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  1. Wow, this is promising for what i'm working on.
  2. I think this concept could be handy for supporting games with large resource libraries >64kb.
  3. I went through a bit of this for drawing circular crosshairs on Modern Battle. It takes too long to calculate sin in real time, so hard coded it with precalculated lookup tables. Used mspaint to draw circles of various sizes and then worked out the x and y plot for each given angle. Ended up with a 16 byte table (for 16 angles) for every given circle size of fixed values which mapped x and y for a circular quadrant.
  4. Hmm, my latest idea didn't work to it's original intended extent. No worries, I have offered a sacrifice of functionality to the Atari Gods.

  5. What a difference it would have made if the 6502 had just one more general purpose register.

  6. Hi devwebcl, thanks a lot. Yes, the levels are the same at Pitman. And the passwords for that matter too. Have fun!
  7. Learning how to 3E+

    1. MarcoJ


      Wow! This is powerful. What a delight. Thank u TJ3E

  8. Writing kernels is thrilling

    1. Kiwi


      Eating popcorn kernels not so much.

    2. MarcoJ


      200.gifoh yup, that pains.

  9. MarcoJ


    Hi Reklen, Thanks for the love! The box and manual should be coming to the Atariage store in the next few weeks. Cheers Marco
  10. Hooray, was able to order a Pluscart! They are back in stock :D

    1. Al_Nafuur


      Yes, but shipping to Australia will takes 6 to 8 weeks. 😞


      You might get one faster if you ask @Andrew Davie


    2. Andrew Davie

      Andrew Davie

      I have parts for 3 or 4, but printing shells will depend on my printer feeling up to the task.

      Essentially, the print surface is now a bit dodgy so the texturing might be a bit off.


    3. MarcoJ


      Hi Andrew and Al_Nafuur,


      Sorry for the late reply. That's great iit could come sooner. If the case holds together OK that is fine. If the fascia is a bit off, that's OK. I'll let you decide what's the best way to send it.




  11. I still play Towering Inferno and Room of Doom.
  12. Early to bed, and early to rise...Makes a 2600 coder miss out on some dev time. 

  13. such a lovely game. Thanks for releasing it.
  14. getting to top speed and avoiding the traffic is quite thrilling.
  15. Just saw this on the ZPH twitch replay. The new engine has so much going on. That scrolling thing where the screen smoothly catches up with play is something I only saw in the 16 bit era, amazing it could be implemented on an early 8 bit console. The overall "map" screen is a huge addition; that could be used for many types of games. Really cool to see the update.
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