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  1. Ok enough fun for tonight. Seriously jokes aside now, whats with the negative posts? Have a good night y'all
  2. Lool you really took the time to photoshop that? Impressive
  3. Had to put this one out for the trolls ♡
  4. Thank you for very much for the kind reply. Yes it is a lot of money but will be well spent to fund my collection. I wish you the best of luck on your game finds!
  5. Ok thanks for the advice. Just excited lol
  6. Picture of cash was just for proof, that's all.
  7. Hello guys! Thought I'd make a topic to clarify for those who are still bidding and asking me if the Extra Terrestrials game is available, id like to officially confirm that the game has sold and I no longer own the game. The selling price was $16,500 USD. Although I originally wanted around $25,000, the buyer and I went back and forth for a week and we finally agreed on a fair/good price for both of us. It's sad seeing the game go, but I can confirm that it's in the hands of a respected collector who also bought a sealed stadium events a few years back from Tim Atwood I believe.The game was sold privately and the collector and I met at Niagara falls in order to do the exchange. Although I admire Atari, I felt as if this game would be appreciated more in the hands of another collector. Selling this game opened the possibility for me to finally purchase games I need like stadium events and magical chase in order to finish my collection.Thank you to everyone who admired the game and gave me advice, it's been a pleasure joining the community and being able to socialize and learn a thing or two from you guys. The highest offers I received for those who were asking: $4700 $8000 $9000 $12,000 CAD $15,000 $16,500 - Sold
  8. No frankly you are mad that you burned yourself. For me money isn't an issue either, otherwise id accept your offer of $9000 or $15,000 but I rejected both. I said from the very beginning I will only sell this if I get an offer above my expectations. Your just mad that I caught you in your own lies. Also your telling me you want to spend $9000 to buy a game and use it as trade bait? Why don't just use the money to purchase the item you want.... another lie.... cool. Another petty thing is that after you burned down your bridges, you attempted to jeopardize an offer I already declined. How low can someone get? Sorry but you jeopardized your credibility on Atari Age and anyone that's not bias will see that.
  9. Ok. But I have two copies because I found one at value village and kept it for memorabilia. This is a different case than a person refusing to admit he has a copy of a one of a kind game (when he apparently does) and offering $9000 for it while continuously bashing the game to lower its value. That's what irritated me most. Also Zombie Nation is not on the same level as this.
  10. Agreed 100%, that's why I stopped messaging on the thread. But when I see multiple people continuing to put out false information for their own benefit or belittling the game, then I got to step in.
  11. Finally on a last note, I want to expose another of your lies. As soon as you offered me, I got people messaging me "I hope you can make a deal with Wonder007 and accept his offer". Clearly I didn't expose your bid, you already told people otherwise how would people know you are interested? I don't know the end story but there is obviously manipulations going on. To the community: I'm sorry if my harsh mood upset anyone, but I know a two face when I see one. I really don't want to offend and continue this childish trend but I hope some of you rethink your idols. Peace out.
  12. No need to accept authority from me. If you use logic and read the conversation it is clear what is going on here. People are trying to bash the game in hope's of lowering it's value to purchase it. People are really showing their true colors on Atari Age. Offering $9000 privately then acting like as if the game is not worth much on the public chat; to me this is offensive.
  13. Now like a child you are playing the "you started it game" If you are advertising you have double copies of other rare games why did you never mention you own this game? I'm sorry but you just ruined yourself. If you really do own a copy and are offering me $9000 USD to get a second copy just to hoard it then it shows you're not paying the full potential or value as apposed to someone who really wants this game which just proves my point that this game is worth much more. You were acting like you didn't own a copy this whole time only to bash me and lower the value for your own benefit to obtain the game and choke the market. You took advantage of your peers on Atari Age and used your status to lower the price of the game which is petty. Second if you really do own the game which I doubt, the only plausible way would be to buy it from the personal computer museum after Syd Bolton's death. You mentioned 2 other copies are on the way and you own a copy so (3 copies in total) like the three which were donated to the museum. If this is really true, you took advantage of the people who donated to the museum to fill your own pockets. Just goes to show you purchased the game illegally under the table for your own benefit otherwise there would be no reason not to reveal it to the public. You are either lying you have it and want to lower the value of the game, or you took advantage of Syd Bolton's death and people's donations. Finally the fact that you are saying you want to have multiple copies of games that goes for thousands of dollars just for the heck of it is laughable to everyone. You're obviously trying to hoard and choke the market. You have shown who you really are. Enough acting like a saint and playing the victim game. You purposely lied to me and the community. You tried to sabotage an offer I already declined (haha).
  14. FYI guys hate to do this but as you can see someone else here is being childish. Id like to say he offered $9000 USD for the copy and I rejected him just like the $15,000 offer. Now he is being upset because he knows I won't sell the game so he wants to downplay the value and says he owns one. He is upset at the fact that he isn't the highest bidder. #1 if he does own it why does he want a second copy? To choke the market like a reseller to increase it's value (although he is constantly downplaying it) #2 if there are other copies why are they now be revealed for sale as he claims? I won't be intimidated/bullied by someone who put's themselves up on a pedestal
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