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  1. Well fukin excuse me guys! ,forgive me i do appologise i didnt realise this was strictly a N.american anti Pal website. goodbye!
  2. serial numbers for all mine: ATARI 6-switch/wood effect/Atari-wong/CX-2600 U/s.n 548090451 ATARI 6-switch/wood effect/Atari-wong/CX-2600 U/S.N 548560132 ATARI 6-switch/wood effect/Atari-wong/CX-2600 U/S.N 548432257 ATATI 6-switch/wood effect/Atari/CX-2600/S.N 88106 http://www.jammajup.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/atari.html
  3. I am sure i have a rainbow version of the atari2600 somewhere that had a black horizontal strip instead of a silver one and has made in ireland on rear.
  4. I do remember here in the UK during the final stages of the atari2600 the local Woolworths selling the silver boxed games as pairs for £30
  5. Haunted house is one of my all time favs and i am very surprised Riddle of the sphinx has been mentioned we had fun on that back then and i always remember my school friend messing about and instead of heading up screen he started reversing going downwards at the begining of the game to the first oasis and finding an object we had been searching for in the game for weeks!
  6. Pacman and ET are far from the worst games,if my memory serves me correctly ET was quite hard to get hold of here in UK back then.Ionly ever remember one friend ever getting hold of an ET cart and we would be on that game searching for phone pieces for a long time...surely Sky Diver must be a candidate for worst game?.
  7. Great archive! Can I assume that everything is PAL? 912781[/snapback] I believe so but they are all strored away due to lack of space.I must get them out sometime and have a better look.
  8. Hi Potato H Did you (or do you) use the WARPS much?
  9. I have been through the Atari cart scan thing before LOL very time consuming...but fun http://www.jammajup.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/atari.html
  10. Hi World Heros,Golden axe,Rastan Saga and Bobble Bobble(bootleg) Rastan was the most satisfying
  11. Hi guys Purchased another joblot of boards from ebay(UK) i recognise most of them such as Paddlemania,Bottom Of The Ninth and Spectar.There are two games i have not seen before,one called Sports Match which is on KLOV,and a Vegas Roulette board which runs fine but has no manufacturer on the board or display the game is not on klov so i was wandering if any of you guys had seen anything like this or know anything about it.It is JAMMA with UP acting as a third button. http://www.jammajup.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/otherpics/vr1.jpg http://www.jammajup.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/otherpics/vr2.jpg http://www.jammajup.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/otherpics/vr3.jpg
  12. Thanks for that mr Tower but i did not actually state it was a Jamma game,the fact it is not Jamma is why i need to make Jamma adaptor for it to work in cab /test rig. Anyhow i have just had confirmation from 3 other forums that you can tie Hsync/Vsync wires together from the board to the Jamma adaptor comp sync terminal.This was the first thing i tried but it had no effect which is why i have posted to forums,so the board may have a sync prob. http://forums.webmagic.com/ubbthreads/show...sb=5&o=&fpart=1
  13. Hi all Sorry for such an odd question but i have never encounted this before. I have a Super Off Road on the rig at the mo,i have made molex-jamma connections and it powers up but i have seperate pins for Video Hor and Ver sync (Connector P1 pin8/9), so how can i combine these two hor/ver signals to enable comp sync for normal use in cab/test rig etc.
  14. Hi all I voted for Pacland i loved it from the moment i first played it althought i like all pacman games Pacland reminds me of the Pacman cartoon/scratch cards in my younger days I am surprised at the votes for Super Pacman,i was under the impression that this was not popular amongst arcade collectors/enthusiasts but voting here would suggest otherwise Pirahna is sort of cool for a hack
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