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  1. seeking a 2600 game reviewer or two or three please pm if you are interested and would like to know more no experience necessary and if you have experience thats great too
  2. Greetings one and all i require some assistance with Altirra. I am trying to load the last squadron game file into Altirra but every time i try to do so the screen reverts back to the atari basic screen. I have reset Altirra to default settings several times. but the game file will never load. i have contacted two friends before i have come here who have helped me and the game loads up fine for them but will not load up for me. i have followed their instructions and settings that they have on their Altirra profile and still i am unable load this game. i am using windows 10 with Altirra 4.01 i use Altirra 64 executable file as my friends have informed me to do so but still i am unable to get this file to load. anybody have any ideas how i would be able to solve his problem? my profile on Altirra is as follows: 600/800xl ntsc 6502 320k rambo disk no basic selected its all pretty much standard / default set up
  3. just wondering who did the cool music ?
  4. I would be happy to offer something to the GOTY winners just pm me to discuss
  5. shame it did not receive any submissions. would be good to see this have relaunch - perhaps with changes mentioned already by others perhaps you could look at making it multi machine instead of just TI based ?? perhaps you could look at 2 options of the challenge 1) being as you described and the other 2) as a game creation thing perhaps increase the time for submissions people generally very busy with real life stuff so a longer contest timeframe may be more positive ? anyway good luck with it hopefully we see it back in the future one day ??
  6. so these are the official results ???? any other links to see results and compo info ??? i cant find the abbuc home page etc is it still down??
  7. Hi I am having trouble finding in game still screen shots of the Shark Shark 2! game is there anyone out there who could send me one or two it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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