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  1. Very nice big red and I am jealous that the mvs has strikers 1945 and the aes does not :(. thanks man
  2. Lets see some pics of your guys Neo geo collections here is my AES collection as it stands( I also have fatal fury 2 but its in my box of games im gonna sell off) I use to have them on top of my bookshelf of games but my girlfriends cat would try to jump up there, so its safer in the closet I can close. I think Robo army, spinmaster, aero fighters 2, viewpoint, and alpha mission 2 are my most played games
  3. If we loose the neo forum resource it will be a great loss. Underneath the bull shi* arguments and petty drama it had a great deal of useful info on there. i will say I am excited for the many homebrew shoot em ups coming out. Andro dunos 2 will be one I pick up for sure when it is released. Now that the used game market is so out of control the higher priced homebrews are a much easier pill to swallow.
  4. I told Anthony I would try to contribute to this thread once I have a new Neo game or something to add. Nothing to new or exciting but I'm having an issue with the Neo-geo forum, is anyone else noticing the forum is not working? I may of be banned or something not to sure but ive had nothing but good experiences there lately so not sure why I can't access anything. Anyone have any insight?
  5. Thanks for messaging me to let me know. Good work Albert!
  6. Looking for the following games/accessories for dreamcast. PM me if you have them and we can strike a deal. 1.South park rally 2.Marvel vs capcom 2 3.Powerstone 2 4.Army men sarges heros 5.black vmu thank you
  7. evg2000 has taken my dreamcast collection from a school grade of C- to an A in a short amount of time. Thank you again and buy his stuff already!
  8. I bought some Jaguar stuff from eight bit last year and was very happy with the purchase. Do you have any games or is this the last of your stuff? thanks man
  9. I bought two Dreamcast games from evg2000 and was very happy with the purchase. I highly recommend this seller..
  10. This is so ridiculous, when they ask you to give your ssn they say they will store it and not give it out to customers. What happens when eBay is hacked and a guy in India now has your bank account, street address, SSN, and name? I feel like this will drive many people out of eBay entirely..
  11. Looking to finish my Dreamcast collection I need the following items. - black sega sports controller - spawn in the demons hand cib - mars matrix cib - Giga wing cib - giga wing 2 cib - gunbird 2 cib - power stone 2 cib - marvel vs capcom cib - marvel vs capcom 2 cib - South Park rally cib - ikaruga cib - jet grind radio cib - grand theft auto 2 cib - mortal kombat gold cib - zombie revenge cib - dynamite cop cib - midways greatest hits cib - Namco museum cib - silent scope cib - ready 2 rumble cib - army men sarges hero’s cib Thanks guys
  12. Looking for a ps1 Black net yaroze console. Have cash in hand and very serious about making a deal. thanks guys
  13. Looking for the following games,boxes, and manuals. Snes carts -Final fight 3 cart only - Space megaforce cart only Genesis CIB/CB -Thunder Force 3 CIB or CB -Earthworm Jim CIB or CB - Mega turrican CIB or CB - Lost world jurrasic park CIB or CB -Gargoyles CIB or CB -Steel empire CIB or CB -Zero wing pal CIB or CB -Twin hawk pal CIB or CB -vectorman CIB or CB -vectorman 2 CIB or CB -sonic and knuckles CIB or CB Genesis manual only -Atomic runner manual only -Toe jam and earl manual only -Bio hazard battle Manual only -Sparkster manual only -Arrow flash manual only -Blades of vengeance manual only -Phelios manual only - Golden axe 2 manual only -Thunder fox manual only -Twin cobra manual only -sunset riders manual only - Splatterhouse 3 box and manual ( or just box) -paperboy box and manual ( or just box) Turbografx -Riot zone cic -Last alert cic Turbografx Manual/ manual and case -Dead moon manual only -Time cruise manual only - Turrican case and manual only
