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  1. The 4K ROM / 128byte RAM programming model is the purest form of 2600 programming. It is thrilling and humbling to see programmers still trying to push the console to its limits within the very restricted boundaries, despite there being a growing array of "turbocharger" addons available these days.
  2. If your bankswitching scheme has lots of free ram, can also have a huge screen height sized sprite that the kernel draws every line with no decisions required. It could be 192 bytes or 96 bytes depending if it's a 1 or 2 line kernel. The kernel loads sprite data from ram with a LDA ABCD,X or LDA ABCD,y format, depending on which register manages the screen line. Then it's up to the pre-kernel processing to blot out sections in the RAM where there is no sprite needed with "0's". The lack of decision making within the kernel allows the most efficient time-wise method to draw a sprite. But, it comes at a cost of wasting ram and precious overscan/vblank time on "rendering" the sprite.
  3. Wow, the graphics are astounding. Achieving a lot of detail using only F4 bankswitching (no extra RAM too). Hats off to the devs.
  4. Thanks for your testing @Ouzy and @Thomas Jentzsch. @ouzy. I have also experienced a complete crash when running with an Atari 7800. Currently it can run only on Atari 2600 consoles. I'm yet to discover what the reason is, but I suspect it might be my use of Undocumented 6502 opcodes for the Rom side code. @Thomas Jentzsch, thanks for the feedback. Although the roms are running stably on my 2 NTSC and 2 PAL consoles, they have shown to be unstable on some other members NTSC and PAL consoles. I am in the process of tuning up the code to be more efficient and attempting to strictly follow TV standards to prevent rolling.
  5. Hi All, Some "Hello world" test roms are provided below for testing out ACE. In the coming days I'll write a tutorial on how to develop for ACE. ACE is "ARM Custom Executable". It's a way to be able to program custom compiled C routines(boiled down into ARM code) to use with the Pluscart's STM32 ARM chip as a coprocessor. It has been developed for the UnoCart - this is a modified version to work with Pluscart. Developers embed ARM code into their rom, and the processor executes it in a loop. It is compatible with Pluscart's menu system - it is possible to run the rom and then exit back into the menu with the "right + reset" method. The test ROMS can either be used in Offline roms or in "My roms". Note, there is about a minute download time. When in Offline mode, they will run instantly once download. Cheers Marco Note - These ROMs are not compatible with UNOcart ACE. PLUSCART_TEST_NTSC.ACE PLUSCART_TEST_PAL.ACE
  6. trial of floating point instead of integer. will it perform?

    1. MarcoJ


      and they deliver! What a surprise.

  7. Wow, incredible. It looks good even though the 45 degree angles go against the 2600's orthogonally coloured sprite nature. This is a proof of concept that just about any game could be adapted, given the appropriate amount of on-cart graphics acceleration.
  8. The current going rate for the AtariAge Custom Cartridge service is $30, though this may increase soon. The box/manual is also available separately for $20 from the Atariage store.
  9. MarcoJ


    The game is now available on AtariAge. https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1266
  10. For those of you who would like to order a physical cartridge of one of the Pitkat roms, the Atari Custom Cartridge service is available. Please follow this link: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=949 Make sure to tick the Melody board option, Pitkat needs that. Once the order is placed, send an email to [email protected] with a copy of which binary file you wish to use of Pitkat (see top of forum for the binaries). Include the reference for your order number when sending the email. Also, be sure to choose if you are using NTSC (North America), PAL50(EU, UK, Australia) or PAL60(EU, UK, Australia - may not work on all PAL TVs - check before ordering with a Harmony/Pluscart/Unocart). With the binaries, there is also a choice of which software revision you wish to use - Version 2 or Version 3. There are slight graphical differences between them. Version 2 - The most commonly known release. It has small gaps between tiles. AKA "gapped tile" version. Version 3 - Updated graphics kernel so the gaps between tiles are removed. AKA "gapless tile" version. I, Marco Johannes, give my permission to create Pitkat carts using this service for personal use. The cost of the service is to cover the production cost of the game cartridge by Atariage. Cheers - Marco
  11. Happy New Year fellow Atarians.

    1. high voltage

      high voltage

      It's the year 2022....Soylent Green.....is people

  12. I want less commuting and less work hours to do more Atari 2600 development. 

  13. a brilliant man, whose genius enlightened the lives of many.
  14. It would be super, super cool to support CDFJ. The icing on the cake of an already incredible product.
  15. time to stereo mod my 2600

  16. bit shift. The poor man's multiply/divide.

  17. Optimization, Optimization, Optimization.


    1. Armscar Coder

      Armscar Coder

      There is probably a better way to give a status update.  Maybe only use "Optimization" twice.  That should still work.

    2. MarcoJ


      haha yes! There is irony in showing the same message 3 times.

  18. hahaha I love this. It makes a big difference for games that need restarting often.
  19. The Genesis/Megadrive can readily play SMS games in its native emulation. I think there's no real need for a separate SMS - the Genesis modern systems come with SMS games built in as well as Genesis.
  20. Woohoo! My arm code is finally compiling correctly after 2 weeks of linker hell. 

  21. MarcoJ

    Movie Cart

    Think I better knock, knock, knock on wood(y).
  22. IIRC, the FB2 has a problem with store instructions into the cart space in certain address ranges. However, it can play just about all the original atari carts if I remember right.
  23. Really nice. The gameplay is unique. Well done.
  24. OK, I think the PIA chip is bad on my 7800. My harmony cart refuses to work on the 7800, yet always works on the 2600. I'll order in some 6532 chips and see if that fixes it.
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