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  1. Check out my man Ken Master a small youtuber showing the Neo Geo some love
  2. Happy anniversary Anthony here's to another seven years pal. Hope you all enjoy the vid I did have a good one
  3. Thank you very much Anthony for putting this up for me I really do appreciate it, thought you might like a bit of Last Resort action. The Streets of Rage and the Street Fight Two hack is a bit of fun and who don't like Cammy lol. Thanks again and take care.
  4. Hello all hope you are well I recently did a small mod to my NeoGeo CD very easy if I can do it anyone can 😂 Step by step Mod
  5. Before I forget wishing Anthony and his family a very merry Christmas 🎄 in fact everyone that takes part in this thread all have a very merry Christmas stay safe and lets have a better year next 2021 Take it easy everyone 😃
  6. Reebok always wanted there basketball boots ReeBok Pump but could not afford them as a kid lol
  7. Oh wow this is awesome, am also in the uk and a few years back I picked up a MVS console well its not really a console but was originally a MVS cabinet 2 slot My plan is to turn it back into a full standing cabinet one day so am very interested to see how you get on Good luck Regards Bill
  8. Hello all hope you are well 😃 Been a while since I posted anything but have recently done some gameplay of what I feel is one of the best games on the system The Last Blade It's an awesome game that still feels good today as it did back then, please feel free to check it out. 😊
  9. Hello all am back again this time with a High Score Challenge Magician Lord. Its a great game very challenging but not forgiving LOL please feel free to check this out and give it a go yourself 😁
  10. amazon facebook GIF

    Thats right press the button lol Magician Lord High Score challenge 3 lives no continues . Keep an eye out in the Official NeoGeo forum.

  11. Wow what amazing people and Anthony you are a real legend in the NeoGeo community unfortunately am sorry to say I've let the side down and my video is nowhere near complete. With whats been going on recently and us in the UK now on a full lockdown its been hard still trying to juggle work of which I still have to do and look after a family and still try to find the time to create a video. I will get it finished, there is not many forums that last this long or have so many great people commenting you should all give yourselves a clap 👏👏 and Anthony deserves a medal for what he does. Happy Birthday and all STAY SAFE and have a good one 🍺
  12. Hello all have you missed me 👋 am back again with the 10-minute experience. Thats right I play a game for 10 minutes, never played this one before and I must admit it was different but in a good way. Hope you all enjoy
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