  14. Looking for the following games. Please let me know what you have and we can make a deal. SNES Cartridges- 1. Final fight 3 2. Space megaforce 3. Magic sword 4. Phalanx 5. Run saber Genesis CIB/CB 1. Truxton CIB or CB 2. Thunder Force 3 CIB or CB 3. Earthworm Jim CIB or CB 4. Mega turrican CIB or CB 5. Revenge of Shinobi CIB or CB 6. Lost world jurrasic park CIB or CB 7. Gargoyles CIB or CB 8. Steel empire CIB or CB 9. Zero wing pal CIB or CB 10.Twin hawk pal CIB or CB Genesis manual only 1 Atomic runner manual only 2. Toe jam and earl manual only 3. Bio hazard battle Manual only 4. Sparkster manual only 5. Arrow flash manual only 6. Blades of vengeance manual only 7. Phelios manual only 8. Golden axe 2 manual only 9. Thunder fox manual only 10. Twin cobra manual only 11. Splatterhouse 3 box and manual ( or just box) Turbografx 1. Bomberman cic 2. Valis 2 cic 3. Valis 3 cic 4. Riot zone cic 5. Last alert cic 6. buster bro’s cic Turbografx Manual it case only 1. Dead moon manual only 2. Time cruise manual only 3. Turrican case and manual only
  15. Spotanime is the nicest guy to deal with. He paid quickly and let me know as soon as he received the games. A+ I hope to deal with him in the future.
  16. Bump been buying AES carts like crazy. Sell me a couple please!
  17. I recently bought aero fighters 2 and view point. I still need more games guys let me know what you have.
  18. Anthony that’s very nice of you to PM me if NGdev team reprints kraut busters. You are too kind and I appreciate it. If there is anything I can do for you let me know! Here are pictures of my three latest pick ups.
  19. Hello guys, ive decided to sell some of my stuff off, everything listed has been tested and checked for authenticity. Will trade for Neo geo AES games Shipping is not included in the price but will be shipped at cost. 1. supergrafx mint console complete with original AC adaptor, Av chords, and original controller that works perfect. Both the cd port cover and cover next to controller port is included. Console is not modded and works great. $475 2. snes carts ( all authentic, have pcb board pics taken pm me to see them and more detailed pics/close up of labels) -earthbound $270 -has a few tiny knicks in label but the save battery works perfect and no yellowing -chrono trigger $150 - no yellowing and the label is in perfect shape! Save battery is dead -teenage mutant ninja turtles in time $45 - label in great shape and no yellowing -mega man x $21- some yellowing -firepower 2000 $22- no yellowing and label in great shape 3.n64 carts -goldeneye 007 $30 - no yellowing and label in great shape -Mario Kart 64 $ 35 no yellowing and label in great shape -legend of Zelda ocarina of time $ 33 - no yellowing and label does have some wear/scratches but still looks good -diddy kong racing $23 - no yellowing and label in great shape 4. Genesis -toe jam and earl cart only $25 - some wear on top of label but front label looks good -golden axe cib $ 33 insert has some wear on the bottom front area only, cart looks good, and manual is good -sonic 3 box and cart $30 both box and cart look great -zero tolerance cart and box $20 - both box and cart look great Ethernal champions Cart and box $8 Box is ok but has wear on a few spots and cart has a sticker on the bottom center 5. Game boy carts -Zelda links awaking dx black cart $27 in great shape - Metroid 2 Return of Samus $ 16 yellowing on front of cart HAVE tons more detailed pics and pics of pcb boards message me for them if needed.
  20. Hey Anthony, I agree it’s not a great time to buy but since I’m stuck at home I’ve been enjoying all the extra Neo geo time. Ive owned viewpoint before but don’t remember it being so hard! While I breezed though the first loop of aero fighters 2 and had a blast but couldn’t finish. Nice job grabbing kraut busters. I was so close to buying the second print run but waited too long and it’s now sold out. Hopefully they will have another print run and I’ll grab it. Do you collect both Japanese and English games or just one region? It’s really nice to make your acquaintance Anthony! -Zack
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