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  1. The bold text is just a link that takes you to the AMD spec page for the processor. https://www.amd.com/en/products/embedded-ryzen-r1000-series Loved that video you posted, guy at the end says "Keep in mind this board was designed for digital signage..." So basically the VCS is using the same processor as a system that tells you that Whoppers are 2 for $5. To be fair though, the board he is using is $378 for a single purchase. https://www.dfi-itox.com/estore/catalogsearch/result/?q=ghf51&ad=ghf51-influencer_us
  2. Hey now, that's a little unfair. I mean it's not like people are clamoring for new installments of Gyromite, and 10 Yard Fight either. Of course people aren't exactly clamoring for that Yars' Revenge or Missile Command remake either, so... actually, nevermind. 😁
  3. It's funny, I think the VCS looks interesting. Just *looks* interesting. Like if I saw it on a shelf somewhere I'd be like "Hey what is that, it looks interesting!" I wish they spent more time on what it is and less on how it looks... I was never really hot or cold on the Amico, but I will say in a few posts here, Tommy was pretty hostile to a few people who questioned his vision. I'm not going to get into whether he was justified or not, as I'm sure people have opinions both ways, but when you're trying to sell a product, it's best to try to maintain a level of professionalism, even when others don't show you the same courtesy. I know that put me off of it quite a bit. Not to the point of denigrating it, but I assume others felt the same way, and some probably had a stronger reaction, than I did. Ultimately I didn't preorder it, but I suppose once it hits retail, I'll probably pick it up.
  4. Based on this: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/03/24/2005235/0/en/Atari-Addition-of-New-Major-Shareholder.html Looks like it would be Wade J. Rosen. Unless something has changed since March ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. They set such a low goal (wasn't it something like 10,000 or 100,000 USD) that there is no way it wasn't getting backed. But you're right, provided they set a more realistic minimum goal (even something like 10 Million, though that's probably still too low) and failed to reach it, it would be interesting to see if they would have continued. I think this lends support to the "We want to sell the company" theory. If they are trying to drum up interest in a buyout, there is no way they were going to let the campaign fail, thus the ridiculous low goal. It kind of backfired though, as it went well over the minimum goal, but nowhere near high enough to attract any real attention.
  6. Yeah it just seems odd that the one place it is absent is the place it really needs to be. Posting on twitter and reddit is fine, but wouldn't you want to relay that message directly to backers?
  7. Yeah after some digging, I found the most recent press release here: https://www.atari-investisseurs.fr/en/press-releases/ But that only says Fall 2020. Nothing about October. No idea where Game Informer would have gotten "October" unless they know more than is public? Of course they could just be assuming/guessing October because "Fall"
  8. Sorry folks that was just a joke based on Pat and Ian's "sky is falling" video today. I thought the winky face would give it away.
  9. They both seem to have problems retaining their system architect... (allegedly)
  10. I think that was more of them saying "Yeah we've heard this one before", and wasn't supposed to be taken literally. I guess I missed it then. I find it strange how they wouldn't have a press release like that front and center on the IGG page? The only thing I see on IGG that is close to mentioning the October timeline is this: "That means that after traveling by sea, the first shipments to backers will finally arrive this fall. More specific delivery dates and details will come as soon as practicable."
  11. Was there an announcement that I missed? https://www.gameinformer.com/2020/07/01/ataris-new-console-the-vcs-launches-this-fall "The Atari VCS, the console/PC hybrid from the legendary game company, is finally releasing this fall. Atari VCS backer units for those who supported the system's Indiegogo campaign will ship by October, while all subsequent pre-orders and retail units will arrive holiday 2020."
  12. If the "Manuals" are correct, the paddle function appears to have been removed* from the "Classic" Joystick. *Maybe removed isn't the right word. Perhaps, never existed?
  13. Well to be fair... they have had a lot longer than two months. They've been working on this thing for, what, three years now? Wait that doesn't make it sound better. #butCovid19
  14. Though I am kind of surprised they didn't hold back the latest update for a few months and ride the coronavirus excuse even longer, and then post it around May or June, giving them another 6 months of time...
  15. "We completed our prototype phase, and had moved the console to full production, however upon moving to full production there were several quality issues that arose from the full scale manufacturing that we ultimately deemed unacceptable to the high standards we have set, therefore we are holding these back until we can produce units that satisfy both yours and our expected level of excellence." And then pretty much post the same medium update that they posted, showing all of the issues.
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