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  1. Thanks Phantom! And I think I would have to agree with you on that valuation lol
  2. Hi All! Hope everyone's doing great on this fine day. I'm looking for someone willing to sell any of the above-mentioned items. Looking for one of everything: Romscanner, Game Brain, Videoplexer. Looking for quality condition, CIB only please. Opened is fine, not necessarily looking for new. Lemme know if you're ready and willing! Best, OldStuffJunkie
  3. Thanks for your reply Scooter! Yeah these were a first of their kind for me. If you are able to find this person, I would be very grateful. I'm glad that a directory exists somewhere, and I appreciate you offering your help on this. Look forward to any info!
  4. This is kinda nifty. I didn't know you could use Atari controllers on a Vectrex. Still need a damn Vectrex though....
  5. Bumping this in hopes that someone knows something Also if this is in the wrong category, let me know. There wasn't really a "help" forum for these kinds of things lol.
  6. This is charming Sorry to hear you had to cull your collection at one point, though.
  7. I am not a Texas Instruments collector, but I'm fascinated by the old computers. I am additionally even more fascinated by the concept of a "field day". I would not be able to join, but I'd certainly watch and delight in this amazing little idea!
  8. Hi Everyone! This is my first post to this site, even though I've visited in the past. Thanks for all you do for the gaming community and the valuable information you all provide! I'm here because I recently found an interesting trio of items, and I'm hoping to learn more if anyone knows more. These are Atari employee pay stubs from '82-'83, which include a regular pay stub, severance package stub and a "sick bonus" stub which I'm assuming was a PTO payout of some kind. These are interesting enough on their own, but what makes them even more unusual is the fact that they came from right around the time of the crash. Even more unusual is that the "severance" stub was from '82 and the others from '83, possibly meaning that this employee was terminated in '82 and brought back to work in '83 only to be met again with termination most likely due to the crash. That's about as much as I know about these, hence my reason for starting this post. I can't find any information on the employee (name is in the photo). I don't know anything on the timeline of this person's employment besides the tale the stubs tell. Did/Do any of you possibly know her, or recognize these? Any information you all may know would be appreciated. I'd love to know more about this person's story if it's out there. Thanks in advance! OldStuffJunkie
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