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  1. I'm a big fan of Scarlet sprites, I do think the ng dev team games are worth the initial offering ($500ish). I also can't blame him for selling his copy to get a big blue arcade machine. I do think kraut busters is a great game though..
  2. Thats a very nice looking metal slug book, I think the art is metal slug is some of the best looking art on any video game ever.... What metal slug game do you guys think has the best visuals? I really think metal slug 3 has some gorgeous ocean art!
  3. I’ve had a hard couple of months and Anthony was very kind and bought me all the snes Neo geo ports. I am very lucky to have a friend like him! Here are the games in all their glory.
  4. I love aso II (alpha mission 2), such an awesome game with fantastic music. Yes its a bit bare bones compared to the later neo geo shoot em ups, but it was also an early game and still a lot of fun! This is one of the first aes games i ever bought!
  5. That's pretty crazy Joe cracked his controller from the top like that. I have my eye on a custom stick that a guy on the neo-geo forums make, i may get one before the year is over! What Neo geo stuff have you guys broken over the years? The worst thing ive done is crack a tray on one or two aes game cases from being careless around my girlfriend's old cat. That was like 8 years ago before the prices skyrocketed... Now i treat all my aes stuff like a fine pieces of rare art lol.
  6. I enjoyed this video very much! Everyone did a great job and some good game selections listed..
  7. Thanks Anthony, I’ve gotten a ton of enjoyment out of metal slug 4 already! What do you AES collectors use as a memory card the neo save masta, original memory card, or something else?
  8. Garfield finally gaming like a champ! Even rocking the Atari age shirt nice.
  9. Finally got around to taking better pics of my two new games. Thank you Anthony for the support man!
  10. My new pick ups for the AES, I'm very happy with both games but metal slug 4 is getting most of my attention as its my favorite series on the Neo! 8 man is complete and near mint just got a gameplay pic at the moment!
  11. What Neo geo is your least favorite/ least played game in your Neo collection? I would say my copy of fatal fury 2 is dusty and neglected because I have fatal fury special. Fatal fury special is like that fatal fury 2 on steroids in my opinion.
  12. I remember those massive MAS sticks and have used them often at buddies house back in the day. Very sad that they passed away and by fire, what a tragic way to go... I will donate and hopefully they can reach the goal in order to have a nice resting place.
  13. Yes I do think its important as well just so hard to get a decent deal on AES games these days... Thats why I consider things like buying without a manual, a thing that I would of never considered buying 10 years ago... I will post a picture of 8 man as soon as I get it in this thread. Its not far now as its in the US already in customs so probably a week or two at most! It's crazy to see another english original metal slug for sale again...
  14. How important is the instruction manual to have your AES games complete ? Out of my 19 aes games only 1 is missing the manual , Would you buy a high end AES game that is authentic but missing the instructions (I know its almost impossible to get a manual for a game that isn't common or somewhat uncommon and if you do find one its overly expensive) I know its not ideal but its a game I want badly so its something I'm really considering it.. p.s. ive got a dog tag 8 man on the way ill post pics when it arrives
  15. Thanks for the link Steven, I've been needing to replace the feet on several original controllers and its great to have a source.
  16. Wow Anthony awesome that you found that video and info. It does look pretty different graphically than the finalized version. Have you ever played the hyper Neo geo 64? I've never come across one but I have looked up all the games and I've played metal slug 6 on the metal slug collection for original xbox.
  17. Does anyone here have a Cracked or chunk or plastic missing on your personal AES systems? I've had two American and one Japanese systems over my Neo collection obsession and only one had a small chip missing. However a decent amount of systems I've seen for sale over the last 5 years have a chunk or crack in the shell body. I've been told a certain period of AES production consoles plastic bodies where more prone to cracking or chipping. However I've forgotten it if was the early, mid, or later system serial # ranges..
  18. Holy smokes! I am definitely getting andro dunos 2 as it kind of reminds me of lightening force +andro dunos 1 ( thunder force 4). Now I've also got to grab Andro dunos 1 from them as well. It's going to be a real expensive purchase I better start saving now! Steven p- I too pick Terry as my main fighter for all the fighting games he is in. He is probably my favorite Neo geo character for sure. I hope you are enjoying your new game! It's always a good day when you get a new Neo game.
  19. Very nice pick up Steven! Thats the type of game to be proud of when you find it at a good price. I have also had something similar where I missed out on a game by a few minutes and later saw it on eBay for an inflated price. It really sucks but eventually you will find a nice condition game at a fair price if your patient enough. Do you play with any other characters besides Terry or is he the main player you pick over and over?
  20. Yes I’ve wanted one due to the turbo function which would be awesome for shoot me ups that require 1 button push each shot. I was looking for one a couple of years ago but most of them have rust on them. At least all the ones I was looking at back then did..? I have 3 original aes fight sticks and I’m going to mod 1 with sanwa buttons to make it easier to mash on shoot em ups!
  21. What does everyone think of the neo geo cd pad? I think it’s kinda fun to play metal slug and some shoot em ups with it from time to time! I would never use it for fighting games however.
  22. Happy belated birthday to the Neo geo tread! Sorry im late to the party but my grandma was visiting at my house this morning and got super sick and we had to call the paramedics, I watched as they had to carry her out on a stretcher... She is the oldest family member at the ripe old age of 86 and I'm so stressed out ive been looking for a new dreamcast game or two to help me cope.. I would like to thank Anthony for all the info he uploads and his love for the Neo geo. This thread really makes Atari age that much cooler! Thanks
  23. Very nice ngdev team games Anthony! I'm hoping to grab one of their games soon, I believe they said they where gonna reprint one of their shoot em ups this year but I forgot which one..
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