also have to say that there's no way I'm sending any money for the Wolfenstein I had reserved when that first came up. I just can't throw good money after bad and pray something shows up in my lifetime.
  14. Airplane... 1941... Damnation Alley... Cherry 2000... Deliverence... lmao and just to have some that would prolly equal Pac Man in awfulness... ANY Jerry Lewis movie after his Dean Martin days. lol The first line of movies up there would prolly make good or at least very weird games.
  15. Ahh, almost another month has gone by and I still have no game. Getting to be a bit monotonous huh? For that fact, anyone who recently received their game, did you get the promised refund with it as well?
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