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  1. I've recently came across a 520ST two chip with the colorful splash that asks you to insert a system disk just like the original poster. I just want to share my experience in case it helps any other ST enthusiasts in the future. This post in particular was very helpful and I began trying combinations of TOS chips from my 1040STf in the hopes I could have TOS in Rom. Each time I tried I would get a grey screen and nothing else. I finally noticed my external floppy drive was making noises during the startup with the ROMs in numerical order from top to bottom (see diagram above listed as "Typical 520 ST") and my keyboard would make noises when hitting random keys as well. I unplugged my external floppy and reset the unit. I immediately was greeted with the GEM Desktop after doing so. I plugged the floppy drive back into the ST and rebooted again. This time I waited patiently in the hopes the ST was looking to the floppy first as a boot option and had to fail over to ROM. This was the case. What is odd however is that the time it would take for the ST to give up trying to boot from the drive varied. In one instance it took 45 seconds and another time it 1 minute and 10 seconds. I don't know why this varies for my particular 520ST and it may indicate some other problem I may have but I can confirm successfully swapping in 6 chip TOS. I've attached a picture of the 6 TOS chips on my board. My board is C070243 REV A. Hope this helps!
  2. My VGA cables have audio connectors and I have plugged them into speakers and held keys down. Unfortunately no beeps at all. Are there any chips on the board I can scrutinize? Another possibility is that chips have been removed in the past and reinserted incorrectly. I can’t seem to find a picture of my specific board online. If anyone is interested I’d be glad to take pics of the board and post them just to be sure everything is oriented correctly.
  3. I have no way of telling how long it was out of use. I purchased the unit 4 months ago at a yard sale. It may have been sitting around for years.
  4. Hello All, I"m came across an Atari 1040STf and have since been trying to get the system working. This is a North America model and I've yet to get any video output from the device. I do not have an Atari ST Monitor. Instead I've attempted to use VGA cables purchased from ebay. I have 3 dell monitors including one that is supposedly compatible. I have a monochrome cable and a color one as well. I've also attempted to connect the unit to scart upscaler with another cable I've purchased. The unit turns on but I get little indication it's working as intended. I always see no signal when using the scart cable. From time to time I see the no signal found message dissappear to present just a black screen when using the VGA cables. I believe the power supply is healthy as the unit's power LED is turning on and I have verified both rails have the correct voltage (5v and 12v). This is intermittent however at times I'll get signal (but just black screen) and other times I see the "signal not detected" message on my monitors. For the most part the Floppy drive always make noise if booted with a disc inside but sounds unhealthy. I've re-seated all the removable chips. Can other North American ST users tell me how they get video to output on their respective systems when an ST monitor is not available? I want to make sure the methods I'm using will work. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for the next step in troubleshooting ? I'm willing to try just about anything. Maybe someone else has had this problem. I also want to note that this model does not have the ability to connect via RF as the modulator is absent. It's my understanding this was removed from the STf models and is present on the STfm models. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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