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  1. Yea about the easiest trick in the US is an old CRT with component (some label as DVD in) and a scart to component box
  2. I tried this once as a kid and it didn't work out
  3. Anyone that don't follow the 5200 threads, this testing is done http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281974-side-project-and-probable-solution-for-5200-controllers/?do=findComment&comment=4097928
  4. Well it kinda went as suspected, but surprisingly the carbon paint was kinda stubborn to come off... Guess I'll get back to mixing and find something more permanent And for visual reference
  5. It looks no worse than the one I did, it should polish right up without the need to replace parts, unless the bearings are grindy after oiling
  6. I just wiped them down and applied some 3-in-1 oil and they were perfecto, did a new ball too
  7. I must have looked at the wrong manual when I seen everything was built in but it'll need an external box according to the information cf provided https://www.crutchfield.com/S-pmKNEjrmJuZ/p_133CT34W50/Panasonic-CT-34WX50.html
  8. The game is definitely better with all the dlc, a few convenience mods, and being a heartless monster
  9. I'm only as helpful as the reviews on that, most I've dealt with were outdoor antennas
  10. Nope, no version did (excluding LE), not even the trilogy set (which did include dlc for me & me2)
  11. I got Eve on 360 but I've always missed the sales, considering age and Andromeda reception I'd figure it would have gone down by now to a new norm I'm not too upset about it since I'll probably try to install everything to a modded PS3 whenever I get around to working on it
  12. I just noticed that creation club has arcade machines for all the retro-clone holotapes, I haven't tried it since I don't have enough credits. Anyone got it? How is it?
  13. Not sure if it applies, but I've been a bit disappointed that Mass Effect 3 DLC is still full price and they never did a "goty"
  14. It's got digital tuning built in, only a decent antenna is necessary, and setting it to antenna in the menu
  15. Somehow I missed it, so thread can be deleted lol
  16. A "scene" can be quite cancerous. There's so many negative factors to deal with with gaming that it can burn some people out. There's elitists, fanboys, scalpers, and general negativity out there. I always say "You do you" but I also scratch my head on some things that just don't make sense. Paying someone roughly $300 to CPU upgrade an og xbox so xbmc will work a bit better but it doesn't help games or anything? The concept is cool at a diy aspect under $50, but a Kodi setup that's cheaper and better exists. $600 on a dream C64 setup? Ok, I don't have any desire to play C64 but if the build makes sense and makes you happy, cool. There's a lot of "my biased opinion is fact" types that'll ruin any intelligent gaming discussion as well, so I completely understand why some people won't go near a scene
  17. Most of my enjoyment of original xbox is limited to modded consoles... There is one game that I'd actually want to see compatibility for though, Steel Battalion. That controller is a beast lol
  18. As title says looking for 5200 controller, doesn't need to be in decent condition. Fine if number pad or buttons are missing as I think I have some parts around. Finalizing some restoration stuff and just need one for a tutorial video, so I don't even need to own it necessarily if someone wants to lend one out.
  19. I was actually thinking about this same thing last night except with using the shoulder buttons from a PlayStation controller
  20. I know how they did it, but I wonder why they didn't get a number pad on there
  21. Snall update, got some compounds curing and will see how it works out with a "rubberized" version
  22. Well back when I was throwing together a set we installed a 4-port bios into a 2-port system to fix compatibility issues I also think it was crossbow telling me that the reason was a 2-port registered player 2 as player 4, but with the bios swap is was assigned properly
  23. Well then... Now I just need my own 5200
  24. While tengen tetris, shark shark, or rampage would be more feasible to see, I'd be really impressed to see Pokémon red/blue
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