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  1. And then a few months later change the name to the Kee C S
  2. He did say 2nd round of preorders at e3. He says the box (which he keeps referring to as a "Streaming box") is going to release by end of FY, which he says is March 31 of 2020. Also, powerpoint slide about VCS.
  3. And by the way, thanks to all, this thread has provided hours of entertainment for me while I waste away the hours here at the office.
  4. Long time listener, first time caller here... This has probably passed a bit, but I wanted to offer up a small bit of info on Montgomery Gabrys, supposed editor of the fake AtariAge Magazine. Years ago he used to post over on the arcade museum/KLOV forums, but didn't play well with others and got himself a perma ban. Come to think of it, he's gotten himself kicked out of a lot of the arcade groups. Maybe that's common knowledge, maybe not, I know he used to post under the name mgabrys. Lots of people in that community want nothing to do with him. Figured it may be worth mentioning. Looks like he's a member here too but hasn't posted in years. That being said, pretty sure he's just a fan, and has nothing to do officially with NuTari.
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