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  1. Been out a for a while actually; funny thing is their site is down now. But this German one is still sharing the content: https://www.protovision.games/wordpress/tag/8bit-slicks/
  2. Ok I think I figured it out. I used another power supply and the garbage on the screen went away. So that psu has some issues. Ill replace the caps on it and see if that improves.
  3. I acquired a new apple IIgs rom 03 and it works, Even passes Diagnostics. But there is garbage on the screen! Is there video ram on the IIgs that goes bad? Any help would be appreciated. See photos attached
  4. Hi Fletch. Since No one chimed in I asked around ebay for some sellers and found this auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-520ST-1040ST-keyboard-keys-and-plungers-USA-English-layout/132921995993?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I paid top dollar for just one key, but seems I couldn't find anything better. Let me know if you have spares, if this one doesn't work out. Ill let you know,.
  5. So I am in the process of restoring my Atari 520 ST and the keyboard is complete except for the "9" key on the number pad. Does anyone have a new plunger or keycap? If so please message me. thanks Mick
  6. Where can I buy one (or 2?) Is it a bare PCB and I have to buy the components and assemble or a kit? Im eager to try it out.
  7. I have not, but I will definitely look into it, thanks for mentioning it.
  8. Hi Brian, new user to this Forum. Id like to buy a UAV or two. I have the original model 800 Computer and have been actively searching for a model 400 as well. I tried messaging you directly to inquire about a purchase but it said you arent accepting new messages. Please message me when you have time. thanks.
  9. Thanks for the reply Adam. I am told they do not fit, however I myself dont have both systems to actually test that myself;. I hope someone on here can have a more definitive answer.
  10. No, I asked a question and never got a reply back. So what are you saying hes temperamental and needs to be treated like the soup Nazi to do business? I'm very polite and professional, I have no idea why they wont reply. But ill tell you what, its not very professional on their end to behave that way.
  11. Yeah I have reached out to best electronics several times and I dont get any replies. Its odd because they replied at first. Honestly if anyone has so much as 1 key that I need you would be doing me a huge service..
  12. Yes, the keys pop off super easy, thats why I am guessing I bought it SANS 5 keys.. Regardless of whether or not its a good keyboard I would still like to find the missing keys. I have carbon paint so if that is the issue with the plungers, thats easy and ill cross that bridge when I get to it. And for some reason best electronics wont return my emails.
  13. Well the date stamp is #153, not getting a clear answer in the thread of what that means. could be 1981 with the #1 or 1983 with the last #3, the serial number is high, 403991
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