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  1. Well the drive came out real nice. The metal badge still had the plastic sticker on it to peel off and after retrobright it looks brand new. And it came with its own vinyl dust cover. Im pretty happy with it all.
  2. Its true. MEDIA MAIL PROHIBITS MAGAZINES.. https://www.squareonebiz.com/media-mail-rules-made-simple-learn-what-qualifies-and-what-does-not/ And people whom chime in with "interest" just want to talk as NOONE followed through. And the one about speaking to thier brother so I can meet them halfway on a 45 minute drive didnt bother reading my listings. Im offering it free.. Im not meeting anyone anywhere. Come get them if you want them.. Im not going to go spend gas money for nothing! And I already BOUGHT these magazines.. I am not going to spend any more time or money shipping them or bringing them somehwere for free.. ITs not worth it to me and I am sure most of you wouldnt do that either regardless of whats been said. I live on a mountain range but Im not hard to get to. Just 15 minutes from a main route takes you up the mountain. I love doing 35MPH up those vertical roads.. thats fun stuff. The point I was making was I live in a rural area and I would not leave junk on the side of the road (which basically means in the woods), I'd be littering. This isnt the suburbs.. Alot of people dont live in the suburbs so you cant just leave stuff out. I have sold tons of stuff on craigslist. People are more than willing to come here. The issue is noone wants these. And you know what thats fine. I just wanted to make sure I tried. And I did, so thats that.
  3. I live in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road on top of a mountain range... Yeah thats not gonna happen. And the weather is abysmal, its winter.
  4. Well I gave it a couple weeks as I said I would. Its pretty clear noone wants old magazines regardless of whats on them. This are going into the trash tormorrow. Thanks anyway. Like he said, you can't save everything.
  5. Thanks. Yeah Thats pretty much where I am. They are gonna get junked. Noone has come forward to get them. Alot of people saying dont do it but its a two edged sword. And yeah, I cant keep everything.
  6. Someone mentioned to me that the actual (not clone) version of the upgrade board had a built-in program you can run by closing the floppy lever (with no disk inserted). I cant say whether thats true or not but it does not work for me and this board.
  7. Time is running out on these magazines unfortunately. Its not looking like they are gonna get picked up 😐
  8. I found this: http://www.oldcrows.net/~patchell/atari/duplicator.html This one also has the chips info sanded off in the photo.
  9. Ok very cool. The first are straight forward. How exactly would copying protected disks work on it however? special software?
  10. Since this is the only readable part of the eprom in ascii I take it still not enough info?
  11. This board does not look hand etched at all. So what is the AtariMax Happy clone exactly?
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