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  1. Wow, I like it. In a alien world that you can explore and enemies to defeat. The complex playfields, which you can hide and straife behind is awesome. Seems like the screen kernel is more or less perfect. The concept is pretty original. The game in its current state plays well and has oodles of potential.
  2. Hi All, The R2 version of Pitkat has been released. It is available at the top of the forum. Release Notes R2 2020-10-16 1. Addition of Speedrun mode (Accessible by holding select when game powers on) 2. Addition of message indicating mirror mode has been activated, shown during the "Ready" screen. 3. Elimination of roll on screen transitions and password functions.(Found by: Everyone) 4. Elimination of roll during play and rewind. It would occasionally occur in some situatons.(Found by: Jamtex, Andrew Davie) 5. Fix improperly moving into menu options when up/down is held down whilst pressing fire.(Found by: Jamtex) 6. Fix animation cutting out if fire button pressed during a turn.(Found by: Jamtex) 7. Fix garbage on screen for one frame when entering Level Select screen. This should hopefully be the last stable release. Thank you all for your support. Feedback is welcomed into the forum below. Marco J.
  3. Hi All, New release has been issued at the top of the forum. R1 2020-07-10 Release Notes 1. Fixed random screen roll on Stella Developer mode (Found by: OmegaMatrix) 2. Fixed Break on Stella Developer mode (Found by: OmegaMatrix) 3. Fixed random wrong colours in Password screens on Stella Developer mode (Found by: Jamtex) 4. Improvement of screen roll and sync during screen transitions. (Found by: Everyone) 5. Increase visibility of cursor flashing on level select screen (Found by: Andrew Davie)
  4. Saw this on ZPH today. It's an exciting development. The detail on some of those playfield patterns is amazing. It has that "Castlevania factor" where I constantly want to explore new areas, who knows what is lurking. Keep on going...parabens Leo.
  5. Hi All, Thanks for your nice comments. Yes, this is my first 2600 game. The game uses the E7 banking scheme (16k ROM) and the full 2K of RAM. It doesn't use a co-processor. The 1K bank is solely for the 8 x 8 virtual display kernel, it contains code that runs in the ram. The tile addresses and colours are the modified portions of the display ram. The tile address is absolute and can be referenced from anywhere in memory space, though practically this is restricted to the current 256b RAM selection and the fixed 1.5K ROM portion at the end of ROM. Each tile can be any one colour in the 2600 Palette. The 4 x 256b banks are for timer/round display, tile map, tile set and rewind memory. The tile map supports 16 x 8 tiles (though could be 16x16 generically). The Tile RAM supports 32 tiles. The display supports use of both ROM addressed tiles and RAM addressed tiles. The character set uses direct ROM addressed tiles. The display takes 4 frames to update. Feel free to use the first release on Stella. It works OK, though not in developer mode. I have tested the game with a regular Harmony cartridge on a PAL and NTSC Atari 2600 and has worked OK for extended periods. I would appreciate if the community could try the game out on real hardware too, especially a Harmony Encore (This proved unstable on ZPH's system). Currently I'm working on reducing or eliminating screen roll so it's more stable on digital TV hardware. I hope to get Pitkat out of the pit lane (excuse the pun) and back into the race soon.
  6. Hi Omegamatrix. Thanks for your reply. Good find on the lda non #. This goes to show, even running on real hardware may not find bugs on other hardware systems. And for the roll, that's it, gotta fix it. Even if it demands a rom size sacrifice.
  7. Thanks to the ZeroPage Homebrew show for showcasing Pitkat. Here is the first release. Not sure why it fizzed out on Zeropage's Harmony. I used a regular Harmony (non encore) with a PALJR 2600 and 4 switch NTSC woody to test. Would be great to get feedback if anyone else experiences a game crash. Cheers Marco Note: Depreciated release is deleted, please see top of forum for latest.
  8. Pitkat is a side view puzzle game for the Atari 2600. It introduces a new graphics engine that permits scrolling tile-based graphical representation. The game was featured on the ZeroPage Homebrew Show Friday 3rd July 2020. The latest R2 release of the game was featured on the Friday 16th October 2020 show. Well done to Darcy for clearing those levels. The latest release R2 is available below. This basically eliminates all screen roll and introduces the Speedrun mode. We are hopeful that this will be the final stable release. Feedback is welcomed into the forum below. Thanks for trying out Pitkat! PITKAT_R2.zip
  9. Thanks for making this game Armscar Coder. I had fun playing it today. Tomorrow my 3 year old is getting to play it, i think he will love the dogs. Saw it on the Zeropage show and it was a standout. Cheers
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