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  1. Hello again all Just a quick thank you vid to Anthony for a little something he had sent to me. Want to know what check out the vid.
  2. Hello all hope you are well I have just posted this and thought you guys might be interested, hope you like it 😁
  3. Hello all ✋🏼yes am back again with another game review and play through this time Robo Army. Its a game I have enjoyed BUT did find it to be a little short, feel free to check it out.😀
  4. The Manufactures did a software upgrade so all you do now is plug in a USB drive with all your ROMS on it and away you go. Not all work and a few games unless you got a keyboard plugged in its a pain but I am more than happy with it Will want the full version when they do release it
  5. Hello all Burning Fight is a game you need to check out if you are into the beat'em ups please feel free to take a look at my game review. Hope I got it right now Anthony 😂
  6. 😀 Hello all Did you miss me? Back with another game review this time Burning Fight. Its a good beat'em up but unfortunately got crowded out back in the day. Feel free to check out my game review, hope you enjoy it. Anthony hope I got this right LOL as the format has changed a little and its been a while.
  7. Great stuff who don't want a SNK beer glass
  8. And how cool are these Anthony absolutely fantastic
  9. I got one and love the CD console OK some games have load times but as long as you can see past this its a great way to get a good collection going and way more affordable. In the end its your decision but you cannot go wrong with thins. Cartriges are great but my wallet don't like them LOL
  10. Well guys and girls its a little late but I hope you will all enjoy my video and Happy Anniversary all. Anthony thank you for being a great supporter to my channel this one is for you
  11. Hello all Did not spot this thread as am normally on the Neo Geo thread LOL Anyway I got given my TG16 from my friend in Canada I paid the shipping to the UK and I love this machine
  12. Anthony got a great vid coming to you pal am trying to finish it off won't be ready till my Tuesday episode but its worth the wait. Hope you will enjoy it and HAPPy BIRTHDAY
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