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  1. Top notch seller, games came as described and very well packaged (thanks for that Jason). i would certainly deal with Jason again.
  2. Please leave feedback if you have done a deal with me thanks.
  3. I’ve been buying up turbografx/ pc engine cd games like crazy lately. I’ve added 20 shooters in the last two months. Just wondering what people think are some must buy games for the system?
  4. Looking for cib Neo Geo aes games. Please message me with what you have thanks
  5. Good to to see lightening force on everyone’s list so far. I also love fire shark and twin cobra. Im glad you guys are showing toaplan love, if I had to pick only one shoot em up developer to play it would be them.
  6. Lately I’ve been playing lots of turbo cd games. Forgotten worlds is a great port (especially if you have a 3 button or 6 button pc engine controller). Not to mention I just bought lords of thunder! It’s a fun game but not quite as good as gate of thunder. Long live turbografx!
  7. I would also like to recommend doom 64. Rampage world tour is pretty good in short bursts.
  8. It’s a good thing if new people start collecting, to keep the hobby alive. A lot of people I know are selling off and getting out of collecting.
  9. I’m hoping for a switch pro, I think this is a nice option for some however.
  10. What are your favorite 3 shoot em ups on genesis/mega drive ? Mine are as follows.. 1. Lightening force (thunder force 4) first shooter I ever played and one of the best shooters ever. The music is fantastic. Level 5 is very memorable.. 2. Twin hawk (mega drive exclusive) I like the unique set up with calling in additional planes as your bombs. The enemy German tanks and weird bosses are interesting. 3. Raiden trad I prefer this over the turbografx/pc engine port of raiden. The red icon spread shot fully powered is godlike.
  11. Very cool product but I’m happy with my genesis collection and model 1 cd unit and my hand full of cd games.
  12. I’ll be getting one, happy to see supergrafx games in the mix!
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