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    Think I better knock, knock, knock on wood(y).
  2. IIRC, the FB2 has a problem with store instructions into the cart space in certain address ranges. However, it can play just about all the original atari carts if I remember right.
  3. Really nice. The gameplay is unique. Well done.
  4. OK, I think the PIA chip is bad on my 7800. My harmony cart refuses to work on the 7800, yet always works on the 2600. I'll order in some 6532 chips and see if that fixes it.
  5. Cheers. Confirmed this works fine on the 2600. It's just on the 7800 where it's doing strange things with emulation exit.
  6. I see. Just to be clear, Pitkat and Elite are both working fine on my 2600. It's only on my 7800 where the strange Emulation Exit and crashes are occurring.
  7. Interesting. Is this function selective if it's run on a 2600 or a 7800? On my 2600, elite works on pluscart without going back to the menu. It's only on the 7800 that it does the emulation exit.
  8. Wow. Just tried the Elite Demo you pointed me to. It also emulation exits, but the Pluscart screen kernel gets messed up. Still functional though. Also shown in the video is how Pitkat also emulation exits when pressing Left in game. This is on a NTSC 7800. IMG_1280_x264.mp4
  9. And yes, Thargon works just fine on the Atari 2600. Not sure if it's just *my* 7800, or if it's common to all. Most likely the former.
  10. Do you mean the Thargon demo? I tried that, and interestingly it does an "emulation exit" immediately upon loading. For Pitkat, it seems to always do this when pressing the left direction while in the game. However, when in the menus, using left and right is OK. I wonder if this is just a quirk of the 7800. I will test it on my 2600 next, expecting it will work OK.
  11. OK, have the first results of tinkering with the 7800. 1. Tried increasing capacitance on the 5V rail, extra 220uF added. To rule out transient under-voltage. Did not change the result. 2. Tried powering the pluscart with USB 5V power, as well as the Atari 7800 with it's standard power, to try rule out undercurrent. Did not change result. Based on this result, it's seems unlikely the crash is caused by transient phenomena. Tried Pitkat R3 this time (tried R2 before). It is able to make it into a level, but moving a few spaces crashes the game.
  12. Thanks for the report Ken. I just got a Pluscart and found that Pitkat will only partially work on my Atari 7800. It makes it to the "Have you played Atari Today?" Screen and crashes. Also, The Simpsons rom also crashes immediately upon loading. However, on my NTSC 4 switcher all work fine. I will experiment with the 7800 and see what prevents it breaking. Cheers Marco
  13. Thanks for the feedback Ken. What is interesting about this failure, is that it generally fails at the same place - just after TIATracker has fetched the first note and the screen has begun writing for the first time. I have attached a test for your Sunnyvale NTSC console, can you please try it? This is a stress tester routine that continually plays video and should likely fail too. SIMPSONS E716k V2.bin
  14. I have wondered about this RIOT chip. It has some of the 32 registers that aren't listed and used in the generic VCS guides. I imagine some other computers might used them (edge detection?) Pitkat zeros all the zero page before starting so that takes care of TIA, but it doesn't try to zero the RIOT. I have wondered if maybe one of these gets into a bad state. What's your advice on dealing with the power on states of the RIOT chip?
  15. Hi Thomas, This has crossed my mind a few times. I do wish it is something that simple. In the early days quite a few of those programming errors of reading zero page addresses instead of immediate values were found, one spectacular rolling one by omegamatrix. There's a few anecdotes that has lead me to think it's something temperamental like undervoltage or thermal glitches. There's been about 4 reports of the failure. 1. ZPH's old system from last year would be able to load the game and play for several minutes. After a few levels it would stop working. The place it would fail was variable. What's more, the system wouldn't be able to play other games/load harmony for a few minutes. It could then play Pitkat again but would fail after a few levels. If the console was left for a long period it would play the game for the longest before glitching. It was like something thermal was at play. 2. There's been reports of the game working fine with Pluscart, but failing with Harmony with the console being common between them. The only difference I can think of is Pluscart might be pulling less current than a Harmony. This tells me the system processor is excluded from being a factor at play that will predictably react to unusual code, since both carts are executing or trying to execute the same code. I think perhaps the way to catch this might be for an enthusiastic owner of a console which exhibited the behaviour could try things like: Freeze/Heat components, add 5V capacitance, clean cart connectors. It would be fascinating to finally discover the heart of the issue.
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