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  1. Update then. Sound in all games works brilliantly now. No I do not know why. Last night when I tried my Ninja Gaiden III cart the sound was there, but the Game Drive sound wasn't, a condition which continued through tonight's testing with another SD card and roms both in and out of a folder. Just now I tried NG3 again and got no sound, then I "jiggled the handle" and powered off and tried again, no sound again. Tried a Ninja-Gaiden-Third time, got sound. Then I tried the Game Drive, and now there's sound on the Game Drive. It's solid, and doesn't drop on me in between power cycles to try different roms. I have -no- bloody clue what's up with my system but it seems to be working now. I'm pretty sure this Lynx needs a visit to the vet.
  2. I'm in Pennsylvania, USA. Not the -most- tenable setup for shipping. My Lynx II was an Ebay purchase, and the only other technical aspect of note is that the seller had previously bypassed the power button so the physical button does nothing and the system will only power on when all six batteries are inserted (or it's plugged into the mains.) As I mentioned though, retail carts have audio so it clearly isn't that. I have no idea WHY he chose to do this and a mate of mine (also in the US) has mentioned that he could have a look at it. I am definitely not above shipping my system as I do really like the Lynx and it is a bit of a deal breaker to not have any audio on an otherwise brilliant Everdrive type cart, I just shudder at imagining the shipping fees involved.
  3. My Lynx Game Drive arrived and the firmware install went as directed. All roms load up immediately, but I get no audio of any kind. Retail carts work fine with sound, and I've tried No Intro romset files and others I've had in my library for years from other sources. I cannot work out what might be going wrong here and any assistance would be highly appreciated.
  4. Yeh, it looks like this cartridge just isn't going to run in my Lynx and I can't work out why. It's possible I simply got a bad cart, even though it was still sealed. The barely-visible 'flecks' missing from the metal contacts make me feel suspicious, that isn't present on my other two carts, but who knows.
  5. New Lynx owner here, picked up a Lynx II after never having owned one. I grabbed a Zendocon off Ebay in a large box (I assume there was also a small-box release like most/all other Lynx titles?) and after opening it the cart refuses to boot. My Ninja Gaiden III (also bought new-sealed) and Xybots (not new) both work perfectly so I'm unsure what Zendocon's problem is. It's on the older/first version cart, before they added ridges to the back or the curved bit to help in removal. Though it was sold as New Sealed (and was, when I received it,) there seem to be a few barely-visible marks on the cartridge contacts, as though the shiny metal had 'rotted' or 'eroded' away, but they're so tiny I didn't think much of them..until the game didn't work. As NG3 and Xybots don't have this issue I'm wondering if anyone can educate me a bit, or just outright declare "you probably just accidentally bought a rotted PCB" or something. Cheers.
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