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  1. That should work fine. You can even partition the M.2 Drive if you wanted to install a linux distro in addition to windows, or even I suppose as a storage drive for VCS games.
  2. This was on the discord page today. Yikes.
  3. Just an update. 8 business days into shipping and they may (or may not) have crossed the halfway point. Looks like someone posted they received tracking for order # 11632, and Atari is claiming the last order number is "Lucky" 22608. (If things proceed as they are now this lucky fella will see his sometime toward the middle of January) But who really knows at this point. I can confirm they still aren't done with day one orders yet. But I suppose that makes sense as I assume most people who backed this did so on day one. Edit: New update someone says order #14936 has shipped, while someone with order # 12745 has not. So who the hell knows at this point. I wonder if they ran out of joysticks or something and are skipping to ones that didn't have them.
  4. I think someone figured out it was an AMD dev board of some sort. If I recall correctly it didn't even use the same chipset that the VCS was using at the time.
  5. From the igg page: Not even remotely surprised. More excuses. Someone was saying they ordered day 1 hour 1 and still don't have tracking info. 5 days into shipping that they said would take 8-10 days, and they still aren't done shipping hour 1 orders?
  6. It's even earlier, the footage is of Ralph Baer demonstrating the brown box pre Odyssey release in 1969. The video itself does seem like it could be legit, but it is on some random youtube account with 18 subs and not the official VCS one, so who knows.
  7. This, maybe? https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/10/16/2109670/0/en/Atari-Token-Public-Sale-of-the-Atari-Token-to-begin-October-29-2020-on-Bitcoin-com-Exchange.html
  8. Maybe they think that putting them on the boat from the factory in China to the fulfilment center in the US counts as the first step in the shipping process?
  9. LOL the 2 backers will probably have to sign an NDA too. "You have been picked to receive the first consoles that we send out to backers. However you must agree to the NDA or we will move to the next person on the list..."
  10. If 1 console... nah, we'll say 2 consoles (since they said backers) ship by 10/31 to 2 backers, they will have fulfilled to the letter what they promised. And it's the exact type of BS that I fully expect to happen.
  11. Well, they could have just taken the big bag of money and ran. I think that was the expectation from some (I will say I had my doubts this would ever be produced.) But yeah, I guess it says a lot about expectations, when kudos are given for not being a thief.
  12. I saw that too, but I don't think it's a third row of pallets, after zooming in, to me it just looks like 1 box with a much larger label on it but it's hard to really tell. It doesn't look like the rest of the pallets do though. Also, although the perspective is kind of weird, it looks to me if there is a third row of pallets, that it would be outside of the covered area, I doubt they would leave them out exposed to the elements. If it was anyone other than Atari, I may have automatically given them the benefit of the doubt. Even giving them the benefit of the doubt, if there was a full 3 rows, that's still only an extra 1300, which gets them to just over half of the collectors editions.
  13. Not to get too negative, as I'm happy they have made it this far, but once again, Atari, gonna Atari... Here's the picture of the backer consoles ready to ship overseas. So lets look at this picture. If my eyes (and math) are not deceiving me, we have 24 cases per pallet (2 stacks of 12 cases per pallet), 9 pallets per row, and (potentially) 2 rows Given 6 consoles per case, that gives us an ironic quantity of close to 2600 units pictured ready to ship. I'm not saying they don't have more ready to go. There could be rows and rows of them somewhere else I'm also not saying anything about that partial pallet at the end, or the fact the photo is taken in such a way that makes it look like there are 2 rows but in fact there may be only 1 row +1 pallet, or that the boxes may not all have VCS's in them... wait I guess I did just say all that. Honestly, I'm pretty amazed they got this far, and kudos to them. But lets not start pretending this is 100% done and set in stone yet. This is major progress, but there's still a long way to go.
  14. The bold text is just a link that takes you to the AMD spec page for the processor. https://www.amd.com/en/products/embedded-ryzen-r1000-series Loved that video you posted, guy at the end says "Keep in mind this board was designed for digital signage..." So basically the VCS is using the same processor as a system that tells you that Whoppers are 2 for $5. To be fair though, the board he is using is $378 for a single purchase. https://www.dfi-itox.com/estore/catalogsearch/result/?q=ghf51&ad=ghf51-influencer_us
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