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  1. Wow what amazing people and Anthony you are a real legend in the NeoGeo community unfortunately am sorry to say I've let the side down and my video is nowhere near complete. With whats been going on recently and us in the UK now on a full lockdown its been hard still trying to juggle work of which I still have to do and look after a family and still try to find the time to create a video. I will get it finished, there is not many forums that last this long or have so many great people commenting you should all give yourselves a clap 👏👏 and Anthony deserves a medal for what he does. Happy Birthday and all STAY SAFE and have a good one 🍺
  2. Hello all have you missed me 👋 am back again with the 10-minute experience. Thats right I play a game for 10 minutes, never played this one before and I must admit it was different but in a good way. Hope you all enjoy
  3. Absolutely spot on this is a cracking pice of kit I even did a video on this feel free to check it out My apologies about the green picture part of the way through but its too late to change and am full of cold
  4. Hello all yes am back one again with a NeoGeo classic this time a golf game Hope you all enjoy it, this one I know bring back some great memories for Anthony.
  5. Hello all 👋 Am back once again this time I've got the music well first level to the fantastic Magician Lord, I knew Anthony would like it but did not know it was taking him back 30 years. Excellent stuff😎 Hope you all enjoy and I will catch you all again. 😃
  6. These do look pretty cool and it does look like you will be able to add to the gaming library as well Great stuff
  7. I was at this event this year so many different consoles SOOOOOOOOOOOO much retro, great stuff
  8. Hello all 😀 yes am back again, this time with a live stream of me playing Samurai Shodown on the PS4. Great game a lot of fun and Neo Gunloc came along for the ride, great stuff. Anthony asked me to post this and of course I could not refuse. Enjoy my, above average is fair. Gameplay.
  9. Hello all yep am back once again with another game review OK its a Playstation 2 game but its a fantastic game from SNK. Please feel free to check it out.
  10. Hello all Hope you are all well, please check out my video on the fantastic gift Anthony had sent me. Great guy and an awesome supporter of my channel, once again thanks pal 😁
  11. Hello all yes am back once again with another review this time Neo Bomberman, hope you all enjoy it 😁
  12. Hello all am back again with another Neo Geo game review hope you all enjoy
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